"Sailor Vore"

The Scouts were in class and Serena was struggling to keep her belly from popping out of her shirt. Over the last few days she had gotten a reasonably noticeable pot belly.

Later at lunch, the scouts all watched as Serena practically inhaled her meatballs. "Whoa, slow down, Meatball-head" Ami said. "Hey! *Burp* who you calling a meatball-head?" Serena asked. "Hey, it's not our fault you're getting fat," said Sailor Venus. "FAT!?!" Serena yelled.

Later, when one of the Negaverse's monsters was attacking, when Serena transformed her stomach ripped open a big hole in her outfit. All the Scouts began to laugh. Serena then ran off humiliated.

When she got home she ran into her room crying. "What's wrong, Serena?" Luna asked. Serena threw a pillow at Luna knocking her down. "Leave me alone, Luna," Serena said.

Over the course of the next week Serena consumed 70 pounds in comfort food. Then there was a knock on the door. She slowly got off the couch and answered the door. "Yes?" she said. "I can help you get your revenge," said a dark figure.

Chapter 2: Sonic the Vorephile

The figure then stepped into the house. It was a teenager with short black hair, brown eyes, black pants, black shoes and a black shirt that said Area 51 (FYI that's me).

"Who are you?" Serena asked. "My name is Sonic the Vorephile and I'm from the Negaverse," said the teenager. "The NEGAVERSE?!" Serena shouted surprised. She was about to transform when the teenager held his hand towards her and she started to float in the air.

"How'd you do that?" Serena asked. "I'm not only from the Negaverse, but I'm also the writer of this story," I answered. "I don't care if you're the king of the world, if you're with the Negaverse I must destroy you," Serena said. "Sweet misunderstood Serena, I've only come to help you," I said. "Help me...how?" Serena asked. "I can help you get your revenge on the Sailor Scouts," I answered. "What's the catch?" Serena asked suspiciously.

"I only want two things. #1, since I'm an FA I want you to gain ALOT more weight, and #2 I want you to be my girlfriend, is it a deal?" I asked. Serena wasn't sure about getting fat or being this guy's girlfriend, but she let her desire for revenge go to her head. "It's a deal, now how do I get my REVENGE," she asked....sinisterly. Bluish energy then shot out of my hand and at Serena.

"What just happened?" She asked. Luna then came into the room and when Serena saw her, she started drooling and grabbed the cat. "What are you doing Serena?" Luna asked nervously. Serena then opened her mouth wide. Luna screamed as she was shoved into Serena's gaping maw and swallowed. "I have given you inhuman strength and a craving for living flesh" I said. "HOW CAN I GET MORE!?!" Serena asked practically foaming at the mouth. "Don't worry, you'll get more, trust me," I said with an evil grin.

Chapter 3: The Big Day

Over the course of the next few days I began preparing Serena for her revenge. I trained her to eat humongous proportions of food. Finally she was over 310 pounds. Her belly was the size of two beach balls, her boobs were almost as big as volleyballs, her ass nearly matched her belly, her arms and legs were like overstuffed pillows and her hips were way bigger as well.

"It is time," I said evilly. "Good, I'm starving," Serena said. She then clutched her chubby hands on her belly and evilly said, "Soon they'll all be in here." "Didn't I tell you it would be worth it?" I asked. "Yeah, I wasn't sure about being fat at first but, it feels so good," she said poking and playing with her fat causing it to jiggle. Then the doorbell rang. "Right on schedule," I said.

I then turned off the lights, opened the door and hid behind it. The Scouts then stepped into the dark house. "Creepy," Ami said. Suddenly a dark fog appeared and out of it I emerged, "Sonic the Vorephile". "Welcome to your doom Sailor Scouts. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!" I cackled.

Chapter 4: Prey Captured

The Sailor Scouts soon transformed. "You won't stop us" said Sailor Mars. I then fired an energy blast which trapped the scouts in an indestructible force field. "You were saying?" I asked. "Serena, help us!" yelled Sailor Mercury. "Why would I help you when he's helping me?" Serena said. "What are you talking about?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"I've been helping Serena prepare for this moment so she could get her revenge," I said. "What did we do? Other then try to destroy you!" Sailor Mars asked. Both Serena and I blinked. I broke the silence by saying, "Anyway, Serena why don't you show them," I said. The Scouts could hardly see Serena in the shadows until she began to transform.

"Moon Crystal POWER!!" she said as her uniform began to appear. Finally when she fully transformed, her new sailor outfit was much bigger, but certain parts were struggling like her belly, her boobs were starting to pop out of the top and her huge ass was sticking out of her skirt and riding up making her underwear look like a thong.

"Whoa, is there a cosmic tailor in the house?" Sailor V asked. The other scouts burst out laughing. "Oh look I'm Sailor Moon and I'm as big as the moon," Sailor Mars said puffing up. "Hey what's your attack, Serena, causing earthquakes?" Sailor Jupiter asked. Serena and I weren't laughing.

"Now do you see why Serena wants revenge?" I asked. "We're sorry Serena, we didn't mean it," Sailor Venus said truthfully (Reality: NOT!). "See? Now you respect me because I'm a threat," Sailor Moon said. "You can't talk your way out of this one, Sailor Scouts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" I cackled evilly.

"What are you going to do to us?" Sailor Mercury asked nervously. Before attacking, Sailor Moon usually says that speech that ends with "and that means YOU!" However, this time she said "I am Sailor Moon and I have been mocked for being fat, so I shall eat the ones who made fun of me and THAT MEANS YOU!"

Chapter 5: First Feast and First Victim

"You're gonna eat us?" Sailor V asked nervously. "It seems like a fitting punishment" I said. "Now can I eat?" Sailor Moon asked me. "Hold on Serena, don't you think that they're a little thin?" I asked. Serena looked at the scouts and saw that they looked like tooth picks compared to her huge belly, so they wouldn't be very filling.

"How about we fatten them up first and then you can eat them," I suggested. "Sounds good and tasty," Serena said licking her lips. "You can't fatten us up because we won't eat," said Sailor Mercury. "This might convince you otherwise," I said. I snapped my fingers and suddenly the room was filled with cakes and other baked goods.

"Where'd all this stuff come from?" Serena asked. "This food is courtesy of The Negaverse Bakery," I said. The scouts saw the food and it looked so tempting. I merely snapped my fingers again and the force field disappeared. The scouts attacked the food like wild animals. "Soon they will fattened for your enjoyment my sweet," I said. "Thanks, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me," Sailor Moon said. She and I then shared a kiss. Our romantic moment was interrupted by Mini Moon crashing through the window.

"Hold it right there Vorephile!" She said. "Mini Moon?" Sailor Moon said shocked. "Sorry Serena, I thought I lost this brat in the last time warp" I said. "I'll be the one who finally stopped the infamous Sonic the Vorephile," said Mini Moon. "The only thing you'll be known as is my appetizer!" Serena said angry. She then held a donut in front of Mini Moon. "Come on, you know you want this donut" Serena said grinning evilly. "Donuts," Mini Moon said hypnotized.

She leaped into a huge pile of donuts and was practically inhaling them. As she ate I covered her with chocolate glaze, sugar and sprinkles to make her tastier for Serena. When she finished her stomach was so huge she could barely move. "Now come, Mini, get into mommy's tummy," Serena said pointing to her mouth. "Never!" she said, trying to resist. Serena then picked up the last donut and wolf it down in one bite.

"DONUT!!!!" Mini Moon yelled. She ran at Serena and Serena opened her mouth wide. Mini Moon leaped into Sailor Moon's mouth and with two mighty gulps and a belch Mini Moon was gone.

Chapter 6: One Down And Four To Go

Even though the scouts were eating like crazy, they saw what happened to Mini Moon. "OH NO, MINI MOON!!!" Sailor Mercury said shocked (Author's note: The other scouts are evil). Meanwhile, I was by Serena's side as always. "How was she?" I asked. "She was delicious," Serena said, rubbing her belly. Suddenly, everyone heard Mini Moon's voice in a muffled tone.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!" she yelled. "You're not going anywhere," Serena said clutching her huge belly. "Oh yeah?" Mini Moon asked. She then began to kick the inside of Serena's stomach. "OW! That hurt!" she said in pain. "Don't worry Serena" I said. I grabbed some lotion, made Sailor Moon lay down on her back and began rubbing her belly.

"We need to get some juices flowing" I said. "Juices? What are you talking ab-*gurgle*" her voice stopped. I heard the gurgling and knew she had been digested. "That's what I'm talking about," I said. After she had been digested, more fat was added to Serena's beautiful body. I then continued to rub Serena's belly. "Ooooooh, that feels so good" she said as she moaned in pleasure. I was also enjoying feeling her warm squishy fat around my hands.

Just then Sailor Mercury somehow broke away from my spell and tried to attack. "You're going to PAY!!!" she yelled. Her attack was about to hit Serena when I blocked her with a force field. "Sweetheart, how about you check on the others, while I deal with MERCURY?" Serena suggested grinning evilly. I agreed and went off to check the other scouts. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon was force feeding Mercury meatballs. "So who were you calling a meatball-head and who starting to look fat now huh?" Serena asked her victim.

Chapter 7: Jupiter The Biggest? Not For Long

Serena then ran out of meatballs. She looked and saw that Mercury's belly was as big as two basketballs, but of course that wasn't enough. "You'll never make me any fatter," Mercury said. "Oh really?" Serena said. She tried to feed Mercury pizza, but she was resisting.

Meanwhile, I was making Sailor V fatter. "Come on, you know you want it," I said, holding a piece of pie in front of her. "No...I have perfect figure...I...I...Oh what the heck," she said. She gave in and began eating the pies like she hadn't eaten in days.

Serena then came over to me and complained, "Honey, Ami isn't eating her food". "I can fix that," I said. I came over to Mercury, snapped my fingers and she was instantly surrounded by tons of extremely fattening blueberry pies. "Blueberry pies? MY FAVORITE!!!!!" she said pouncing on them.

"How did you know?" Serena asked me. "Hey, I'm the author, I know everything." I said. Once I finished talking, a loud grumbling was heard from Serena's huge gut. "I'm still hungry," she said. "Well let's see," I said. My eyes searched for a scout that was already properly fattened. Finally I spotted one, and said, "How about Jupiter?"

"That sounds good," Serena answered. We walked over just as Jupiter was leaping into a giant vat of ice cream and cookie dough. It didn't take her long to empty the vat. After that she was so big, her massive body broke the vat wide open.

Jupiter's belly was now as big as two volkswagons, her boobs were as big as wide screen television sets, her ass the size of several book shelves and her hips and thighs were six feet wider.

Serena began drooling at the site. Jupiter's uniform had long since ripped apart which made even more appetizing. Serena's eyes then opened wide and she asked me, "How am I going to fit something that big in my mouth?" I then fired an energy blast at Jupiter. "Now try it," I said.

Serena sat next to Jupiter's gigantic belly and started chewing her fat. Jupiter turned her pudgy head, looked at the ground and saw this. "HA! You'll never eat me," Jupiter said smiling. Unknown to Jupiter however, Serena extremely liked the taste of Jupiter's fat in her mouth.

"This is so tasty," Serena said lost in a daze of pleasure. She continued to chew and then something strange happened. Jupiter's body began to leak into Serena's mouth like water. "Wait, WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" Jupiter asked, shocked. Her fat body continued to flow into Serena's awaiting mouth and into her awaiting belly. Also during this, Serena's clothes began to tear.

As Jupiter's head drew closer towards Serena's gaping maw she yelled "NO! NO! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Jupiter continued to scream until *GULP* she was gone.

Chapter 8: Thunder Thighs

I came over to the now much larger Serena. Her belly was now the size of a queen size bed. Her clothes may have torn, but they were still on which disappointed me. "She was a lot better than the last one," Serena said. She tried to rub her belly, but she couldn't reach it.

"Allow me, Serena," I said. I climbed on and began rubbing her belly which made her moan in pleasure.

Suddenly, we heard Jupiter's voice coming from Serena's huge belly. "LET ME OUT!!!" Jupiter yelled angrily. "Oh, shut up and digest" Serena said. "Don't worry, Serena, it will happen in 3...2...1," I said counting down. "Ow what th- AAAAHHHHH!!!" The acids had dissolved her. "That shut her up," I said. As Jupiter began digesting, the fat in Serena's belly spread through out her entire body which finally tore her clothes clean off.

I eagerly hurried towards her chest and began squeezing and admiring her big sexy breasts. Serena didn't mind, which was fine with me. Both se and I were enjoying this very much.

We kept this up until Serena's belly growled again, which didn't take too long to happen. "Who's next?" Serena asked. "I would think Sailor Venus," I answered. "Okay," she said. I used my psychic power to float Sailor V on top of Serena's belly. Sailor V was the victim of "Thunder Thigh Pies". "My figure," she said, sweatdropping at the site of her fat body.

"Oh quit complaining, your figure is not gonna matter where you're going" I said. I used my powers to make Serena's arms longer, so she could reach her belly. She grabbed Sailor V and held her up in the air. "WAIT! Serena, why are you doing this?" she asked. "You've always made me feel bad about how I look, so if I can't get rid of my fat I'll get rid of you," Serena said grinning evilly.

Sailor V screamed as Serena opened wide and started swallowing her legs first. When she got Sailor Venus's hips in her mouth, she started licking the delicious fat and said, "Instead of Thunder Thighs, they should call you Tasty Thighs". "YOU'RE SICK," Sailor V yelled angrily. Finally Sailor V was completely in Serena's mouth and you could clearly see the bulge in Serena's cheeks.

"No, please DON'T!" Sailor V yelled. Serena hardly paid attention as her powerful tongue pushed Sailor V back, until finally. *GULP*. Sailor Moon had claimed another victim.

"BUUUURRRRRRRRRP!!!" Serena belched as Sailor V landed in her humongous belly. "How you doing in there?" Serena asked patting her belly. "How do you think? I'm FAT! And you just ATE ME !" Sailor V yelled. "Don't worry, you'll be put out of your misery soon enough," I said. "Oh no! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Sailor V screamed.

Chapter 9: Massive Mercury

As she dissolved in Serena's stomach all her fat was transferred to Serena's thighs and hips. "With every scout you eat you grow more and become more beautiful," I said. "It feels so good," Serena said, squeezing the fat on her thighs. "All of me is big and beautiful, my belly, my boobs, my hips," Serena continued. "You've also got a nice ass," I said, squeezing Serena's butt Miroku-style.

Luckily Serena wasn't like Sango, so she didn't try to stop me. "I'm so glad you and I met," Serena said. I stopped and said, "I've always had great feelings for you Serena," I said. She blushed and smiled. "I bet you're getting hungry again," I said. "You read my mind," Serena said. "I think Mercury is about ready," I said.

Both Serena and I looked at her. Mercury's body swelled and swelled and swelled, but she was too focused on her blueberry pies to notice. I then floated Mercury over. She was almost half the size of Serena by now and her clothes were hanging on by a thread. "Ready to become my next victim?" Serena asked evilly.

"You'll never eat me," Ami said. "Oh, really?" I said. I leapt up and force fed one more blueberry pie and all of her clothes except her panties ripped to shreds. "EEP!" she said trying to cover up. Serena immediately bit one of Mercury's fat boobs and started licking. Mercury forced Serena off angrily yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU A LESBIAN!!!" "Hey I'm not a lesbian, I'm bisexual," she answered.

Mercury tried to attack Serena, but she merely grabbed her. "NO STOP, DON'T!" Mercury yelled. Of course, Serena didn't listen and started swallowing. "HELP, NO DON'T!!!" Mercury said in a muffled tone inside of Serena's mouth. "You're not going anywhere," Serena said, muffled, since she had quite a mouthful. Serena continued to swallow and Ami continued to scream as she drew closer to Serena's awaiting stomach.

Serena tried to swallow past her hips, but she couldn't. So in order to make her go down more smoothly, she started chewing mainly on Mercury's ass. "STOP THAT NOW!!!!" Mercury yelled inside Serena's esophagus. "I can't, you're so yummy," Serena said smiling and chewing. After a while, Serena chewed so hard that Mercury's panties ripped apart. Finally Serena was able to swallow past Mercury's SUV-sized ass. Mercury continued to scream until. *GULP*.

Chapter 10: Sleeping It Off

Serena breathed a sigh of pleasure and rubbed her huge belly. "I've eaten almost everyone," she said. I looked outside and saw that it was really late at night. "*Yawn* How about you save Mars for tomorrow," I said. Serena looked at Rei and saw that she was nowhere near finishing all the cheeseburgers that were around her. "Okay," she said.

Serena yawned and then belched afterwards. "*Yawn* *Burp* Excuse me". I climbed on top of Serena and we shared a passionate kiss. "I love you, Vorephile." Serena said. "I love you too, Serena," I said. I then curled up in Serena's belly fat. Before I fell asleep I heard gurgling in Serena's belly. "So much for Mercury," I said. Serena and I soon fell asleep lulllabyed by the sounds of her cute tummy.

I awoke in the afternoon and saw that Serena had grown again. She was so big that her body took up most of the living room, and she was almost touching the ceiling. "I slept good, how about you?" she asked. "Same here," I said, not wanting to leave her warm soft fat. Suddenly, I saw a humongous hole in the wall.

"What could have caused that?" I asked. "Hey, where's Rei?" Serena asked. Serena and I stared at each other and our eyes opened wide. Despite Serena's size she was able to waddle outside. The moment we got outside a Serena sized Rei appeared out of nowhere and tried to attack.

"Mars Fire IGNITE!" She yelled. She fired her attack, but I blocked with a force field. "How'd you break away from my spell?" I asked. "Once you ran out of food I got my powers back and now I'm gonna kill you" Rei said. Serena grabbed me, put me on the ground and stood in front of me. "If you want him you gotta go through me," she said. "Bring it on," Sailor Mars said.

Chapter 11: Fat Fight

Serena and Rei started to attack each other like sumo wrestlers. "Give up," Rei said trying to force Serena down. "NEVER!" Serena yelled, breaking away from Rei's grip. "Moon Fat Power KICK!!!" Serena said. The kicked hit Rei, but she quickly recovered.

"Mars Blubber TOSS!!!" Rei said. She grabbed Serena, used her big butt to bounce high in the air and threw Serena down. Luckily Serena was protected by all of her squishy fat. Then both she and I looked in the air and saw Mars coming down with another attack.

"Mars Fire BUTT SLAM!!!" she yelled. As she drew closer I asked Serena, "What're we gonna do?!". "Leave it to me," she answered. Serena then used her huge ass to bounce even higher. She then aimed for Rei for her final attack. "Moon Mega BODY SLAM!!!!" she yelled.

Rei looked up and saw Serena heading towards her. Before she could to anything, Serena's attack trapped her and they headed towards the ground. They soon landed with a loud crash, which blew me a few feet back. As the smoke cleared I saw that Serena had claimed victory and Rei was now weak.

Serena grinned sinisterly, picked up Rei and said, "Now GET IN MY BELLY". "NO YOU CAN'T!" Rei said scared. "Watch me," Serena said. She opened her mouth wide and started swallowing. Rei tried to stop her, but she was no match for Serena's strength. Serena placed Rei's head in her mouth and easily swallowed past her shoulders. Rei's arms were now trapped by Serena's powerful jaws.

"LET ME GO!" Mars yelled still struggling inside Serena's mouth.

Serena started to swallow again but, she was having trouble getting past Rei's huge belly. She then started to chew and suck on it. "MMMMMM so delicious," she thought. Serena was having the time of her life. Finally as she began swallowing past Rei's belly, the huge bulge in her mouth began moving down her throat. Both Serena and I could hear Rei screaming in a muffled tone.

As Serena swallowed past Rei's hips and her huge ass, Rei's legs began moving around frantically while sticking out of Serena's mouth. Finally Serena sucked up Rei's legs like spaghetti and then. *GULP*.

Chapter 12: Alive And Kicking

"BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!" Serena let loose a victorious belch. She had eaten all of the Sailor Scouts. I climbed up on top of her globular belly. "You did it!" I said happily. "Yes I did," she said patting her belly. "I may have eaten them, but I couldn't have done it with out you," Serena said. I moved towards Serena for a kiss. However, our moment was interrupted by Serena yelling in pain.

"OW!" she yelled. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I don't know, it felt like a sharp pain in my tummy," Serena said. I started to rub it, but something inside Serena's stomach kicked me off. "How do you like that," Sailor Mars' voice came from Serena's belly. "How come you're not getting digested?" Serena asked. "I don't know and I DON'T CARE!" Sailor Mars yelled. Rei kicked Serena's innards again.

"OW! Sonic HELP!" she yelled. There was no way I was going to let that evil scout hurt my girlfriend. I floated into the air and storm clouds began to form. "Powers of the Negaverse, I SUMMON YOU!!!" I commanded. Bolts of lightning struck me and raised my power.

"Now, DRAIN HER POWERS!!!" I commanded. I fired a lightning blast that struck Serena's belly, but it didn't hurt her. It did hurt Rei and drained her powers.

As that happened Serena's stomach acids began digesting Rei.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Rei yelled. Finally the last scout was added to Serena's girth. After that she doubled in size which made her bigger than the house. I then landed on her now much larger belly and climbed up to her face. "YOU DID IT, YOU ATE ALL THE SCOUTS!" I said happily. Serena rubbed her humongous belly and said, "Thanks for everything".

She had a great deal of love in her eyes, so me and her tried once again to kiss and once again our moment was interrupted. We looked in the sky and saw some familiar figures heading towards us. "The Outer Sailor Senshi?" Serena said. "Oh yeah, I forgot about them," I said nervously.

Chapter 13: The Final Enemies

As the Outer Sailor Senshi landed, Serena saw how fat they were. Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto looked like the drawings by Satsurou, but Sailor Uranus looked like the pic from Mxbot. "You fattened them up too?" Serena asked. "Yeah, but they somehow broke free of my spell and unlocked an amazing power. Before Serena could ask me about the power, we heard the scouts breathing deeply.

"Do you *gasp* have any idea *gasp* how difficult it is *gasp* to run with an ass this huge?" Sailor Uranus asked putting her fat hands on her huge butt. "You will pay for your crimes," Sailor Saturn said. "Hey, I only fattened you four up because you wanted to stop me," I said. "Yeah, and besides, he only wanted to help me because he loves me," Serena said.

"That's why we must destroy both of you," said Sailor Neptune. "What are you talking about?" Serena asked. "Serena, you're the only good scout," I said. "What!?" she asked shocked. "Before all this the other scouts may have seemed like your friends but, the sad truth is they were all from-." Sailor Pluto finished my sentence by saying "THE NEGAVERSE!"

Serena was too shocked to speak. "Now you must be destroyed," Sailor Saturn said, preparing to attack. "What makes you think you can destroy me?" Serena asked. "You're a huge blob of fat, you can't even move," Sailor Neptune said. Serena tried to move, but her legs had long since disappeared under her huge rump. "BOUNCE, Serena, BOUNCE!" I yelled.

Serena began bouncing away on her ass. The scouts then started chasing her the same way. Serena continued to bounce, crushing houses and cars on her way. Finally she stopped. "I'm so HUNGRY," she whined. The scouts then started attacking Serena. However, Serena soon noticed something.

The punches and kicks did hurt, but they were hardly considered deadly. "What are you doing?" Serena asked. "We're tenderizing you so WE CAN EAT YOU!" Sailor Uranus said sinisterly, licking her lips.

Chapter 14: Fighting Back

"Hey, I'm supposed to eat you!" Serena said. "So what, we're hungry," Sailor Neptune said. The scouts then floated in the air. "We can't transform with you like that," Sailor Saturn said to Uranus. Sailor Uranus then used some type of magic that made her fat change. Now all of them looked like in the pics from Satsurou. The scouts held hands and yelled, "FORM MEGA SAILOR BELLY!!!!!!"

Their fat bodies began to jiggle and started to fuse together. They continued to combine and mutate until they were a giant belly with a huge mouth. "Now GET IN OUR BELLIES!" they said in a deeper voice. They flew towards Serena with their mouth wide open. Serena was so scared she couldn't move. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" I yelled.

I leaped into the air and fired an electrical blast at the belly. It fell to the ground, but it soon got back up. "Get out of our way fool," they said. "If you want her, you gotta go through me," I said. "Very well, we could use an appetizer" they said. "Bring it on," I said, preparing to attack.

I leapt into the air and fired an inferno. The monster somehow got through. It tried to get me, but I moved out of the way. "DIE, BITCHES!!" I yelled. I fired another attack which critically hit them. However, they came at me again and with their huge mouth bit and broke my arm. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" I yelled in pain. Serena could only watch helplessly. Finally the belly opened it's huge mouth and *CHOMP*.

"Yummy," they said licking their lips. Serena started blubbering (pun intended). "Oh quit whining, you're about to join him," they said. They once again tried to eat Serena. However, just as they were about to, I began attacking them from the inside.

"DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!" I said punching and kicking their innards. "He's alive!" Serena said happily.

Then I began opening the monster's jaws. Serena saw me struggling to keep it open with just one arm. "Serena, on three I want you to attack, okay?" I said. "What about you?" she asked. "I'll jump out of the way, got it?" I said. Serena nodded. "1.2...3!" I said. I leapt out of the way as Serena lunged at the monster with her mouth wide open.

Her mouth somehow managed to close over half the monster. As she started biting, the scouts seperated. Saturn and Uranus may have escaped, but Neptune and Pluto were trapped in Serena's big mouth. "LET US OUT!" Neptune yelled. "I don't think so," Serena said in a muffled tone.

She began licking the scouts inside her mouth. "The more fat the better," Serena said happily. "WE WILL STOP YOU AND EAT YOU!!!!" Pluto yelled. "Sorry, but I'm the one who's eating you," Serena said. She then used her big and powerful tongue to push them down her throat. The scouts screamed as they fell down Serena's gullet and were digested. Serena's fat greatly increased. Things may have been going good for her, but she soon saw that I wasn't doing so well.

Chapter 15: A Losing Battle

Before Serena saw me, I was fighting Saturn and Uranus with all my might. I delivered a strong punch to Saturn's gut. She fell to the ground clutching her stomach in pain. Uranus then belly-bumped me. As I staggered, she lunged at me. Luckily I kicked her. Then I tried to fire an energy blast, but she leapt into the air.

"URANUS SLAM!" she yelled. I tried to get away, but it was to late. She landed on me and the enormous force of the impact broke my ribs and punctured one of my lungs. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed in pain. Saturn then came over and used her weapon to break both of my legs. She picked me up and trapped my upper body between her huge tits.

"How about I eat this half and you can have the other half?" she suggested. "Sounds good to me," Uranus said.

As Saturn licked her lips and attempted to swallow my head, that's when Serena saw what was happening. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Serena yelled bouncing over. Saturn threw me over to Uranus and then Serena landed on Saturn crushing her. "Back off, Serena, or your boyfriend gets it," Uranus said, pulling my head closer to her mouth. "DON'T DO IT!" Serena said. Uranus then began swallowing me.

"WAIT! Maybe we can make a deal," Serena said. "What kind of deal?" Uranus asked in a muffled tone. "How about we have one final battle and whoever loses gets eaten," Serena suggested. Saturn then lifted the giant Serena up and tossed her off. "Okay, we'll fight you, but on one condition," she said. "Anything," Serena said wanting to save me.

Uranus put her hand on Saturn's staff and then it fired an energy blast at Serena. There was a blinding flash of light. Then, once the light cleared, Serena realized something horrible. Her beautiful fat had been transferred to those two bitches. Serena fell to her knees and yelled into the sky. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Chapter 16: Serena EATEN!

Uranus then coughed me out. After I wiped the saliva off me, I saw what had happened. I used my powers to hover over to Serena and said, "Oh Serena, What have they done to you?" "I don't know and I don't like it," Serena said sadly. Anger began to build inside me.

I lunged at Uranus and with one punch I knocked her to the ground. "DIE, YOU BITCHES!" I yelled. I fired another blast at them, but Saturn used her staff to block it. "What?!" I said, shocked. Saturn then used super speed to come at me and critically hit me in the chest. "*Cough, cough, Gasp*," I wheezed. As I fell to the ground, Serena angrily said, "Now you've gone to far!"

"Moon Crystal POWER!" Serena yelled out. She transformed into her Sailor outfit which perfectly fit her thin body. I know, it sickens me too.

Serena flew towards them at high speed. She started punching Saturn, but her hits only made Saturn's fat jiggle. She then used her staff to swat Serena like a fly. "You're pathetic," she said. Uranus and Saturn then started attacking Serena. I could only watch in horror.

Then, once she was properly tenderized, Saturn lifted her up and said, "Down the hatch". "NO DON'T!" Serena yelled in terror. Saturn opened her mouth and engulfed Serena.

She began screaming as Saturn began licking her all over. She then pushed Serena back with her tongue, swallowed and smacked her lips in pleasure. As she started laughing evilly I could only mourn. "SERENA!" I yelled.

Chapter 17: Betrayed

"HEY! I thought we were going to split her," Uranus said angrily. Saturn merely smirked evilly and grabbed Uranus. "I'm still hungry," she said licking her chops. "You little-," Before Uranus could say anything else, Saturn engulfed her head.

Uranus began struggling, but it was no use. Saturn swallowed and got Uranus's shoulders in her mouth. After she licked her victim's fat and lightly chewed, she swallowed again. As this continued the bulge in her cheeks started moving down her throat.

"STOP! HELP!" Uranus yelled. Saturn then started chewing on Uranus's mid-section and continued swallowing. "You are so DELICIOUS!" Saturn said in a muffled tone. After a few more long swallows, Saturn slurped up Uranus's legs and then *GULP*.

Saturn laughed wickedly as she saw Uranus struggling in her belly. "You were easily tricked," Saturn said evilly. She started massaging her bloated belly. After admiring her fat body she turned her attention towards me.

Chapter 18: Irony

"Now for you," Saturn said licking her lips. "You *cough* will PAY!" I said. Beams of light shot out of my eyes and hit Saturn in the stomach. Saturn watched stunned as her belly began to glow. When I stopped firing I was weakened further.

"What did you just do?" Saturn asked. "Listen," I said in a weak voice. Both Saturn and I listened. We then heard the voices of Serena and Uranus from inside her belly. "Wait, what're you doing.....GET AWAY AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Uranus yelled. We then heard Serena "*Munch* *Smack* *GULP* Nummy".

"What just happened?" Saturn asked nervously. Saturn then felt a sharp pain in her belly. The pain was caused by Serena chewing on Saturn's stomach wall. As she continued Saturn's stomach began to shrink. "WHAT'RE YOU DOING TO ME?!" Saturn yelled.

"So yummy," Serena said. She continued to chew and swallow. As she took more and more big gulps, Saturn started to disappear and Serena began to appear. Serena then opened her mouth incredibly wide to completely engulf Saturn. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Saturn yelled as she disappeared in Serena's mouth.

As Saturn struggled you could clearly see her outline in Serena's extremely stretched out cheeks. Serena started licking Saturn's fat body all over. This made Saturn struggle even more. It was becoming difficult for Serena to keep her mouth closed so, in one mighty gulp she swallowed Saturn.

The bulge in Serena's throat was unbelievable. Finally Saturn landed in Serena's now much bigger belly. "I'LL KILL YOU!" Saturn yelled. "I don't think so," Serena said.

Right then Serena's stomach acids completely digested the evil Saturn. Serena was now as big as a two story building. She belched victoriously and smiled.

Chapter 19: Not Long For This World

Unfortunately, unlike Serena, I wasn't doing so well. As you recall you during the last few fights one of my arms was broken along with both my legs. Also when I was crushed by Saturn, my ribs were shattered and one of my lungs was punctured. Finally to make matters worse, it was getting harder to breathe.

As Serena came over to my side she started tearing up at the sight of my mangled and battered body. "Please don't cry *Cough* I don't that to be the last thing I see," I said weakly. "The last thing? PLEASE! Don't say that," Serena said worried. "I'm sorry Serena, *Gasp* but I can't hold on much longer," I said weakly.

Serena picked me up and hugged me gently. "Please no, I don't want you to die," Serena said sadly. "I won't be *Cough* completely dead," I said. Serena looked at me with confused eyes and merely asked, "What ?".

"I may have *Cough* gotten my powers from the Negaverse, but I'm not from there *Gasp* or even from this dimension," I answered. Serena was still confused.

"You see *Gasp* in my world, your world and countless others are merely *Cough* T.V. shows," I said.

Serena was starting to understand. "Even if I die here I'll still be alive in my world, but sadly *Cough, Cough* once I die here, *Gasp* I won't be able to come back," I said sadly.

Tears started to leak out both Serena's and my eyes. "I love you," I said sadly and weakly. "I love you too," Serena said the same way. She embraced me and we shared our final kiss. When the kiss ended I looked into Serena's eyes. They were filled with sorrow.

However, I saw something else in her eyes. Something I knew I had to get rid of.

Chapter 20: Goodbye

"Serena you still have lingering hunger in you," I said. "How'd you know?" she asked. "Never mind that, *Cough* can you do me one last *Gasp* favor?" I asked. "Anything," Serena said. "This may sound strange but, *gasp* I've always wanted *cough* to be *cough* eaten alive," I said.

"That is strange," Serena said. "Yeah, anyway *cough* I want you to eat me and then my body will be added to your beautiful girth, so in a way I won't be gone completely," I said.

Serena smiled and said, "I'll do it". She hugged me for one last time and then she started to lower my feet into her mouth. As she took off my shoes and slurp up my feet, I moaned in pleasure. Serena did this also since I tasted so good. She continued to gently swallow me.

Finally before she engulfed my head I looked at her. Although they had lingering sorrow, her beautiful eyes had a lot of happiness in them. I smiled weakly and my final words were, "Goodbye". She then swallowed one last time and I vanished.

As I landed in Serena's enormous belly I weakly opened my eyes. It didn't take long for the acids to come. I only wish I could have been there longer. Finally just as the acids hit, I perished from that world.

Later on at sunset, Serena put the finishing touches on a special memorial grave in my honor. As she looked at it the memories of me and her began to flash through her mind. Then in her mind she said some final words about me.

'His name was Sonic, he was an FA, Vorephile and a really nice guy.'

'He came to my rescue when I was sad* *He was a guy who loved me.'

'In the end he loved me enough to give up his life in this world.'

'And I swear that I will stop the Negaverse and make everyone's life better.'

'Just like he made my life.'

'I will go on and continue my mission.'

And Serena did continue. She devoured evil, made the world a much better place and got all the food she wanted and more in return. Although I had perished from her world, I continued to write stories about her in my world.

It was because of me that many great things happened in Serena's life. Like when she finally married "Tuxedo Mask" and the fact that the future scouts were true friends towards her. No one else really knew, but Serena could tell I was there. Watching over her, like a guardian spirit.

The End