"Sonic and the Amy Blueberry"
a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic by Inflationcouplingist

"Oh ho ho!" Eggman laughed evily, which in our case and the robots was a bad Santa Claus imitation laugh, as he went into his control center. "Now then, let's see if my new, berry filling juice formula works." He then presses the intercom button on his control panel. "Bring in the victim!" he ordered one of his robot.

"Let me go you hunk-a-junk!" Amy yelled as the robot dragged her in. She was pushed into the center of Eggman's testing lab, just above the control panel.

"Welcome, Miss Rose." Eggman greeted as evily as the mad doctor could get, which in the robots, Sonic, and Sonic's friends's point of view was ridiculous.

"Eggman, what do you want with me?!" Amy asked, demanding an answer.

"Well, I needed a guinea, or in this case a hedgehog pig, to test out my latest formula." Eggman answered, smiling.

Amy got angry and prepared to summon her hammer, until a hose went into her belly button from under her dress. "Huh?!" she gasped.

"No hammer for miss rosy bud." Eggman sang in mocked tone. He then pressed a button and activating the machine, sending the juice from the machine into Amy.

Amy's whole body, including her clothes, suddenly turned different azure blue shades and tints as the juice went into her belly button. "Ooooooohhhhhh...oh!" she whimpered. "I feel full! Too full!"

Eggman watched his experiment do its work on the now azure hedgehog girl. "Oh ho ho!" he laughed evily.

Amy then felt herself bulging and filling with the juice she was expanding with. "Ohhhhh...oh no!" he cried as she filled up, her panties showing themselves as her dress forcibly rose up. Her body filled and rounded up as her arms clinging up and becoming immobile and her feet spreading apart. "Please stop this! I-I don't know how much more I can take!"

"Hahaha!" Eggman laughed. "Not a chance Miss Rose!"

Amy whimpered in freight as her groin touched the floor and raised her feet from the ground, her arms and legs sinking into her as she became a blueberry, the same height as Sonic but much wider than him, but she kept growing, her clothes forming around her like second skin without ripping or showing her belly, minus the hose showing a bit, until her dress and panties rose up, making it reveal more of her belly. She then felt her hands and feet sinking into her. *Oh no...my head...my limbs...they're sinking!* she thought as her head, hands, and feet were sinking into her.

"Yes...Yes...YESSS!!!" Eggman yelled in evil happiness as she watched the blueberry-hog filling still.

Amy whimpered and cried in fear as her head sank into her, making her cheek look like they were puffing out as she lost her view. Her head, hands, and feet sank in till they looked like they were forming around her body as she continued filling, reaching 5 feet in height and having the same width as Eggman.

Eggman pressed a button on the panel that made the juice stop filling Amy and also retracted the hose from her belly button. "Ho ho ho!" he laughed as he came from the control center and approached the blueberry of a hedgehog.

Though muffled, Amy cried and whimpered at how big she became and what Eggman was planning on doing with her.

"Well, seems my formula work!" Eggman replied, poking Amy's berry belly.

Amy whimpered evem more when she felt her belly was poked.

"Hehehe..." Eggman snickered menacingly. "Not even Sonic will help you. In fact, I imagine him running away, laughing hysterically once he gets a good look at you! Or better yet, I should fill you up even more till you..." The mad doctor then made a popping sound.

Suddenly, an alarm activated from the center.

"Hmm?! What's going on?!" Eggman asked.

"There's an intruder in the building, and he's destroying the robots." One of Eggman's robots told him.

"Let me guess..." Suddenly, an explosion occurred and a part of the lab's wall was smashed open and a hedgehog figure came from the smoke. "Sonic the Hedgeh..." Eggman's eyes went wide when he saw a glowing, silver hedgehog with blank white eyes and an incredible white aura stood in its place. "Oh my...S-Sonic in his most powerful form?"

"EGGMANNNN!!!!!" Hyper Sonic yelled in fury. He then looked at a giant blueberry with a dress and panties on and recognized it as Amy.

"Oh...um...eh..." Eggman startled as he looked at the extremely angry hedgehog.

The robots charged up at Sonic, ready to strike.

Sonic looked at them and vanished, bombarding the robots into scrap parts. He then approached Eggman.

"No...no please!" Eggman pleaded. "Don't come any closer!" He revealed a blaster and fired it at Sonic, but the laser bolted off of the hedgehog.

Sonic grabbed Eggman's hand and squeezed it till he broke the doctor's arm.

Eggman screamed in pain as his arm was broken.

Suddenly, GUN agents, led by Shadow the Hedgehog, came out and surrounded Sonic and Eggman and pointed their guns, more around Eggman.

Sonic looked at Shadow then turned away. "Took you long enough." he said in a anger like tone.

"Hmh, didn't think you act like this?" Shadow responded. "You're usually cheerful."

"Not today." Sonic told Shadow.

The GUN agents grabbed Eggman and handcuffed him. Some then went towards Amy, thinking that she's one of Eggman's experiments.

"Hmm...Eggman's doing giant fruit now?' Shadow questioned.

"That giant blueberry is Amy." Sonic told him. "Eggman turned her into a blueberry."

"...Amy?" Shadow responded. He then turned to the GUN agents that were about to study Amy. "Hold it! That's Miss Amy Rose. Don't touch her!"

The GUN agents looked at their leader and nodded, stepping back away from Amy.

"We'll take Eggman to a secure prison." Shadow told Sonic. "But we need to take Amy back with us so we can get her back to normal. But I figure she might need you there."

Sonic looked at the black hedgehog, smiling a bit. "Thanks." he responded.

Shadow smiled at the hyper, silver hedgehog. "No problem." he said.

Suddenly, Eggman freed himself and pulled a knife, attempting to kill Amy...

But Sonic and Shadow telepathically lifted Eggman before he popped Amy.

"Errahh..." Eggman yelled as he was lifted. "You better juice herself while you still can, cause after today, the juice will be part of her systems and she'll never return to normal."

Sonic became very angry from Eggman's words.

"But you think I'm the only threat?!" Eggman asked. "There's plenty more were that came from. They'll all be after Amy, tempting to give you, Sonic, to join the enemy to save her! Face it! You'll..."

"CHAOS CONTROL!!!" Sonic yelled, firing a powerful sphere and making Eggman disappear,forever. He then powered back down and breathed heavily.

"Whoa..." Shadow responded. "You okay?"

"Yeah...I'm fine." Sonic replied. "But Amy..."

"Don't worry, we'll get her back." Shadow said. "We can juice her till she returns to normal back at base."

"Thanks Shadow." Sonic said, smiling a bit as he got up and went to Amy.

Shadow smiled a bit and opened a portal back to GUN's new, space headquarters.

Sonic gently and carefully rolled Amy into the portal, reaching the inside of GUN's headquarters.

Amy whimpered as she was rolled into the base. *Wha...what's going on?* she thought as she was rolled. *Who...who's rolling me?!*

"You can put her in the lab." Shadow told Sonic. "We can get the juice out of her after I give my report."

Sonic nodded and rolled Amy carefully into the lab, settling her on her giant groin into a machine.

Amy whimpered as she felt the juice sloshing inside of her, completely unaware of what was going on. *Ohhh...where am I?!* she thought.

Sonic climed onto Amy, reaching her head area and trying to dig her head out to see her. "Amy?" he questioned as he tried digging her head out. "Amy, are you alright?"

Amy recognized the voice as she tried to move her head. "S-S-Sonikku...?" she asked, hoping she was right.

Sonic finally dug Amy's head out and moved it a bit to see her. "Hey Amy." he said, smiling.

Amy looked at Sonic, tearing a bit. She moved her head away from him to avoid embarrassment. "Go away." she said, crying a bit. "I'm a freak."

"No you're not." Sonic told Amy, trying to comfort her.

"Look at me!" Amy replied, crying. "I'm a giant blueberry!"

"Not to me..." Sonic said, approaching her head and giving Amy a kiss. "Sure, you're a blueberry...but you're still my beautiful rose no matter what."

Amy looked at Sonic, tearing and sniffing.

"Shhhhh...it's alright Amy..." Sonic said. "I'm here...I'll never leave your side. I promise."

"Sonikku..." Amy responded. "But what will happen to me? And where are we?"

"We're at GUN's new headquarters." Sonic told Amy. "And you're here to get juiced."

"J-J-Juiced?" Amy said, scared by what Sonic told her.

"Relax..." Shadow said as he came in. "This won't hurt you."

"Shadow?" Amy asked.

"Yep." Shadow answered. He then attached one end of a hose to a machine and another to Amy's belly button. "I know you can't see it right now, but a machine here in the lab will suck the juice right out of you."

"Don't worry, I'll be here." Sonic said.

"Uhh...Sonic?" Shadow asked. "You might want to get off of her before we begin."

"Ohh...okay." Sonic said, giving Amy a kiss and sliding off of her.

Shadow then activated the machine.

The hose sucked up the juice from inside Amy, going in the machine.

Amy moaned a bit as she found herself shrinking and her head, hands, and feet revealing again and her dress and panties slowly covering her belly. She looked at Sonic as she shrank.

Sonic smiled and rubbed Amy's belly gently to comfort her. "It'll be alright." he said.

Amy managed to smile a bit as she shrank down to Sonic's size.

Suddenly, the juicing machine spurred and malfunctioned, making the hose stop juicing Amy.

"Huh?!" Amy gasped, figuring out why she isn't shrinking anymore. "What happened?"

"Uh oh..." Shadow responded as he examined the machine. "The machine's broken. It'll take a week to get it repaired."

"A week?!" Amy asked.

"But...by that time...Amy will be a blueberry hedgehog forever." Sonic said.

"W-WHAT?!" Amy yelled.

Sonic looked away from her. "Yeah...Eggman said that if the juice isn't fully removed from you..." he explained. "The juice will be part of your systems."

"You mean...I'm stuck like this?!" Amy asked, tearing a bit.

Sonic then suddenly hugged Amy. "I'm so sorry Amy." he said.

Amy sniffed and teared a bit, smiling a bit as her hero hugged her. "It's okay Sonic." she said. "It's not your fault."

Sonic looked at Amy and smiled. "Don't worry Amy, I take care of you." he told her. "I mean it."

"Thank you, Sonikku." Amy said, giving Sonic a kiss on his cheek.

Shadow looked at the two. "You know, you can stay here if you like." he said.

"You mean me and Amy, living here in a GUN headquarters?" Sonic asked.

"Well...it can only happen if you're a GUN agent." Shadow told them.

"A GUN agent?" Amy asked.

Shadow nodded.

Sonic thought about Shadow's request, then he looked at Amy.

"It would mean you would give up your freedom." Shadow said. "You don't have to if you want."

"Sonic?" Amy asked. "You want to join GUN?"

Sonic gave it a thought before looking at Shadow. "Alright..." he said. "I'll join. On one condition."

"What's that?" Shadow asked.

"I get to spend some time with Amy to take care of her." Sonic replied.

Amy smiled from hearing that.

"Alright." Shadow said. He then went to the two and held them. "CHAOS TELEPORT!" He then teleported the two a room with a large bed, a door leading to a bathroom, a TV, and a view of Earth. "This will be your room. I suggest you get settled in." He then teleported himself out of the room.

"Wow..." Amy said as she saw the view of Earth. "So beautiful."

"Yeah..." Sonic said as he leaned on Amy. "Just like you."

Amy smiled and nuzzled Sonic's head affectionately, giving it lovely kisses.

Sonic smiled and cuddled Amy, kissing her in the glow of the Earth.

10 years later

Sonic, now 25, entered the commander's office and handed his report in.

The commander took the report and looked at it. "Where are the Suppression Squad now, Agent Sonic?" he asked.

"They're sent to the Ice Cap Zone prison vault, cuffed with chaos energy." Sonic told his commanding officer.

The commander smiled. "Good, we'll be able to sleep peacefully knowing they're put away." he said.

Sonic smiled hearing that, but then he yawned.

"Tired?" the commander asked.

"Yeah..." Sonic answered.

"Hmh." the commander responded. "You should get some sleep with your family Sonic. You've earned it."

"Hmm, feeling generous for once, Shadow?" Sonic asked in mock tone.

"Well, let's just say we both need to be with some people." Shadow replied, petting a white, mini Shadow sleeping in his lap.

Sonic smiled and walked out of Shadow's office.

Shadow got up, cradling his 2 year old son gently, and walked out of his office, smiling. "Now let's get you to bed Razor." he said. "Good thing Rouge didn't mind me taking you to work."

Sonic walked through the GUN dorms till he came to his room door. He opened it and smiled as he saw his 4 foot wife of a blueberry, Amy, sleeping with their 3 year old son Flash and their blueberry baby daughter Emily. He took his GUN gloves and shoes off and crawled into the bed, giving Amy a kiss.

Amy felt the kiss and woke up. She turned to see her husband and smiled. "Hey honey." she greeted softly, giving Sonic a kiss on his cheek.

"Hey sweetie." Sonic greeted.

Soon, Flash slowly woke up and stared at his father, smiling. "Daddy..." he said softly.

"Hey Flash." Sonic greeted, staring at his son and giving his head a kiss.

Flash giggled a bit and laid on his mother's berry belly, cuddling it like a pillow.

Sonic smiled and grabbed Emily, hugging his baby blueberry girl gently.

Emily woke up and saw her father. She smiled cutely as she yawned and snuggled in her father's arms.

Amy smiled at the sight before she felt Flash crawling up to her head and nuzzling her. She kissed her son's blue head and nuzzled him back. "Oh Flashy." she said.

Sonic grabbed a blanket and covered his wife and son up before covering himself up as he hugged and cradled Emily. "There, nice and comfy for my family." he responded as he laid down next to Amy and Flash.

Amy giggled as she snuggled Sonic and Emily with Flash.

Flash soon nodded off as he smiled and snuggled his blueberry mother.

Emily yawned and nodded off in Sonic's arms, smiling as cute as a baby blueberry could get.

Sonic and Amy looked at their sleeping children with a smile.

"This is beautiful Sonikku." Amy said.

"It is..." Sonic said. "Just like you." He snuggled Amy gently, holding Emily.

Amy smiled and purred as Sonic snuggled her. "I love you, my heroic husband." she said.

"I love you to, my blueberry wife." Sonic said. He then kissed Amy lovingly on the lips, deeply and lovingly.

Amy smiled and kissed Sonic back on the lips just as deeply and lovely as he was.

Sonic and Amy then broke the kiss and nodded off in peace, with their sleeping children.