"Revenge and Fattening"
(a Lost Universe story)
by Double L


"What happened?" asked Kain Blueriver, sticking his red-haired head into the kitchen of his ship, Swordbreaker. He immediately figured it out when he saw the walls and floor were covered with blobs of exploded food. "Millie was cooking again..." thought Kain, sweatdropping as he watched his two crewmates, Millie and Canal, arguing as usual.

"I can't stand it! Every time you step into this kitchen, you practically destroy it!!!" shouted Canal, the green-haired girl furious. Her pink and white dress was covered in globs of food; she must have been trying to stop Millie.

"Hey! At least I can cook! I'm the best chef in the universe!" shouted the blonde Millie, her hands on her hips. Her red coat, white shirt, and pink pants were also covered in globs of food. "Sure, it may mean a day of cleaning each time, but its a small price to pay for good food! At least Kain doesn't choke when he tries my cooking!"

"Hey! Leave me out of this!" shouted Kain, waving his hands. He knew this was going to get ugly, and he left, fearing for both his life and keeping his cape clean. With that, he ran out. "As Grandma always said, never get between two agruing women!"

"And what does it matter to you that I cook?!!! You can't even eat, you hologram!!!" shouted Millie. Canal was in fact an AI-based hologram of a young girl created by Swordbreaker. But she was a sophiscated one in the fact she could interact and pick up stuff as if she was flesh and blood.

"Well, its a good thing I can't, because it means I'm not going to get FAT like you are!" shouted Canal.

Millie then shouted, "WHAT?!!!" She looked down and noticed she was getting bit of a potbelly. Her butt was also a little more padded-looking, and her legs were getting a little jiggly. Millie could not come up with a comeback, so she was subjected to Canal's taunting laughter. "You..." went Millie, as Canal left, just before she kicked the wall. Suddenly, the spot where her foot struck opened up a panel causing some papers to come out. "Huh?" went Millie, picking up the papers. They were signed by an Alice Blueriver. "Kain's grandma wrote these..." went Millie, as she read the papers. Alice Blueriver was the previous owner of Swordbreaker and the Psy-Blade, and left both to her grandson, Kain, upon her death. "Hmm...these appear to be Canal's appearance matrix controls..." said Millie, before she got an idea and an evil smirk came across her face.
That night...

Millie tiptoed through the dark halls of Swordbreaker, as she passed Kain's room. Kain was snoozing in his bed, his blanket pulled messily over himself. His cape was hanging with his many others in his closet. Millie continued off, figuring she'd suceed being, in her opinion, having the best stealth in the universe. She soon came across Canal's room, and found the hologram girl sleeping in her recharging chamber. "Heh, heh, heh..." thought Millie, as she walked to the computer that was Canal's apperance control matrix. With that, she looked at the papers and began working her revenge.
The next day...

"Hey Canal! I want to talk to you about this lastest weapons purchase you made!" shouted Kain as he went to Millie's recharging chamber. He had been looking over the lastest purchases and found Canal had bought a lot of expensive weapons for Swordbreaker. He peeked into Canal's room and went, "WHOA!!!"

"Kain! Don't yell so much! Even I need a proper wake-up," said Canal, coming out of her recharging chamber. "Why are you looking at me like that?" she blinked, before Kain pointed to a nearby mirror.  Canal looked and shrieked at what she saw. "I'm FAT?!!!" she went, seeing the image of an obese green-haired girl looking back her. Canal looked at herself: her belly was a giantic round globe, her butt was a jiggling mass that matched her belly's boundaries, her face looked like she had been stung by bees, and her breasts were a cup or two sizes bigger than before.

"HA! HA! HA!"

Canal turned to see Millie, doubled back in laughter so much, she was rolling on the ground.

"YOU DID THIS!!!" shouted Canal, stomping her foot so hard, Kain was shooken up a bit.

"Now's who's the fat one?!!!" laughed Millie.

"You in a few seconds once I fix myself back to normal," said Canal, tapping her fat figures on the control matrix...only to find her regular appearance was not accepted. "WHAT?!!!"

"Man, your grandma really made things simple in this paper she wrote, Kain," said Millie to Kain, holding up the paper. "It even showed how to lock Canal's previous form!"

"YOU DID WHAT?!!!" shouted Canal; she remebered how Kain's grandmother would threaten her with changing her appearance in case she went disobedient. But she was sure she hid them very well so Kain would never get the idea. "I'll get you for this!"

"Oh, yeah right! It's not like you program me to be fat!" laughed Millie, as she left.

"Hmm...maybe I can..." went Canal, waddling off.

"This will not end well..." gulped Kain, deciding it'd be best to stay out of this.
That night...

Millie was snoozing in her bed, so she didn't see Canal sneaking in with some headphones. Canal quietly slipped them over her ears and pushed a button, before sneaking out, giving out a quiet chuckle.

"You will eat all you can..." went Canal's voice on the headphone.

"I will eat all I can..." repeated Millie in her sleep.

"You will not be a picky eater. You'll eat anything regardless of the calories,"  

"I will not be a picky eater. I'll eat anything regardless of the calories," repeated Millie.

"For you, there's no limit. Being fat is your goal. The fatter you get, the more happy you become. Your goal is to become the fattest in the universe,"

"For me, there's no limit. Being fat is my goal. The fatter I get, the more happy I become. My goal is to become the fattest in the universe..." repeated Millie.
Several weeks later...

"I'm back!" went Kain, appearing. He had been gone for a while on a long troubleshooting job, but the money he made on it was more than worth it.  "I hope Canal's still not upset what Millie did..." thought Kain, before he heard a scarfing noise from the kitchen. "Huh?" he said, before coming in, his eyes widening.

"Hey Kain!" went Millie, before she let out a belch. She must have gained over 300 lbs since he last saw her! She was definitely fatter than Canal now. Millie's belly had expanded in size and roundness so much, it now made her white shirt looked like a top. Her huge butt was now over two chairs, with a huge sewing patch in the middle of her pink pants. Obviously they had split and were fixed multiple times. Millie's once small chest now were like two giant mounds of jello that rested on her big belly.

"Oh hello Kain," smiled Canal, holding up a box of pizzas she had ordered for Milly.

"What happened?!!!" shouted Kain.

"Oh, Millie has a new dream," smiled Canal.

"To be the fattest in the universe!" shouted Milly, her voice muffled by the chips she had stuffed in her mouth.

"No body gets this fat this fast!" shouted Kain.

"Oh Kain, Millie's a determined girl! You can't underestimate that," smiled Canal. "Plus it helps when someone sneaks a few of the same stuff they use to fatten cows..." she smirked under her breath. She placed the pizza boxes down, and watched in delight as Millie wolfed them all down.
And so, Millie continued eating each day until she felt so stuffed she'd go to sleep. She no longer was in a proper shape for most troubleshooter jobs, but her crackshot aim remained intact. She was able to give Kain help whenever he needed her gun or when the're in a space battle and need her behind the cannons of Swordbreaker. Millie was quite content as she watched her scale needle slowly crawl to the right. She always wondered why Canal was being so nice when it came to her eating.

As for Canal, she grew acceptant of her new fat state. She eventually grew to like it, since it gave her a weight advantage to bully Kain around. Plus she was not subjected to human pyschics, she felt light as a feather and never had problems with wardrobe. And since Milly was now much fatter than her, she didn't feel bad about being so fat.

Kain eventually figured out what Canal did to Millie, but decided not to say anything. Canal was making sure Millie would never suffer a major health problem with her weight (As a sophiscated AI, Canal figured out a compenent to put in Millie's food). He didn't really mind the change in the girls. Kain always did really like Millie, regardless of what she looked like (Another lesson about girls he was taught by his grandmother). Kain helped out Canal take care of Millie, eventually admitting his feelings for her. He considered himself a pretty lucky guy.

Here he was with the two best girls in the universe!