Ah! Would you Love Me even if I was Fat?
By Dr-Black-Jack

Ah! My Goddess (Ah! Megamisama) and characters © by Kosuke Fujishima
This particular story © by me XD


Chapter 1

The first rays of the sun broke over the horizon. A new day was dawning over the Japanese town of Nekomi. The ground was white with newly fallen snow and the sense of the holiday season was in the air.

In a certain Tariki Hongan Temple, the members of the Morisato residence stirred from their slumber. Sunlight streamed in through the wooden shutter slats into the room of the earth bound goddess Belldandy. She rubbed her eyes as she propped herself up from her futon. A smile radiated from her finely formed lips as she greeted the new day.

After neatly folding her beddings, the young goddess gently removed her pajamas and carefully slipped her white long sleeved shirt over her slim frame; her gold bangles jingling. She smoothly pulled a navy blue skirt up her long and slender legs; her skin without a single fault and as white as whipped cream. Her golden brown hair cascaded down her back as she donned her blue and white stripped vest. At 98 pounds, her finely formed, supermodel-like figure truly was a sight to behold. With her morning ritual completed, Belldandy quietly slid open her door and made her way to the kitchen.

The Morisato household kitchen was not overly grand, but it was sufficient for a family of three goddesses and a college student. Even with the most meager of ingredients, Belldandy’s culinary skills were able to craft the finest of dishes. She tied the final strands of her clover green apron around her trim waist and contemplated what everyone would like for breakfast. A soft gentle song could be heard as hummed whilst she cooked.
Very soon, the smell of pancakes, toast and waffles permeated around the room.

As Belldandy finished setting the table, her sister Urd appeared, floated lazily through the front door. She was holding a half empty bottle of sake and clutching by the string what appeared to be a brown paper package. Urd’s long straight white hair swept the ground as she made her way to the kitchen. Her scantily clad black and purple outfit wrinkled and in disarray.

”Good morning neesan,” greeted Belldandy in her small, polite voice.
”Yeah, mornin’ Bell,” replied Urd as she waved about her bottle of sake. “You would not believe the party that I crashed last night; no college kid can out drink me!”
“Breakfast is ready if you would like some,” Belldandy answered, taking no notice of her sister’s last comment.
”Thanks but no thanks, I’m absolutely hammered,” replied Urd in a groggy tone “Oh yeah, this came from father this morning, probably some holiday treats or something”
Urd casually tossed the package onto the table and tore the wrapping off and opened the cardboard box. What was revealed was what appeared to be an amber colored fruitcake, with the texture of stained glass and the strong scent of vanilla.
“Oooo it’s an ambrosia cake,” cooed Urd.
“Pardon me, but what is that?”
Belldandy’s head tilted slightly; a look of curiosity on her face.
“This delicacy is the finest in all of heaven. Its taste is unrivaled by anything in the entire universe.”
“Oh my, it sounds delicious. I must thank father for his generous gift to us,” Belldandy replied. “Would you mind if I had a taste?”
“Go ahead, I’m not in the mood for cake right now,” said Urd, who clutched her head as her hangover started to come into effect.

Belldandy took a fork and cut herself a small piece. She raised the tiny square of cake up to her mouth and took a bite. Her taste buds immediately were overcome as a shiver of ecstasy went up her spine.
“Oiishi! this is really quite delicious.”
“Well of course it is, it’s not the best for nothing,” stated Urd in a superior tone, “It’s a good thing that goddesses don’t gain weight, otherwise we’d be in real trouble during the holiday season. Like all delicious things, that cake is incredibly fattening”
Urd stretched her arms as a yawn escaped her lips. “I think I’m gonna go crash in my room. Save some food for me later Bell”
Belldandy watched her sister slowly float down the hall and heard the “Clack” the wooden screen door slid shut.
“Poor Urd, I really wish that she didn’t drink so much,” sighed Belldandy as she started to lay down the cutlery.

“Skuld! Keiichi-san! Breakfast is ready!”
A young girl with dark black hair, looking no older than twelve, raced out of her room. Dressed in what appeared to be a pink and white modified lab coat, she sported a long hammer on her back; the girl rushed towards the breakfast table.
“Good morning oneesama!” exclaimed the girl enthusiastically as she embraced her sister tightly.
“Good morning Skuld,” Belldandy cheerily replied
Skuld grabbed a slice of buttered toast from the pile on the table and quickly made for the door, the bread hanging out of her mouth.
“Aren’t you staying for breakfast Skuld?”
“Sorry Oneesama, but there’s a very big sale at the electronics store, and I just can’t miss it.”
“Oh, that’s alright. Have a good time then”
Skuld rushed outside onto the snowy temple grounds and sped off on her robotic servant Banpei, which awaited her in the form of a miniature motorcycle.

“What’s all the commotion?” asked a young dark haired man, emerging from his room in a cream colored t-shirt and jeans.
“Ah! Good morning Keiichi-san,”
Belldandy’s smile beaming wider than before. Her eyes closed to further the expression of her happiness.
This man was Keiichi Morisato, a 21 year old student at Nekomi Tech University and the object of Belldandy’s deepest affections.
Keiichi took a seat and observed the spread of food that his goddess of a girlfriend had carefully laid out.
“Hey now, are we celebrating something?” he asked.
“Nothing in particular, just another beautiful day,”
“Itadakimasu!” cried Keiichi as he clapped his hands together. He grabbed a couple of pancakes off the large stack and started to eat.
“Bellchan, your cooking is always so delicious!” Keiichi exclaimed. “Everything tastes so perfect!”
Belldandy giggled. She loved it when he praised her for her work.
“Thank you for your kind words Keiichisan, I thought I’d try to make something different today and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.”
“Come sit and have some with me,” coaxed Keiichi, motioning her to try some of her own cooking. “You worked so hard to prepare this; you of all people deserve to have some”
“Well, if you don’t mind.”
Belldandy sat beside Keiichi and cut a small slice out of a pancake, dripping with maple syrup and butter.
“Ah! This does taste quite yummy,” Belldandy puts her hand up to her cheek as she slowly savors the flavor of her cooking.
Keiichi smiled back at her. He loved to see the one he cared for most so happy.
“You know Bellchan, I know that goddesses don’t have to eat, but if tasting food makes you this happy, I wish that you would try it more often.

No sooner had they past his lips, Keiichi’s words of encouragement had begun to trigger a change in Belldandy’s mind. A thin, almost unnoticeable, blue light shot out of the blue diamond insignia on her forehead and soared to the heavens above.
“I just might do that,” responded Belldandy in her usual joyful voice.
She reached over and pulled another stack of three pancakes onto her plate and began to eat.

The old grandfather clock in the hallway began to chime. The bell had rung eight times, its sound reverberating around the house.
“Oh no, I’m gonna be late!” yelped a frantic Keiichi, suddenly scrambling from the table to reach the front door.
“It’s ok Keiichi-san, there’s no class today, it’s a Saturday,”
“No that’s not it, my sempai’s want me to help out today at the track meet.”
“Oh alright then, would you like me to accompany you?”
Belldandy rose from her kneeling position, her hands clasped together by the front of her.
“Nah that’s alright Bell, it’s only a short discussion about what competitions we should enter for funding, no need to trouble yourself. I should be back soon.”
Keiichi grabbed his helmet and burst out the door, making a mad dash for his motorcycle with sidecar in the garage.
“I’ll be home later, seeya Bell!”
“See you later!”
She waved and smiled as she watched her beloved speed off down the icy road.

Belldandy walked back towards the empty household. A slight twinge of disappointment was visible on her face. So much of the breakfast she had lovingly made remained uneaten on the dining table.
“Oh dear, if I had known that things were going to be so busy today, I would not have cooked so much.”
She sighed as she began to clear the table and store the food in plastic containers. Sausages, miso soup, fried tofu, waffles, buttered toast and pancakes quickly filled the available containers. With most of the food packed away, Belldandy found herself unable to fit the last rasher of bacon into the remaining container.
“Well, it would be a waste just to throw it out; maybe I should just eat this,” Belldandy thought to herself.
Whilst munching on the strip, her mind was overcome with the deep and succulent flavor of the meat. She began to develop a strong desire for mortal foods as a wave of hunger swept over her.
“I’m sure no one will mind if I have a little bit more”
Belldandy’s nimble fingers popped open the plastic container as she began to indulge herself on the numerous dishes that she had prepared only hours before.
Before long, she had completely emptied every single container. Empty plastic casings littered the table as the young goddess lay back and reveled in the feeling of fullness.
“Mmmm, that was delightful,” Belldandy sighed. Her weight had risen to 128 pounds, an unnoticeable amount gained to the untrained eye. The only sign of change was the slight bulge across the midsection of her dress, obscured mainly by her vest and apron.
“What is this feeling? It feels so….good!”
As her hunger faded, Belldandy’s attention was drawn towards the now empty fridge.
“Ah! I’ve over done it!”
She began to fret at her own act of selfishness.
“It will be most troublesome of Keiichi-san comes home and finds that there’s no food. I’d better fix this whilst I still can”
Belldandy removed her apron and slipped on her shoes. She strode to the large rectangular mirror in the hallway. Putting both hands on the glass, she chanted a short spell and smoothly dissolved into the mirror.

Ah! Would you still Love Me if I was Fat?
By Dr Black Jack

Chapter 2

The lines through out the local supermarket were long. Shoppers bustled around, trying to gather ingredients for their holiday feasts. Through all the chaos, Belldandy calmly pushed her shopping trolley.
“Wow, there certainly is a wide selection to choose from,” the goddess thought to herself. “I really should make something nice for tonight; to make up for my selfishness earlier this morning”
Slowly but surely, she filled her cart to the brim with various items as she weaved up and down the isles.
“Thank you for your business!” the shop keeper yells as Belldandy pushes her cart laden with food out of the store.
“It was really nice of Miss Chihiro to give me a bonus on my pay last week.”

It was a fair walk from the shops to their house, but one that Belldandy and Keiichi had taken numerous times before. As she approached the mountainous slope a couple of blocks before home, Belldandy felt her strength drain.
“Ooof, this is quite heavy. Keiichi-san said that I shouldn’t use magic in front of people, but however shall I get this home?”
She stopped to ponder her predicament for a moment, when suddenly, she was struck by inspiration.
“Oh I know, I’ll just eat some of the food to lighten the load. Just having some of my share wouldn’t hurt.”
Belldandy smiled happily as she lifted a box of cookies out of the cart and began to munch on them.

Sometime later, and half a cart lighter, Belldandy had finally reached the temple steps.
As the last half of a chocolate bar went past her luscious pink lips, she had finally taken notice of how much food remained.
“Is this all I bought? It seemed like there was so much more back at the store.”
The dainty goddess gently carried the plastic bags into the house, being very careful not to let anything fall. Her hips swayed slightly as the fabric of her dress hugged tightly to her expanded rear. Being of relatively petite stature, her weight was distributed in proportion to her body size. With her weight now at 165 pounds, her gain began to be obvious.

Belldandy carefully balanced herself on a small stool as she attempted to stack the higher shelves of the kitchen. With a small hop, she finally pushed the last carton onto the top shelf. A loud *RRRRRRIIIIIIPPP* resounded through out the kitchen as her final effort had strained her skirt beyond its limits. Belldandy put her right hand to her cheek, her other hand trying to shield her exposed thighs.
“Ah! My poor outfit, it must have shrunk in the wash.”
She went back to her bedroom and attempted to change into her clothes. Surprisingly, she found that none could fit her.
“I guess I’ll have to make myself some new clothes,” she thought as she weaved a spell. A blinding white light emanated from her body as wisps of fabric began to appear on her body. After a few seconds, the white light faded and Belldandy was left standing wearing a single white shirt with a crimson red skirt, supported by twin straps.
“I really should take better care of my things in future,” she sighed. “I do hope that it was only my laundry that shrank and not anyone else’s.”

Belldandy returned to the kitchen to continue her daily clean up, when the hallway clock began to chime.
“Oh, it’s already 1pm and Keiichi isn’t back yet. I hope that nothing bad has happened to him.”
Belldandy often thought about what her dearly loved Keiichi was doing whenever they were separated and occasionally worried about his wellbeing. It was one of her many traits which Keiichi found most endearing.
“I know! I’ll go down to the university and surprise him with a visit,” the plush goddess thought to herself. “I’ll make us a nice bento lunch to eat, that ought to make him happy.”
She smiled as she began to cook with her new ingredients.

After a short while, her four stack black lunch box was complete, filled with various forms of sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes.
“It’s finished. There’s enough here for everyone, just in case,”
The joy in her voice as she spoke was the equivalent of a child in a toyshop. She put a lot of love and effort into crafting her dishes, especially they were for Keiichi.
Belldandy wrapped the box and proceeded to make her way to the hallway mirror.
In an instant, the first golden brown strands of her hair became visible, her face soon followed. Once she had made sure that no one was watching, Belldandy gracefully floated through and found herself standing in the female bathroom of Nekomi Tech University.

Elsewhere, on the other side of the campus grounds, Keiichi sat himself down on a bench outside the university labs.
“Oh man, what a morning this has been,” Keiichi wearily remarked to himself. “My lousy sempais canceled the track runs for today and stuck me with cleaning duty, no wonder no one else showed up.”
He sighed and tried to think more positive thoughts.
“I sure wish that Bellchan was here, at least that way I’d have someone to talk to,” thought Keiichi as he sipped a hot coffee from the vending machine.
He looked up from his beverage and glanced over his shoulder.
Belldandy ran towards him, smiling and waving, a sparkly aura surrounded her very being as she drew nearer.
“Keiichi-san, I’ve brought you some lunch”
Her cheery demeanor cut through his stressful mood like a knife through butter. It was as if her very presence had automatically made him feel much better about the morning’s events.
“Oh you poor dear, you must be freezing out here. Let me warm you up.”
Belldandy wrapped her arms around Keiichi, pulling him into her tight embrace. His heart was going ballistic. It was rare that Belldandy would ever act so forward, and at such times, Keiichi would find himself paralyzed with both joy and surprise at the same time.
“It’s n-n-n-nice to see you too Bell,” he spluttered as he wrapped his arms around her waist to return her embrace.
“Huh? That’s funny, Bellchan seems…well…softer…..” Keiichi thought to himself.
“Would you like to have some lunch with me?” Belldandy asked, extending the box forward whilst holding it by the knot at the top.
“Yeah, sure thing,” Keiichi replied in a rather nervous tone.

Soon, the large spread was laid out on the wooden campus park table. Sitting on opposite ends of the faded wooden benches, they each clapped their hands and began to eat.
Keiichi poured himself some tea from the thermos Belldandy had brought. He sat in silence, and quietly ate a single riceball, contemplating to himself how her very presence had turned the whole day around. Whatever the reason for her sudden visit, he was content just to have her company.
Meanwhile, Belldandy’s chopsticks moved with lightning speed and accuracy. Back and forth amongst the numerous dishes she had prepared, she quickly piled on her plate. No sooner had she finish one plateful than she repeated the process.
“Whoa, Bell’s really got an appetite today.”
The empty boxes piled high, as one by one she cleared them. With the neatness only achievable by a goddess, she did not spill a single morsel of food. Her face was clean as it was before she started. A hint of a double chin appeared as her frame began to expand once more. She was literally growing right in front of Keiichi’s eyes.
Dumbstruck, Keiichi could do nothing but stare, his remaining uneaten rice ball still in his hand.
“Hmm? Oh, yes Bellchan?”
“Are you going to eat that?” Belldandy asked as she pointed to the remaining rice ball.
“This? No, you can have it.”
Keiichi gladly handed over the riceball.
“Heehee, Arigatou!” Belldandy replied in her calm, sweet as sugar voice.
Keiichi looked at his watch and noticed the time.
“Oh CRAP! I was supposed to clean that shed an hour ago, Tamiya and Ootaki are going to kill me!”
He quickly gathered up his things and prepared to make a run for the club house when Belldandy’s hand shot out and grabbed his backpack.
“Please Keiichi-san, would you allow me to help you?”
He turned and watched her rise from her seat. The fabric of her red skirt strained to keep her bulging belly in place. Two deep rolls and love handles had formed the sides, one roll peaking over the edges of her skirt. Belldandy’s belly drooped slightly over her waistline. Her once slim arms now stressed the sleeves of her long white shirt. At around 210 pounds, Belldandy’s breasts pulled at her shirt, pushing the red straps of her skirt to either side. Now big enough to rival those of her sister’s, their presence was made more prominent as the straps forced her expanded assets closer together, allowing them to swell out their once average proportions.

This was all too much for Keiichi to bear. His face went beet red and he felt the first few drops of blood, well up in his nose.
“Uh,nothat’sokthanksforthelunchseeyoulaterBellchan!” He quickly garbled out, as he ran off, clutching his nose. There was no way that he would want her to see him acting in such a manner.
Belldandy put her right hand to her mouth and tried to suppress a small giggle.
“Keiichi-san sure is passionate about his club”
She smiled as she began to pack up the remaining boxes.
The portly goddess walked back to the female bathroom of the university, her wide hips swaying back and forth, her inner thighs barely touching as she walked.

As Belldandy lifted her chubby fingers to the glass, about to summon a portal back home, another woman entered the room.
Her long dark straight dark brown hair, her expensive designer clothes and her stunning good looks; it was non other than Sayoko Mishima, the self proclaimed “queen of the campus.”
“Ugh, I hate the holiday season,” she grumbled. “You just can’t walk through snow in high heels.”
She looked up from her expensive footwear and noticed Belldandy standing by the mirror.
“Belldandy! Is that you?”
Belldandy pulled her hand back from the glass, turned to Sayoko and politely bowed. “Oh Sayoko, good afternoon to you.”
Sayoko just stared at her with a look of shock on her face. Here was the only girl whom she had ever considered a rival, now weighing in at 210 pounds. It was just too perfect, a chance to humiliate her and regain the title of campus queen!
“Guess she’s not so perfect after all, heh, heh, heh,” Sayoko thought to herself. A cruel smile spread across her face.
“Been hitting the buffet often this holidays eh Bell?”
“Um, not exactly, Keiichi and I have not been to any buffets that I can recall.”
“Well it’s no wonder why not; you’ve probably already eaten him out of house and home. Look how fat you’ve become! No wonder he’s always so poor, all the money he earns must go to feeding you.”
A puzzled look flashed across Belldandy’s face.
“But that’s impossible, goddesses can’t gain weight Sayoko.”
Sayoko sneered. To her, Belldandy’s poor excuses were nothing more than the acknowledgment of fleshy development. It was time for her to hit her where she was most sensitive.

“Still going on about that goddess thing eh? Well in any case, goddess or not, your flabby unattractive figure must be a real turnoff for Keiichi. He’ll probably dump you for a thinner girl soon; it’s only a matter of time.
Belldandy’s face displayed what could only be defined as pure terror. The very notion of Keiichi abandoning her was a fear that she could not withstand.
“No it’s not true. Keiichisan isn’t like that!”
Sayoko just lifted her hand to her mouth and laughed.
“Oh ho ho ho! Face it honey fat is ugly, and you my dear, are fat!”
Sayoko twirled her slender, athletic figure and expensive clothes.
“Who knows, I just might have to take him from you.”
Laughing heartily as she exited the bathroom door, Sayoko basked in the glory of defeating her adversary.
Belldandy simply stood in one spot. Her greatest insecurity had suffered immensely from Sayoko’s verbal assault.
“No way….Keiichi-san is no longer attracted to me?.....Did he run off because I repulsed him so?”
A single tear rolled down her plump cheeks as she stood over the bathroom sink. “It’s not true, I refuse to believe it! Keiichi-san loves me….doesn’t he?”
She looks into the mirror and pokes her flabby stomach. “AH! Sayoko was telling the truth! I have put on weight.”

The tubby goddess desperately tried to calm herself. “Ok, I’ve got to figure out a way to return to my former self….Oh I know! Maybe neesan can help me!”
She quickly touched the mirror and sunk through. The first strand of her hair appeared out of the corridor mirror, followed by her rounded face. She squeezed her enlarged breasts past either side of the mirror’s wooden frame. That was about as far as she had made it before her stomach girdled her progress.
“Oof! I’m so big, I can’t even get home…I need to try somewhere else.”

After managing to squeeze back through to the university, Belldandy finally managed to return home via the large, full sized vanity mirror in Urd’s room.
“Uh, excuse me neesan, I hope I didn’t wake you.”
The room was silent.
“Oh, Urd’s not here.”
Belldandy noticed a small note lying on Urd’s laboratory table.
Dear Bell, Skuld got into a fight at the electronics store and ordered Banpei to destroy the place. Have gone to smooth things over – Urd.
P.S. Tape Winter Sonata for me if I’m not back home by 6.
Belldandy sighed as she put the note down.
“I do hope that they’re alright, I should go and help but….” She prodded her large stomach. “There’s a problem that I must take care of….now…”
She searched around the shelves and inspected every potion and ingredient.
“Forgive me sister dearest, I do not mean to take your ingredients without permission, but I just can’t lose Keiichi-san….I just can’t….”
Whilst not the potion prodigy that her sister was, Belldandy did receive excellent grades when she was in training. She knew how to mix the most basic of potions and hoped that she could concoct something to help her in her time of need.
“Um, lets see here, mandragora root…..wolfsbane….and…I think that’ about does it.”
She set the bottle down and smiled to herself.
“Neesan’s “Chutzpa Hammer” recipe should give me the energy I need to burn off this weight as I do chores,” she thought to herself as she gulped down the elixir.
Belldandy exited her sister’s room and went into the hallway. She was determined to restore her former figure, no matter what.

Chapter 3

The cloudy skies over Nekomi city had parted as the sun shone through. Blue skies as far as the eye could see. The improvement in weather had also improved Belldandy’s mood. She sang a sweet serenade as she stretched a futon along the clothesline. Her bulging frame cast a large silhouette onto the sheets.
“Whew, I never knew that it would be so tiring to do chores at this size,”
Belldandy mopped her brow as she stepped back into the cool confines of the house.

“Wow, I can feel myself slimming back down already. Just a little more and I’ll be back to the way I was before.”
With a wet cloth in hand, she began to wipe the dust off the furniture. She made her way around the house, making sure to polish and clean every square inch to perfection. As she neared the kitchen, she noticed the amber ambrosia cake, still lying in its box.
“Oh, I had forgotten all about this, I should pack it away for Skuld and Urd later.”
The plump goddess pulled out a container to store it in, when her stomach gave off a loud rumble.
“Oh dear, pardon me…” she apologized to no one in particular. She blushed as she spoke.
She eyed the cake, its soft fluffy texture and oh so inviting aroma. Her mouth began to salivate as she thought about the taste that would be hers if she were to only have a bite.
The temptation was too much for her, the very notion of eating intoxicated her senses.

Her giving in was not due to a result of lack of willpower, but rather a result of the elixir which Belldandy had concocted earlier. Whilst it did magnify the rate at which she used energy, thereby assisting in her weight loss, it also magnified her basic desires, including the desire to eat.

“Well, maybe I’ll just have a little more….I wouldn’t want it to go bad,” Belldandy rationalized to herself.
With that thought, she took out a knife and cut herself an average sized portion of cake and began to eat, neat and ladylike as always.

Her figure gradually inflated as her weight slowly but surely piled on. Her thighs thickened, pressing up hard against one another. Her white shirt became unable to mask her expanding belly as a roll of flesh began to peek out the front. The buttons of her shirt strain with all of their might as her ballooning breasts became increasingly larger. Her once humble B cups were now pushing D status. The red straps of her skirt, slid further down her shoulders, pushed forcibly aside by her expanding assets.

Bell continued to eat, lost in the sensual flavor of the cake, completely oblivious to the condition of her clothes.
“Mmm, more….so delicious….ah!..”
Wave after wave of pure pleasure bombarded her psyche. She was as a ship, lost in a sea of ecstasy.

With the first slice devoured, her weight had gradually risen to 235 pounds. She did not notice. All her body demanded was food. Between the magnified effects of the food and her insatiable hunger, she was powerless. She cut herself slice after slice after slice, somehow managing to maintain her manners through out the entire gorging of the cake.

As her weight neared 300 pounds, the straps of her dress could take no more. They broke with a soft snap and flew backwards. Her skirt, which would have fallen without the support of the straps, maintained its position; caught by the width of her thighs. The sleeves of her shirt ripped slightly in several places as her milky white flesh poured through. Her tree-trunk thick calves were plainly visible from underneath her skirt, which was slowly unzipping down the back to accommodate her growing rear. Faster and faster the goddess gorged, until only a tiny forkful of cake was left. Belldandy lifted the last piece to her rounded face, her double chin clearly visible, and took the last bite.

As if it were a signal to the rest of her body, the final forkful set off a chain reaction. Her white shirt could no longer hold back the wave of fat, as the buttons, one by one, flew off from the bottom up. The zipper on her skirt slid all the way down; her bulging thigh flesh assisted in speeding up the process. As the skirt fell from her stuffed form, Belldandy’s creamy white belly was set free. It wobbled as it settled just over her privates, bearing a large four way crease, reaching right up to her deepened naval. Her cotton underpants cut deep into the folds and rolled into her fat, giving the resemblance of a G-string. The now obese young goddess’ engorged breast flesh, practically oozed over the top of her 3 sizes too small bra. They still somehow managed to remain firm and perky as they came to rest on the first of the three rolls around her midsection. Her cleavage line was clearly visible between the gaps of the remaining buttons.

Belldandy’s eyes fluttered open, as the hypnotic effect of both the elixir and the cake faded from her mind. The glazed look left her eyes as she awoke from her gluttonous stupor.
“Ah...Ah…Ah…ha….what is going on here! Why did the medicine not work?!”
Belldandy propped herself up from the table with chubby hand and rose to her feet. Her new flesh jiggled as she stood. She lifted her pudgy hand to her face and felt her chins. With her free hand, she pinched her rolls, exploring her new curves. She felt her rear, which was large and firm. Her belly protruded forward from her frame by at least 15 cms. She continued to absent mindedly play with her flesh, squeezing and poking here and there. Belldandy kneaded her belly; her skin still soft and supple, without a hint of stretch marks or cellulite. The new sensations which she felt from her newly acquired flesh felt good. This was a feel which she had never felt before; she enjoyed it.

Her positive vibe was soon shattered as she recalled the spiteful words which Sayoko had called her.
The entire conversation of the earlier afternoon replayed itself over and over again in her mind. She could feel Keiichi drifting farther and farther away from her, repulsed by her flabby form. Her imagination ran wild as she envisioned Sayoko’s words coming true. Tears began to flow freely, rolling down the side of her puffy cheeks.
“Sayoko was right; no one could love one as hideous as me. Keiichisan’s going to dump me for sure after he sees how I look.”
Her insecurities began to get the better of her and for the first time in her life, she felt truly defeated.
“Maybe I should just go back to heaven and spare Keiichi the shock of my new form….”

A sudden rumbling of a motorcycle pulled into the driveway. The shadow of a young man cast itself on the door.
Belldandy’s eyes grew wide with panic. She did not know what to do. She ran from the table as fast as her thick legs could carry her. Tears streamed down her face and flew either side of her as she ran to her bedroom.

“Tadaima! Belldandy, I’m home!” Keiichi announced.
His greeting was met only with silence.
“Belldandy? Where are you Bellchan?”
Still silence.
“I can’t let him see me, not like this!” Belldandy thought to herself. She curled herself in the corner of her room, holding her knees as close chest as possible. She buried her face into her soft cleavage, sobbing softly. Her greatest fear, the fear of losing Keiichi, now had the possibility of becoming a reality. She did not want that. She did not want to lose the one she loved so dearly.

“Belldandy are you in here?” Keiichi asked as he knocked on the screen door of her room.
“It’s now or never,” Belldandy though to herself. Wishing with all of her heart, she composed herself. Wiping the tears form her brilliant blue eyes, she stood up and slid open the screen door.
“BELLCHAN! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!” Keiichi exclaimed. He stood, mouth agape, staring in awe at her corpulent frame. At 310 pounds, his once slender girlfriend stood before him, her eyes watered as she desperately tried to avoid his gaze.

“I’m sorry Keiichisan…..I was….hungry….”
Belldandy’s voice was small and shaky, summoning all her courage to try and explain the situation to her beloved.
“Belldandy….,” was all that Keiichi could respond with.
She took a step forward, pressing herself close to his shoulder.
“Keiichisan, could I ask you a something please?”
Keiichi could see that she was hurting.
“Uh..yeah...sure Bellchan, go ahead,”
He tried to maintain a calm demeanor, but was once again rattled by the feeling of her massive breasts and belly pushing up firmly against him.
“Do you find me attractive? Could you love me, now that I’ve become so fat?”
She continued to stare past his shoulder, tears dripping onto his cream colored T-shirt, forming a small wet patch.

Keiichi reached forward and put either hand on her shoulders. This was the girl that he loved with all of his heart, all of his soul, all of his being. Keiichi could not stand to see her in such torment. He looked her straight in the eyes and smiled.
“Of course I love you Bellchan. I think that you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever known.”
Belldandy gazed back, her mouth wide open.
“But Sayoko told me that men on Earth prefer girls who are thin and that fat girls were ugly. I was afraid that you wouldn’t want me to be your girlfriend anymore now that I’ve changed so much…”

Keiichi simply closed his eyes and shock his head from side to side. He pulled her into a tight embrace and planted a soft kiss on her full and luscious pink lips. Belldandy’s eyes grew wide. A small noise escaped her lips from the initial shock of Keiichi’s act of boldness. After a few seconds, she relaxed and closed her eyes, taking in the precious moment.

Keiichi pulled away from the embrace and looked her in her sparkling blue eyes.
“Belldandy, I wished for you to be by my side forever, and I do mean that. I love you for who you are, and no matter what you look like, I always will.”
“Oh Keiichisan…….,” Belldandy blushed deeply. A smile beamed from her face. Keiichi’s words of reassurance had lifted a large burden off of her. She felt worlds happier as she pulled him into another tight embrace.
“Keiichisan..I love you…..”
Keiichi smiled as he sunk deeper into her flesh. He loved seeing his goddess happy, and would do anything to keep her that way.

“Oh, but Keiichi, What am I going to do about my weight?” Belldandy asked as she prodded her pale white belly.
“It’s up to you Bellchan; so long as you’re happy.”
Belldandy thought to herself for a moment.
“I think….I’d like to try being fat for a while….this is such a new sensation for me, and the food here tastes so very delicious.”
Keiichi laughed as he took her hands.
“Well you’re in luck then. I just came back from the post office with a crate full of food from my parents in Hokaido. Why don’t you let me try cooking you something my mom showed me back when I was younger?”
Belldandy, unable to fully express her overwhelming joy, just smiled back.


The crowed roared as Belldandy stepped forward, her tight and bulging swimsuit revealed her expansive white stomach. At close to 400 pounds, she carried her weight well. Her skin was still baby smooth and without any imperfections. She smiled and waved to the crowd, the marble platform of her trophy digging deep into her stomach. The other contestants whispered amongst themselves about how beautiful she looked and wished that they could have a body like hers. All except for Sayoko, who was once again in 5th place.

The End