"Kos-Mos's Upgrades"
by Soccerhead

Shion didn’t know if she should be angry or simply stunned. Hammer, the technical wizard aboard the cargo ship The Elsa, had compiled a new program interface for Shion’s pride and joy, Kos-Mos, an incredibly advanced and strikingly beautiful cyborg.

“Hammer, Kos-Mos’ programming is far to delicate to allow for any type of non-vector approved modifications!” Shion tried to yell but half squeaked, due to the shock of what Hammer was showing her. Since Kos-Mos had been charging aboard the Elsa for quite some time now after she and her creator Shion had been picked up by the ship, Hammer couldn’t help but to investigate a few of her technical specs in his spare time.

He tooled around with her coding language and in his hand held a disk that allowed Kos-Mos to hold 50 times more data than her artificial brain would normally allow, and absorb that data at lightning speeds. There were a few issues regarding her power supply and excess data storage, but those issues didn’t seem to pose much of a problem with a few workarounds.

“I…won’t allow this!” exclaimed Shion. “You could destroy key parts of her fuctions!”
“I made sure that there would be no core data loss- my program itself would cancel before that would happen- let’s just test it out with something harmless.”
Hammer booted up the program before Shion could object.
“Let’s try…ah! Cookbooks from around the galaxy- nothing malicious about that.”
Kos-Mos, who was lying on her maintenance bed, sat up with a start, and twitched for a brief moment. She then stood up and began walking. “Executing newfound data test.”

She marched to the kitchen and went to work at a startling pace. She seemed to be capable of cooking 8 different meals at once, flawlessly executing each one.
She then carefully prepared a spread in the dining area.
Hammer laughed. “See! Now why don’t you try what she just made and be amazed!”
Shion plucked a dumpling off a plate and ate it. “Wow…this really is great!”
It hit her how hungry she was. She began to eat a small burger with a slow pace but the more she ate the more she appreciated her creation’s flawless meals and speed up.

After an hour or so not a scrap of food remained. Shion, who now was rubbing her swollen belly in discomfort and satisfaction, stumbled off to her room, which she shared with Momo, an adorable artificial human who was modeled after a young girl.

As Shion stumbled into the room Momo couldn’t help but giggle. “What happened?” she asked in her normal innocent tone. “Kos-Mos received an upgrade that made her our new chef.” Shion replied.
“Really? Wow, maybe ill go talk to her, I am kind of hungry!”

In a half hour Momo returned in a state similar to Shion’s. “Wow…that was delicious!” she chimed, but found Shion to be fast asleep. Momo figured some sleep wouldn’t be a bad idea, and joined Shion on the other bed in the room.

Kos-Mos, meanwhile, had just cleaned the dishes and was about to shut down, when Hammer’s program kicked in again.

“Downloading Cookbook Patch two.” She Announced. “Data Storage B system activated- memory cell ratio at 10%” and with that her body was modified with emergency memory cells to avoid a crash- her hips widened a bit and her cheeks grew soft. Her legs became less flawlessly thin, and her waist seemed to protrude ever so slightly. “Download Complete.” Kos-Mos went to bed.

Shion nearly had a heart attack upon awaking- Kos-Mos was standing over her with a large tray, and before Shion knew what was going on she was jolted awake with a “Good Morning Shion.”
“Kos-Mos? Why did you reactivate?” Asked a puzzled Shion, putting on her glasses.
“Your Breakfast, Shion.” She held out a plate filled with an assortment of her favorite breakfast foods, and a couple she had never seen before.
Shion was about to ask a few more questions, but the food looked next to irresistible. Shion usually finds herself pondering something about work or Kos-Mos while eating, but she simply couldn’t keep her mind off the fact that Kos-Mos could now cook such amazing meals at any time. She finished her 3rd omlette and some more toast just as Kos Mos came back from the kitchen a second time with another tray, this time with a vigorously chewing Momo behind her, who was also carrying a tray. Momo set her tray down at the table in the center of the room, and began eating as quickly as Shion was. Momo’s small frame looked a little silly looking at what she had on her plate and how she was eating.
Shion blushed. There she was, eating like a starved pig in her bed. She got up and sat next to Momo.
“Shion, did you hear? Captain Matthews is taking a detour to a nearby star system, he heard there are some salvageable ship parts there due to a large probe ship’s central computer failing and crashing into a meteor, we may not land for another couple of days!” Shion swallowed another pancake. “Oh well, at least Kos- Mos can keep us well fed while we are up here!” Shion tried to laugh but what came out was more of an “Urrrruap!” as she let out a massive belch. Shion blushed again.
Momo laughed, “Eat a little too much Sh-Urp!-” and clasped her hand over her mouth. Laughing, they eyeballed the plate of bacon Shion had just placed in front of them.
A couple of days passed, with a bored Shion and Momo fully enjoying the new cooking program. Kos-Mos had received 5 more patches, including the very popular “Chocolate and Ice Cream” patch.
Kos Mos’s rear end swayed back and forth has she brought the girls more cheesecake. Shion unzipped a little more of her uniform top like she had been doing every couple of hours as of late, revealing centimeter by centimeter more of her growing cleavage. Momo’s underwear was pretty much visible at all times she was sitting now, as her already short dress couldn’t stand up to thickened thighs, an out of shape rear end, and a butterball of a stomach. Her face was made all the more cute with puffy cheeks and a double chin. Shion’s skirt was getting close to Momo’s point, and her stomach’s new rolls were shown easily though her dress. She was also on her way to a double chin, but not nearly as much as Kos-Mos- she had added close to 50 pounds of new “data” to her frame, and was downright fat looking, with her thick thighs, squishy bust, and a belly that was already beginning to mingle below her waist.
“Oh thank you Kos Mos, could you bring another chocolate cake out too? We will be finished with this one quick, so hurry!” “Yes Shion.”

As Kos Mos was walking back to get the chocolate cake, she paused. “Downloading Main Patch 2- Sugar Extract syrup-untested sugar concentrate for use with baking….file size….4 Terabytes.” And with that her stomach bulged out several more inches, her rear swelled to match her gelatinous thighs, her breasts became the size of a soccer ball each, and her face widened to give her chin no hope of touching her chest again. She continued to waddle to the kitchen.

It had been twenty minutes since Kos-Mos had left, and both of the young ladies, completely spoiled with a regimen of relaxation and near-constant eating, were beginning to get hungry. (What they considered “hungry” at this point is any time when food can be eaten without fear of damaging vital organs) Shion got up, her skirt showing off a little bit of rear end. “Momo- have I gained any weight from all this eating?” Momo got up to perform a scan with her multi-purpose eyes, and heard her dress tear down the back. Shion bent down to help her, and heard a pop, as her bra gave way and her breasts literally burst from her dress.

Kos Mos returned with two chocolate cakes made with her new sugar blend. Both girls got up from one of the side couches while tugging on their panties- mainly because that and their bras were all that they were wearing. Neither found their clothes at all comfortable at this point, and Shion was lucky she had an account with the instant clothing delivery service, which materialized her a new, much bigger bra. (Sure, she could have gotten another dress, but she felt such an enormous pressure release when her stomach was freed from it’s confinement she decided it could wait until after cake.)
Shion’s rear danced as she walked to the table, her underwear now only covering it slightly more than most of the “sexy” underwear she’s seen advertised. Her stomach now made itself to hanging a bit, and her navel was annexed by a roll of chub when she sat down. Momo was nothing short of a ball of softness. Her belly stuck out probably more than Shion’s and sported an extra roll when she sat. Her rear end made her underwear so impossibly tight you could nearly see though it, and even though she was designed after a slim 12 year old, she had developed enough fat to give her B-cup breasts.

Both girls were a little shocked at Kos-Mos’ new look. Shion was ready to run out and look at herself in the mirror to see if she had really gained weight….right after one little bite of cake. She took a fast forkful and she sat down. Her hand shook a little. She grabbed an entire 5-pound cake and began eating mouthful after massive mouthful. Momo had begun doing the same.

Shion rushed (which was now about 5 seconds of some very…ballistic running and then about a minute of catching her breath.) to Kos-Mos’ memory panel and quickly commanded the download of all remaining cooking patches, then half-yelled at Kos-Mos to cook more. She returned to her room to find Momo licking her plate clean and looking for stray crumbs on the table.

Kos Mos returned after her downloads, holding a MASSIVE cake, roughly 15 layers tall. She moved slower now due to her belly jutting to around her knee, and breasts that made it nearly impossible to look at her feet. The girls tore into the cake with absolute vigor. Kos Mos continued an efficient baking schedule that produced a cake roughly every 15 minutes. Their binge continued for hours, then started up again the next morning.
“Shion- I have officially ran out of cooking supplies- the shopping network will no longer accept our orders for at least 24 hours due to power and restocking issues.”

Shion shifted, and then got up, her belly covering her possibly nude lower half. Her rear end lifted several pounds of fat then brought them down again every step she took. “That’s impossible!” Said Shion. “But Shion…I’m so hungry…” came Momo’s innocent voice as she ate another slice of double chocolate cake with her pudgy little hands. She then got up and waddled, looking to be fattened maybe even more that Shion proportion wise.
“I’m sorry, I must power down.” Kos-Mos went to her docking bed, nearly getting her generous belly stuck in the doorframe.

For the first hour or so the girls felt as if they were going crazy, but luckily there was less of a ravenous craving for sweets once they stopped consuming them so quickly- the sugar Kos-Mos used was so powerful it actually stimulates brain chemicals that cause pleasure. Like a drug, it wears off without constant use. The girls went from hungry to satisfied and decided to relax a bit.

Hammer knocked on the door an hour or so later.

“Hey girls, Kos-Mos might end up downloading a rather illegal patch involving a sugar extract, I heard it can be pretty addicting and that it hasn’t been approved yet, so I think I’m gonna stop the download process. Sorry if you didn’t get a lot of use out of it, but what she downloaded already is all that she is gonna keep.”

Shion’s voice from the other side of the door replied. “Well, we only had a little to eat, and it was really tasty, but I suppose it would be ok to stop it for now.” She covered her mouth as she let out another belch.

“Aw, oh well.” Sighed Momo. “We will be up for lunch in a sec then!” she called.