"Hypnotic Appetite"
by Mr. Bacon

It was a lovely spring day, and Ash, May, Brock, and Max were camping out in a forest.  Ash had beaten everyone in the Battle Frontier.  Ash's Pokemon team was as follows; Pikachu, Corphish, Donphan, Sceptile, Swellow.  May had Blaziken, Munchlax, Delcatty, Beautifly, Blastoise, Espeon.  Brock had Swampert, Sudowoodo, Foretress, Golem, Steelix, and Ludicolo.  But that's not important right now.  Lately, Ash had grown very fond of May, but in his opinion, she was, well, a little too SKINNY for Ash.  Ash often thought about this, how May's weight would affect his love for her.  He pondered this at this very moment, as he walked down a forest path, looking for firewood.  He was so lost in thought that he never saw what he tripped over.

"WAAGH!"  *thud*.  "Hey, ow!" said Ash.  "What just happened?"  He looked back at what caused him to trip.  It was a Pokemon.  It had a short, squat body, bright yellow on top, brownish-yellow on the bottom.  It had a distinctly human-esque shape, but it had a ridiculous elephant-like nose.  Ash took out his Pokedex and scanned it.

"Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokemon," it droned.  "Drowzee is capable of using hypnotic suggestion to control its opponent's minds, such as their actions, how they see things, and even permanently control how they think."  Ash smiled at this, as an image of May popped into his head, gaining a massive appetite under the influence of Drowzee's hypnosis.  So he unclipped a Pokeball from his belt, and faced Drowzee. 

Ash threw the Pokeball, releasing his Corphish.  He commanded a Knock Off attack.  Corphish rammed into Drowzee, knocking it backwards a bit.  Drowzee shook it off, as its eyes glowed bright blue.  Corphish was then surrounded by a bright blue aura, and suddenly zipped up into the air, and slammed repeatedly into the ground.  Ash knew that the Drowzee was using Confusion.  He then figured that Drowzee was so distracted that it might not be able to break out of a Pokeball.  So he threw an empty Pokeball at the Drowzee, capturing it instantly.  He then collected some firewood, then let out Drowzee, and discussed a plan with him.

At dinner, Ash put his plan into action.  As casually as possible, he said "So, when I was out getting firewood, I caught a Pokemon."  Brock said "Great, Ash.  What is it?"  Ash held up the Pokeball, and released Drowzee onto the table.  He winked at Drowzee, the signal they had agreed upon.  Drowzee winked back, and began to cast Hypnosis upon May.  May sat there dazed for a moment, then said "Hey, Brock, this soup's great!  I want more!"  Brock was slightly surprised by this, but obligingly refilled May's bowl.  Ash smiled smugly.  His plan was beginning to work. 

May finished not only her second bowl of soup, but her third, fourth, and fifth bowls as well!  She would've eaten more, if there WAS more.  She seemed disappointed at this.  Ash, however, noticed slight bulges in May's clothing and couldn't be happier.

The next day, Brock made delicious pancakes for breakfast.  He made 16 pancakes, intending to serve 4 for each of them.  What really happened was May ate 10 pancakes, leaving 2 each for everyone else.  Brock and Max swapped looks of concern and slight hunger. 

As they walked out of the forest the next day, Ash was walking behind May, mesmerized;  As of that pancake breakfast, May's ass was slightly bigger, and wobbled with every step she took.  Ash noticed that her hips and thighs were also increasing in size.  May, however, seemed to notice no signifigant change- yet.

At lunch, the group stopped at a Pokemon Center.  May was able to eat a lot more there, thus the results showed more;  May's breasts were straining her bra; Her belly was peeking out slightly from under her shirt; Her shorts were digging into her thick thighs; Her butt was pretty darn big.  May didn't say anything, but inside, she was a little worried.  However, that didn't stop her from eating as much food as the Pokemon Center would serve her that night! 

The next morning, definite changes were visible;  May had recently purchased a D-cup bra, and THAT was at its breaking point; Her belly was 75% visible, jutting out from her shirt; Her thighs were starting to tear her pitifully small shorts; Her butt was almost poking out of her shorts.  At lunch, though, May and Ash were alone at the Pokemon Center; Brock was hitting on Nurse Joy, and Max was checking out a store for Pokenav upgrades.  May stood up after her meal, and... RIIIIP!  Her shirt tore.  Her bra tore.  Her shorts were shredded.  May's big boobs were 100% visible, each the size of a Voltorb.  Her belly looked as though she'd swallowed a Wailmer.  Her ass was huge, each butt cheek the size of a Watmel Berry.  Her thighs were as thick as tree trunks.  Immensely embarassed, despite the mercifully low attendance rate at the Pokemon Center that day, she grabbed Ash's arm and waddled into their room upstairs.  May confided to Ash that she was really worried about how fat she's getting, and about here inexplicable appetite.  Ash then decided to tell the truth;  About how Drowzee hypnotized her into having a huge appetite.  Once May learned the truth about how Ash liked her, she squealed with glee- She liked Ash, too!  They decided to travel alone together, and left a note for Brock and Max. 

15 years later;

Ash and May were happily married; May's boobs were each the size of a Wailmer;  Her belly could fill a swimming pool; Her ass was the size of a runty Wailord; Her thighs looked like if they were hollow, they'd make roomy homes for herds of Graveler.  Ash's Drowzee had long since evolved into a Hypno, and his Corphish had recently evolved into a Crawdaunt.  May's Munchlax had evolved into a Snorlax, whose girth was nothing compared to May's.  Brock had married the Viridian City Nurse Joy.  Max became an assistant to Professor Oak, and had the following Pokemon; Gardevoir, Metang, Sceptile, Quagsire, Macargo, and Tyranitar.  But what's really important now is that Ash and May lived flabbily ever after.