A Legend of Zelda WG story
by Vapor_Snake

A few months after stopping Majora's Mask, Link gave up on finding Navi and moved back to the kokiri Forest. Since Link prevented Ganon from ever taking over Hyrule, no one knew what he did for the land besides himself and Zelda. Link moved back to the Kokiri forest and visited Zelda now and then. As time went by, Link started to grow, making him taller than the rest of the villagers. When he was thirteen he left the forest and rented a room on Lon Lon Ranch. He payed off his rent by working as a delivery boy on the ranch. Every time he delivered milk to the market he would sneak into the castle to visit Zelda. As he grew up, he started to fall in love with the princess. When he was sixteen, Link told Zelda that he loved her. Zelda had seen this coming in one of her dreams, and said that she loved him too. Zelda and Link started dating and Zelda waited for the day they would be married.

"Oh crap, I'm going to be late!" Link yelled as he ran through Hyrule field, a crate of Lon Lon milk under each of his arms, his golden gauntlets equipted so he could lift the crates with ease. Link looked up at the sun. "Two Fourty-five, I need to be there in fifteen minutes!" Link equipted the bunnyhood and took off. When he got to the bridge that conected to the market, he slowed down and entered the market. As he walked around the market, he noticed people snickering with their hands over their mouths. A little girl walked up to Link and said "Wow, where did you get that mask?" Link realised he forgot to take off his bunny hood and quickly unequipted it. "Hey Sue, here's your milk." Link greeted as he set the crate down behind the stand. "Hey Link, how much do I owe ya?"

"Lets see, One crate of Lon Lon Milk, 27 bottles, large order discount, that's... 450 ruppies." Link said, calculating the price in his head. "Here you go." Sue said, handing Link a bag of ruppies. "Thanks, see ya next week Sue!"

"Bye Link."

Link put the ruppies away, and went to deliver the other crate to the castle, but didn't notice the shadowy figure coming out of the alley. Link ran into it and fell over, droping the crate. The shadowy figure cast a spell, and the crate was surrounded by a blue light as it hit the ground. "Sorry about that." Link said as he got up. But when Link got up, the shadowy guy was gone. "Where'd you go?" Link asked out loud. "Link, are you alright?" Sue asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Link answered. He then saw the crate on the ground. "Crap!" he yelled. To his amazement however, the jars were all unharmed. "Whew, that was close." Link said. He picked the crate up, and went off to the castle.

"Link!" Zelda yelled. She ran over to Link and kissed him. "Hey Zelda." Link said, putting the crate on the ground. "So Link, are you ready for our date tonight?" Zelda asked.

"Yeah, I've been saving for it all month." Link said. "I'll pick you up at 6 oclock."

"Okay Link, I'll see you later."

"Bye Zelda!"

As Link left Zelda noticed the crate of milk on the ground. "Lon Lon Milk, my favorite." Zelda said. She picked up a bottle, took the cork off, and took a sip. As soon as she drank it she began to feel hungry. Quickly she finished the bottle and picked up another. She finished that one and picked up and finished another, and another, and another, until she'd drinken the entire crate. She put down the bottle and was still hungry. "I need to go get a snack." She said as she headed to the castle. She went into the kitchen, sat down, and started to eat.

"Is Zelda ready?" Link asked the guard. It was 6 Oclock and they had to be at the restraunt in fifteen minutes. "She's in the kitchen." The guard replied. As Link walked to the kitchen he heard Zelda snacking on something. "Zelda, your going to ruin your appitite." Link said. "*crunch* Mno Imn noght *Crunch* Zelda said with her mouth full. "I'll be out there in a second." Link waited for Zelda, looking at the flowers he brought for Zelda. As Zelda entered the room Link dropped the bucaey in shock. "Z-zelda?" Link asked. Zelda looked like she slwallowed King Zora. Her stomach looked like a boulder. Each Boob was the size of Link's head. Her Thighs were like tree trunks. Her Butt cheeks were the size of small octorocks. Also she had a large double chin. She must have been at least 500 pounds. "Link, could we hurry? I'm really hungry." Zelda said.

"Uhh, yeah, sure." Link said, still in shock of Zelda new size. "Wow" he thought. "I kind of Like Zelda this way. She looks so beutiful."

"Link, let's go already!" Zelda said. Zelda started to waddle twoards the door, her dress straining with every moement. It took them fifteen minutes to get to the restraunt in the market due to Zelda's new size. When they got to the restraunt the waiter called their table. "Link, party of two, Link, party of two." the waiter said.

"That's us." Link said.

"Okay sir, follow me." Link and Zelda followed the waiter to their table and sat down. "May I get you anything to drink?" The waiter asked.

"Bring me a pitcher of Lon Lon Milk." Zelda said.

"I'll have some Lon Lon milk two." Link said.

"Okay, I'll bring a pitcher for the both of you." The waiter said.

"So Link, how've you been latley?" Zelda asked as the waiter left to get the milk.

"Hard." Link said.


"I mean good, yeah, I've been good."

"That's nice to hear."

"How've you been?"


"Here's your milk." the waiter said, putting the pitcher and two glasses on the table. "Are you ready to order?"

"Hmmm, bring me two of everything." Zelda said. Link's jaw dropped. He couldn't pay for that. He barley had enough money for two meals, and there were at least 50 items on the menu. "Link, aren't you going to order?" Zelda asked. Link looked across the table at Zelda and forgot what he was doing, mezmorised by Zelda's beuty. "Link, are you going to order anything?" Zelda asked, her chins bouncing every time she talked.

"Nuhhh." Link grunted.

"Okay, two of everything for the lady and nothhing for the man." the waiter said. "Your food should be ready soon." The waiter left and Zelda chugged the entier pitcher. "Mmmmm." Zelda said as she put the pitcher down. "Hey waiter." She said to a passing waiter.

"Yes?" The waiter asked.

"Could we get a fefill of Lon Lon Milk?" Zelda said, handing him pitcher.

"Right away." He said.

Six pitchers later the food was finally ready. "Dinner is served." The waiter said.

"It's about time." Zelda said as she picked up a Turkey leg and shoved it in her mouth and bit all the meat off in one bite. Next she picked up a hamburger and started to eat it.

About an hour later Zelda finished up the last of her meal and started licking her fingers. She had gained another 100 pounds from all the food she ate. "Mmmm, that was good." Zelda said, getting up from the table. "Iv'e got to go, bye Link."

"Wow, she sure is beutiful." Link said. A waiter came and put a piece of paper on the table.

"What's this?"

"The bill. You DO have the money to pay for it, don't you?"

Link was taken out behind the restraunt where he was provided with a huge stack of plates, a bucket of water, and a washcloth. "Once your done with that you can leave." The waiter said.

While Link was washing the dishes, a figure in the distance was laughing as it's plan fell into place.

"My plan is working perfectly, Ahahahahahahaha!"

Back at the castle, Zelda was busy eating in the kitchen.

"Um, sweatie, youv'e been gaining an awful lot of weight latley." The king said, watching his daughter engourge herself.

"*Munch, Munch* Yeah, so?" Zelda answered.

"Well, shouldn't a single princess be more, slender?"

"I'm not *Munch, Munch* single dad, I just know Link's going to propose soon, besides, a girl has to eat."

"*Sigh* Okay sweatie, whatever you say."

The next day, Link knew somthing happened to Zelda.

"Hmm, what happened yesterday?" Link thought. "I woke up, got the crates, delivered one, and then..." Link suddenly remembered the shadowy figure he ran into. "That's it!" he said out loud. Link got up and headed for Hyrule Market.

"Sue!" Link said, out of breath after running all the way to Hyrule market.

"Link, what is it?" Sue asked.

"Do you remember the person I ran into yesterday?"

"Yeah, why?"

"What did he look like?"

"Actually it was a she."

"A girl?"

"Yeah, she was a zora too, don't usually see them around here."

"A zora huh? Thanks Sue." Link put on his bunny hood and took off for Zora's Domain.

Link ran into a couple octorocks on the way, but he didn't stop to fight. When he got to the waterfall, he took out his Ocarina and played Zelda's Lullaby. At the sound of this mellody, the water fall opened up and revealed the enterance of Zora's Domain. Link jumpped in and ran up stairs and ran into Ruto. "Ruto, you did this didn't you?" Link said

"Why, whatever are you talking about?" She answered.

"You always wanted me to marry you ever since I saved you from Jabu Jabu's Belly. But I've always loved Zelda and you knew this. So, you went into town the day I deliver milk to town. I bumped into you and you casted a spell on the milk so it would give Zelda never ending hunger, that way, Zelda would eat until she died from a heart attack."

"Okay, it's true!" Ruto said, teers rolling down her cheeks. "You promised you would marry me if I gave you the Spiritual Stone, but you went and fell in love with Zelda, so I needed to get rid of Zelda so you would marry me."

"Ruto, I'm sorry I lied to you but you have to change Zelda's hunger back to normal, if she died I would never be able to forgive you."

"Oh fine, but I'm not going to change her weight back to normal."

"Thats okay, I like her better this way." Ruto used her sage powers to change Zelda's hunger back to normal.

Back at the castle, Zelda's hunger stopped and she stopped eating. "Oh my gosh, I'm huge!" Zelda said. "How did this happen? Now Link will never marry me!" Zelda started crying. "Link could never love someone as fat as me!"

"That's not true." someone said. Zelda turned around and came face to face with her dad. "Link is a great man and he would love you no matter what, I'm sure of it."

"*Sniff* Thanks dad." Zelda said. As Zelda opened her eyes she saw another figure enter the room.

"Hi Zelda." Link said.

"LINK!" Zelda said. Zelda got up and ran over to Link and hugged him.

"Zelda, I have something very important to ask you." Link got down on one knee and took a box out of his pocket.

"Zelda, will you marry me?"

Zelda started to cry again, but this time they were tears of joy. "Oh Link, yes." she said. "She then looked down at her now 800 pound body. "But first I think I should lose this weight." Zelda said.

"You don't have to do that, besides, I like you better this way." Link said.



Two months later, Link and Zelda got married at the Kokiri Forest in front of the Great Deku Tree. Almost everyone in Hyrule came. "Do you, Link, take Zelda to be you lawfully wedded wife, through good and bad, till death do you part?"

"I do." Link said.

"And do you, Zelda, take Link to be you lawfully wedded Husband, through good and bad, till death do you part?"

"I do." Zelda said.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." As Link and Zelda kissed, everyone started to clap and applaud.

Daurina cut off the lowest layer of the cake and gave it to Zelda and then started giving slices to everyone else.

After the wedding, Link moved into Hyrule castle with Zelda and they lived happily ever after.

The End.