"Hermione and Ron"
by The2Cheat

"Ron, I have something to tell you" Hermione called to Ron. Ron and Hermione had recently gotten married. They bought a house and everything. Ron was still getting used to the house, so it took him several minutes to find kitchen where Hermione was.

"Yes Hermione?" asked Ron, walking into the kitchen. "Umm, Ron, I don't know how to say this, but I want to gain weight," Hermione replied. Ron's jaw dropped. "Hermione quickly added "I only want to gain a little weight. I read in a magazine that a little fat is actually good for you."

"Are you sure Hermione?" Ron asked, slightly worried. "Yes Ron, this is something I want to do. I've always thought myself a little on the thin side anyhow." Hermione replied.

"Since I know I'm not changing your mind, what do I need to get?" Ron inquired.
"Umm, let me check" Hermione consulted the article again, "anything goes! Whatever you think I would like." She gave Ron a stare.  

Ron apparated to the local grocery store, bought several bagfuls of food, then apparated back to the house. Ron helped Hermione put the groceries away. "Ron, I'm feeling in the mood for some burritos." Hermione said to Ron with a smile. "But Hermi, it's only 3!" Ron exclaimed. "Can't hurt to get started early!" Hermione replied.

The new dieting had been going on for a week now. Hermione had gained about 10 pounds. The changes weren't all that noticeable. If you looked very closely, you could see the beginnings of flab forming.

"Hermi, how long do you plan on doing this "diet" thing?" Ron asked as he was making a plate of Buffalo wings for Hermione. "Oh, I dunno Ron, maybe another week or so." Hermione then proceeded to down the wings like it was nothing. Hermione let out a small belch, and then gave a giggle. "Ron, would you please make me a quesadilla?" Hermione then asked.

Ron walked into the kitchen. "Ah, my plan is working! Before long, Hermione will be huge!" Ron whispered to himself. He whipped out a copy of the article. "I gotta remember to thank Harry for this article!".  "Ron! Where's my quesadilla?" Hermione called from the living room. ""Just a minute hun!" Ron yelled back, and he set to work making a quesadilla.

It was week 4, and Hermione had made some major progress. She had a steady second chin going, and was working on a third. Her arms and legs had seriously plumped out. Hermione had gone up 4 dress sizes. She had gained about 50 pounds at this point.

"Hermione, how much more do you intend on gaining?" Ron asked as the couple was shopping for new clothes for Hermione. "Ron, I already told you. I'll stop when I feel like it." Hermione replied. Ron, grabbing a sweat shirt off the rack, replied "Whatever you say Hermione."

Hermione was really getting big. She had packed 200 pounds onto her once thin frame. She had outgrown normal sized clothing and needed to buy from a women's plus size catalogue. Her arms were bigger then stuffed hams, and she had developed a 4th roll. Ron also could've sworn that he could see a 3rd shin as well.

"Hermione," said Ron, as he was feeding Hermione some buffalo wings "you don't intend to stop, do you?" Hermione replied "Of course not Ron! I know I'm big now, but just wait till I'm done!" as she rubbed her belly.

And so this feeding continued, until Hermione's parents decided to pay a visit. There was a loud knock on the door, and Ron went to answer the door. "Welcome Mr. and Ms. Granger! Welcome to our humble abode!" said Ron, waving Hermione's parents in.

Ron showed her parents the house, beginning with the Kitchen, the bedroom, and finally the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Granger entered the living room, sweeping the room, until. "Hermione! Is that you?" asked Ms. Granger frantically. She was staring at the 600 lb. pound blob that was slowly absorbing the couch.

Hermione gave a feeble wave. "Hi mom and dad! It's so good to see you!" Hermione said enthusiastically, taking a minute or two to get up. She waddled over to her mother and father, giving them a big hug,

Hermione's father took a good look at her daughter. "Ummm.." he said, lost for words "it's. nice to see you." Hermione's mother quickly interjected "Hermione! What's happened to you? Is this some of that witch craft stuff?" "No mom! I've made the decision to gain a little weight! Well, maybe more then a little" Hermione replied with a giggle.

Hermione's parents looked at each other, then at their lard ball of a daughter. "Hermione, your father and I don't think that this is weight gaining is good for you." They both shot Ron a dark look. "But mom! This is what I want to do! I've made my decision!" Hermione replied in a flustered voice.

"Hermione, I think you've been stuck in this place for too long. Maybe some fresh air will do you some good." said Mr. Granger as he reached for Hermione's arm. "Father! I'm not going out, and I'm not going to reconsider!" yelled Hermione, trying to stifle back tears.

"Hermione, your father's right, this Ron has been a bad influence on you. A few months of slim-fast and you'll loose all that fat" she pinched one of Hermione's jelly rolls "in no time." Hermione gave up on trying to hold back the tears and started balling. Hermione went waddling into the bed room, crying loudly as she went.

Ron walked into the bed room. "Hermione, it's ok, don't let your close minded parents get to you." He said, drying one of Hermione's tears. "It's just, oohh, they can be so close minded some times! It makes me sick!" responded Hermione through her tears. Ron kissed his honey-bear. "Hermione, you show them that you are happy, and that you can make decisions for your self now! I know you can do it" Hermione stopped crying.  "You know what Ron? Your right! I'll show them!"

Hermione left the bedroom. Ron just sat there, listening to the raised voices and the pouting that was going on in the other room. After what seemed like a half hour, Hermione waddled back into the room, smiling. "Ron, we've worked it all out! They're fine with this" she indicated her large stomach "and are finally letting me live my life for myself."

The End.