"The Spell"
by Tars

Inside what was called, The Melanie Residence, a young thirteen year old girl named Jessica was lounging around. She was eating a small bag of potato chips. She was not fat at all, and she played basketball. Eating more than usual, she was watching TV. It was a cartoon. It happened to be like, some sort of cartoon with magic in it. The wizard said, "This spell shall affect three people in this room. You three shall face a random spell" It was an evil wizard cartoon with three heroes near him. Apparently, one got turned into a baby, the other caught on fire, and the last one, seemed to be unaffected. "Sorry wizard, but your spell failed! Spells don't work on me" he said. Jessica then had to stop watching TV, but then she said, "Man, I should've tried these chips before, they're amazing! I gotta get some more." She walked upstairs and grabbed three more bags of those chips from the pantry. After she finished her math and science she went down to get more. After she finished her homework, she had finished twelve bags of that particular chip. At Dinner, she still ate the same amount as she would have, but no signs of any bulge in her belly. Eventually, after endless snacking, Jessica realized that she must be gaining weight. Since she saw no belly or thigh or any bulge in her body at all, she decided just to say, "Eh, I'll worry about it later." And so she did.

At school, she snacked on two bags of chips during her break period, and she ate more than usual for lunch. She didn't however gain any weight. When her mother picked her up after basketball practice, she thought in the car, Wow, my metabolism must really have gotten higher. That's what she thought. Since she realized her metabolism was higher and she had basketball practice, she decided to snack on more bags of chips. Instead of walking all the way downstairs every time, she just grabbed all that were there, twenty bags. She kept eating and eating until she finished her homework again. The chips were gone, but she was still hungry. She just went downstairs and grabbed anything tasty that was in the pantry and brought it up to the TV room. Watching TV and eating at the same time halved the amount of food in no time. It was time for dinner at that time though, and Jessica walked downstairs. Usually the family had leftovers, but this time Jessica ate every thing that was not eaten by her parents. However, not a single sign of weight gain was sighted. Jessica did feel a little heavy walking upstairs, but she was still hungry. In fact, she hadn't felt a sign of full since the day before. She finished the snacks upstairs and topped it off with two tubs of ice cream. She then fell asleep.

This constant binging went on for two weeks until a basketball game. Jessica's team was up one point and only one minute on the clock. The opposing team had a lot of strong players, but smarts were on Jessica's team. Jessica had the ball and was dribbling to the opposite goal and then she got knocked down by the tallest player. That player took the ball and made a two pointer. "No" Jessica said. "If I had more muscle I'd have made it through. The ball was on Jessica's team and only 30 seconds on the clock. Jessica had the ball again but she was able to get through the defense. She jumped for a slam dunk, something she did before (She had good leg strength) and the tall player attempted to block, but something happened. Jessica's belly was growing as though it was a pot belly. "What the?" she said with confusion. She made the slam dunk and her team won, but she wasn't interested in that. She was interested in her growing body. Her thighs became as wide as slides, and her belly was growing faster than someone blowing a balloon up. Her body was ripping out of her clothes, and she became so heavy, that the basket gave in and broke. She fell on the ground on her stomach. The pain she was in when she fell caused her to pass out, but her body didn't. It kept growing until she reached 790 pounds. Her constant binging and insufficient hunger was what caused this.

Jessica woke up in a dark room. This was not her bedroom, but it was a familiar room. The room was that of the wizard in the cartoon she saw the other day. She looked at her body and gasped, "My god, my metabolism didn't speed up at all. I think I shouldn't have eaten all that food, but my hunger was just so, immense."

"That's because you don't know other ways of looking at things." Said a voice from behind. The person behind her walked to in her line of vision. "You need to accept this as a good thing."

"How? How is being large going to be a good thing? When you're this fat, you look like a gross blob, no one likes you, you can't move, and you have an impossible to satisfy hunger." 

"Not necessarily. It doesn't matter. You'll find advantages to being this heavy. Okay, now you are going to eat whether you like it or not." He said as he snapped his fingers. A whole bunch of desserts that could feed an entire village appeared in front of Jessica. He then said, "Don't worry, everyone thinks you scored and didn't gain weight so you aren't embarrassed, but I should warn you, you are in a place where time does not pass. I will be back later." He said with an evil smile. He snapped his fingers again and Jessica was normal size. "You'll be your old heavy self after you finish off these desserts. You will be way heavier than your 790 pound self." He said disappearing.

"I can't eat this, I'm already a huge blob, what does getting more weight than 790 pounds mean? Is he some sick person that likes fat? What are those people called? Um, LINE" she shouted.

"They're called FAs." Shouted the director.

"Sorry. Ahem. What are those people called? FAs? Man, I should stop eating this junk." She said.

"You should start eating that and stop worrying about getting fat." Said a female voice.

"What the, where are you?" Jessica said looking around.

"Oh, sorry." The voice said coming from the darkness. She revealed herself. She was a girl not much older than Jessica, but she had bigger breasts and a butt to match. Plus she had a pretty gigantic potbelly. "This place is overdark, if that was a word."

"True, but why do you say all that? That is the opposite of what I think. Or it's close."

"No, but allow me to introduce myself. I am Mona. I've known the wizard for about a month but I believe you are reacting much like I did."


"You see, every time that cartoon you saw comes on and the wizard casts a spell, one person in the world gets caught with an unstoppable hunger, or, more like, a hunger that won't end, but it's controllable. The person under the spell will not have the effect of the gaining until a fortnight has passed."

"A fortnight?"

"Two weeks. Anyway, now you have control over your body and how much you want to weigh, but be warned, you can only end your hunger, when you've eaten enough to satisfy the total weight you have gained since you got hit with the spell. You can choose to make your hunger endless until you want it to stop. I do that a lot. It's fun."

"You're weird."

"Okay, you know you're hungry, so just eat those desserts. I've got my own. Besides, this place has so much food, you could feed the whole world for 50 years in one day. Every day the food replenishes, however, since the spell hits one person per time it's on, and it only comes on once a week, it isn't a very big group. Well, it is a BIG group, but it isn't a numerous group."

"Ugh, fine I'll eat. Stop rambling, and I'll eat."

"Deal." Mona said. She walked over to a group of desserts and started shoveling them into her maw. Jessica took one taste of the desserts. One hour later (no time really passed while she was there) the desserts were gone. The wizard came back. "Okay, so you've learned something?"

"Yes. Yes I have. I love this huge belly" she said. She just gave herself a potbelly, except it was three times the size of a normal potbelly, I.E, it looked like one of those huge globes you see in government meeting rooms or in a middle school library. "Man, you were right."

"Yes, now you are welcome to come here when ever you like. However, you do know what you can and cannot do correct?" The wizard asked.

"Yes, yes I do." She said. She then reappeared hanging off the basketball rim with her normal body. Her team had won the game, but Jessica was grinning and waiting to go home.

She was at home, raiding her parent's pantry, and eating everything in sight. "Must, become, bigger, must…" she kept saying to herself. She even was able to pick up some weight gain powder at the store. Normally if someone tried to drink something with this powder in it, they'd almost puke. She didn't care though. She ate all the ice cream while pouring the powder as though it were chocolate powder. She bought five bottles of the powder, and was going to get more the next day…

This continued for many days. When Jessica was bored she'd just "poof" herself to the wizard's dimension. She'd eat until her weight doubled. And she did this a LOT, like several times a day. After a full month, Jessica really weighed a lot, like a lot. However, she decided to keep her weight outside, at a slim 190 pounds, with only a potbelly showing. She quit the basketball team and got a job as a pastry taster. She'd take the recipes, taste them, and send them to the wizard. She'd then go eat them to her hearts delight. The wizard found that she was the fastest gainer he'd ever seen. The wizard went to her one day and said, "You have surpassed my eJabedinations. You are free to go. Your spell is removed."

"What? NO! I don't want the spell to be removed."

"You don't?"

"No! I want to be able to change my weight, hunger, and place. Don't you see? This has helped me pass so many tests, gotten rid of stress, what am I supposed to do now? Go back as a three ton person?"

"No, but, if that's how you feel, then, I guess you'll have to marry me."


"Not now, just when we're both the same age. At 24 years old you and I will be the same age." The wizard said removing his hood. This revealed the face of what looked like a young man. "I am not as old as you think."

"Oh, well that makes sense."

"Okay, so, you have eleven years. As an FA I've learned to restrain myself from girls like you."

"So, are we able to visit?"

"Yes, but only one problem. When I was cursed here I was said to only marry the girl to surpass the most unreachable weight on earth."


"That means that if you want to marry me, you will have to gain so much, that you, well, you'll find out."

"How will we find the goal weight?"

"Touch the tablet." He said taking out a tablet from his robe. After Jessica took out her hand, the wizard said, "No, no, with your belly." He said.

"Okay." She said. She leaned back and the belly touched the tablet. A number read on it. "1,000,000 pounds? That is way unhealthy. You might not reach that weight Jessica."

"No, it's only a matter of when I'll reach it." She said gobbling on some desserts. "Atta girl" he said. And so the binging began. Jessica, known in the "fatverse" as Mrs. Incredibly Huge, ate half of the stock of food a day. She gained at least 50 pounds a week, and at most 500 pounds. Every month the wizard and Jessica would check her weight. The scale had a weight set at 9,000 pounds, which broke after the first week. The next year, Jessica had gained 15,000 pounds, which to Jessica, was not nearly enough. She started consuming more food each day. The wizard had to make more food appear in the fatverse. Eventually, after five years of dating and binging. Jessica was the one blob to rule them all (note: from Legendary Frog's One Ring to Rule them All www.legendaryfrog.com). Anyway, when she became her weight, you couldn't tell the difference between her and skin colored pudding. When a 600 pound kid came to try and eat her, she quickly kicked her away. To make a long story short, Jessica reached a million pounds way before eleven years were up. The two married, and the wizard revealed his name to her at first, as Jacob, but that's done. They lived happily ever after, hardly aging while in the fatverse.