"Outwitting a Wide Wraith"
a Scooby Doo story
by Double L

"Ok girls, we're only missing one more contestant," smiled Eva Stitchly as the famed fashion designer looked to the beautiful young girls on stage. She was a thin woman with poofy pink hair and a dark purple jacket and skirt. Each of them must have weighed over 300 lbs, but were all beautiful in their choices of outfits.

"Miss Stitchly, is there anything we should know about the contest?" asked a quite fat African-American girl.

"Just the standard rules. I am basing these rules off the old Miss Splendid pageant this town used to have before…" began Stitchly, before a cold chill could be felt.


All the women looked up to see a gigantic white blob of a woman in a ruined torn dress, floating in the air. She had a sash tied around her blubbery body and a tiara on her head.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed Stitchly and the girls as they ran off, the blob ghost woman howling as she chased them.
"Ok, gang, we finally made it," said Fred Jones, as the head of Mystery Inc., the famous team of sleuths stepped out of their van, the Mystery Machine.

"Yumfields, Minnesota," said Velma Dinkly, the brains of the team following. "Home to some of the most freshest and delicious grown crops in the country,"

"Oh boy…like crops means one thing, Scoob old pal!" grinned Norvelle "Shaggy" Rodgers, the lanky young man running out of the back of the van with a large brown Great Dane.

"Reah….ROOOOOOOOD!!!" said the dog, known as Scooby-Doo. He wagged his tail happily and his tongue hung out just like that of his buddy, Shaggy, as the two dreamed of all the delicious food they would be chowing down on soon.

"Seriously, I really never thought we'd go someplace for what we're doing now," said Fred, scratching his head.

"Well, this is Daphne after all. If its fashion, she'll do it," said Velma, as a large figure waddled out of the back of the van.

"Hey! I happen to let you know that fashion is a very important aspect of life," said Daphne Blake, the beauty and quick-thinking member of the gang. However, the once slender beauty had ballooned up into a 400 lb BBW.  "I don't know how you and Scooby ride in the back all the time, Shaggy. All that shaking made me feel like jello…"

"Mmm…jello…" drooled Shaggy and Scooby.

"Well…when you tried sitting in the front, you were kind of squashing Velma between us," said Fred, "And she was the one needed to give me directions,"

"Daphne, I could see you entering a beauty contest…but a big beauty contest?" asked Velma, scratching her head.

Daphne folded her chubby arms across her now much plumper and larger breasts, as she said, "Eva Stitchly is the most incredible fashion designer in the world. Her red petal and black banana leaf swimsuit made one no-name girl into a famous movie star when she wore it at the beach!"

"Uh…who…?" asked Fred, scratching his head.

"Must be someone that only girls would know," said Shaggy.

"I'm a girl, and I don't know who she's talking about!" objected Velma.

Daphne sighed, "But recently Eva Stitchly has decided to only do plus-sized dresses now. And I want one of her designs! But you have to be at least five times as wealthy as my family, know the right people, get the right time, bring the right gifts, at the right place, and when Stitchly is in an actually good mood just to be on her waiting list! I hear there are young girls applying for their Stitchly hand-made sun-dresses to wear when they retire,"

"But of course you gaining over 300 lbs would help you because…?" began Velma.

"Eva Stitchly is holding a big beautiful woman modeling contest…and the winner will get their dream design Stitchly dress made by the genius herself!" smiled Daphne, "With my sense of beauty and charisma, I can win this!" She did a pose, showing off her enormous belly that was like a balloon filled with squishy dough.

"Heh, heh, heh…well, that explains why she's been so keen on learning how to eat like me and Scooby!" laughed Shaggy, remembering how sometime ago Daphne was asking them to show her how they ate.

When Daphne was still thin, Shaggy and Scooby took her to an all-you can eat pizza buffet, with fully automatic pizza making and a conveyor belt that brought you pizza. Daphne was expecting the three of them to eat pizza until they felt stuffed, but Shaggy and Scooby called that "thinking too small". Instead, the trio snuck to the machines when the cooks in charge weren't looking and retooled the machine to create one gigantic almost endless pizza with everything on it. They sat at the end of the belt and continually ate at the sea of pizza. It took some time, but eventually the three of them were stuffed, all that pizza now in their over inflated beach ball like bellies.

Daphne continued eating until she was now chubby. At that time, she went with Shaggy and Scooby to a ice cream social. Daphne thought they were going to help themselves to all the free ice cream, but got curious when Shaggy mentioned to bring a swimsuit. Daphne soon figured out why she saw Scooby and Shaggy taking a whole tank they had filled with the ice cream they got to a nearby water park that had been closed. The boys hooked the ice cream tank into the pump that would have filled the slides with water if it had been filled with water, causing the slides to flow all the ice cream. Daphne and the boys laid at the bottom of the slides, letting the ice cream fall into their mouths like a funnel.

Now very fat after hanging around with Shaggy and Scooby, Daphne was happy to have brought her latest (and very fashionable) stretch pants when she was taken into their latest food scheme. Scooby-Snacks was having their latest promotion in the town they were at with an all-new flavor: beef taco and cheese with BBQ sauce and pineapple. People were being given all free samples, and there was an even a Scooby-Snack eating contest. Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby all entered, and out-ate everyone else, stuffing their own faces with the leftover snacks the losers had abandoned in their rush for the restroom. In the end, the rolly-pollified contestants were declared a three-way tie. They were offered to share a giant trophy, but asked if there were more Scooby-Snacks as part of the prize as they were still hungry.

"Oh boy, oh boy!" smiled Daphne, waddling happily, her enormous body jiggling.

"Well, this may be the weirdest reason for a trip, Scooby, but at least we get food! And best of all, there is no absolutely way there can be something…" began Shaggy as the gang followed, only to bump into a stunned Daphne's bloated backside.

"Canceled?!!!" shrieked Daphne when she saw the sign on the hall where the modeling contest was. "No!"

"I'm sorry, but that's how it is," said an obese Chinese girl, her hands on her wide hips

"Hey, you're Susie Rollyton, the famous plus-sized food model!" smiled Daphne, getting stares. "What? I researched my competition,"

"Food model? As she models with food?" asked Velma, "Like for restaurants?"

"No…I model in clothing made of food," smiled Susie.

"Oh…because that makes much better sense…" sighed Velma.

Shaggy and Scooby just grinned, as Shaggy said, "Now that's fashion I can sink my teeth into!"

"So what exactly is going on? Daphne's been eager and preparing for this for some time now," asked Fred.

"Don't ya'all know?"

A large red headed girl who was more stomach and thighs, but with good measure in her butt and breasts as well, waddled to the group. She was wearing a more country type outfit.

"And you Big as a Cow Carolina! She models for the Real Women of the West magazine," smiled Daphne.

"Yeah…but ah can tell ya that pageant is…" began Carolina.

Putting their hands (and paws) together, Scooby and Shaggy began praying, Shaggy gulping, "Please don't say haunted…please don't say haunted,"


"Oh man! Like did we do something really bad in our past lives, Scoob?" asked Shag.

"Reah…rothing ris rorth ris…" whimpered Scooby, his lip quivering.

"So what kind of ghost is this?" asked Fred, before the big girls stared at him. "We get this all the time…"

A large tanned-skinned girl with brown hair, and wearing sunglasses, her bulk larger than Carolina and Sushie, waddled to the group, her big breasts and belly bouncing against each other as she answered, "By the ghost of Delilah Dandy,"

"Oh, you're Super-Sized Seaside Sarah!" smiled Daphne, recognizing the girl from plus-sized swimsuit magazines she took up reading while gaining. She got stares and turned red as she said, "Uh…sorry…please continue,"

"Well, before Stitchly opened the Voluptuous Vixen Contest, this area was home to a famous beauty pageant called the Miss Splendid Pageant," explained Sarah, "And every year, it was won by its hometown hero, Delilah Dandy. She was a beauty queen…even movie stars and big time models were jealous of her. Then…came the tragic accident," She pointed to an old factory nearby and said, "That's the snack factory, where of all Yumfield's home-made snacks. It was closed until recently because of what had happened. Miss Dandy was to cut the ceremonial ribbon on its opening, but when she tried, the giant scissors slipped out of her hands and onto the other side of the ribbon. She reached over to get them, but she lost her balance and took a tumble into a nearby vat of cream. Miss Dandy sunk in and was never seen again. When teams came to find her, the vat was empty, no cream, no Miss Dandy,"

"Jeepers!" went Daphne, her blubbery body jiggling.

"They say she was forced to eat all that cream herself in order to survive, but there was so much of it. But she continued eating it, the cream's natural fat making her bigger and bigger and bigger," continued Sarah, "The story goes that when she was free, she was so enormously fat that she was heartbroken that she couldn't be Miss Splendid anymore. Miss Dandy went to her mansion and locked it, endlessly eating in sadness until she died shortly after from the sadness of losing the one thing that mattered to her,"

"Now her ghost is haunting the hall, trying to stop this contest. She claims it's a mockery to salute fat women when becoming fat herself ruined her," explained Susie.

"Well, it looks like we have a mystery on our hands, gang," smiled Fred, "Let's split up and search for clues. Daphne, Velma, and I will search the house of Miss Dandy, which you can find, right, Velma?"

"Yep," said Velma, already on her laptop.

"Scooby, you and Shag will go search the hall for the clues," said Fred.

Shaggy frowned, "Like go where the ghost is now? Like no way!!!"

"Ok. You can search the house," smiled Velma, showing the boys her laptop. It had an image of a very creepy and scary old mansion with dark windows, dead trees, and all sorts of scary features.

Shaggy and Scooby clutched each other as they shook in fear, as Shaggy replied, "On second thought…this may be the first ghost that we can outrun…plus if the women are so big here, there must be tons of food, right?"

"Yeah. Lots of them in the green rooms. We have to keep our girlish figures….big," smiled Carolina, before Shaggy and Scooby disappeared in a puff of dust kicked up by their running.

"Roh roy! ROOOOOOD!!!" smiled Scooby, licking his lips, as they ran inside.
"Hmm…according to this…no one's been at this house since the Dandy family sold it after their daughter's accident," said Velma, looking at her laptop. "There is reports of Delilah vanishing in these old articles, but nothing about her gaining so much weight. Not even a report of her death,"

"Well, we have to find out what's going on," said Daphne, as she and Fred went up the stairs.

"Uh…Daphne…if its ok…could I go in front of you?" asked Fred, nervous.

"Why?" asked Daphne.

Fred gulped nervously, "Well…its just that you're…and well…you've been…"

"WAHHHHHHH!!!" went Daphne, slipping when the rotten wood collapsed under her fat foot. She lost her balance and landed back onto Fred and Velma, her big blubbery body squashing them.

"…Don't worry…as a girl, I can say it. Daphne, you're both fat and danger prone!" shouted Velma, "Why am I on the bottom?"

"Hey!!! You kids get away!!!"

"?" went the three, seeing a really fat, yet attractive woman with blonde hair, dressed in oversized, yet fashionable stretchy jeans and an oversized shirt that tried to keep her curves in. She looked older than the three, maybe in her mid thirties. On her right chubby cheek was a small dot, like a birth mark.

"You want that ghost to eat ya?!!!"

"Umm…we would like to move….but…" began Fred.

"We have 400 lbs of Blake Blubber on us! With two hundred and ten lbs of Jones muscles to add for me!" shouted Velma, before Daphne and Fred got off.

"Hey, awesome! I must have gotten some more muscles! I have been increasing what I bench-press lately," grinned Fred.

"Who are you?" asked Daphne, blinking to the woman.

"The name's Deli Dee. I own the nearby and best delicatessen in this town," said the woman, frowning. "And if you hang around here, that ghost will eat you all faster than Hungry Hank eats my special BBQ salami sub!"
"Ah…models sure have it good," said Shaggy, he and Scooby sitting in one of the changing rooms/green rooms, as they helped themselves to the buffet left behind.  "Hey, remember when we got that offer for that magazine, Scoob?"

"Reah!" grinned Scooby, before tossing a sandwich in the air. He stuck out his tongue and caught the bottom slice, followed by each indivual slice of meat, cheese, and veggie put on, and finally the top slice before sucking it all in one, swallowing the sandwich in one gulp.

"Yeah! Too bad Slim Beefniks and Cool Canines didn't make it," sighed Shaggy, "Man, girls sure love mirrors," He walked by several mirrors, before stopping at one. "Heh, heh, heh…hey, this one must be one of those funhouse ones. It makes me look like a big fat lady ghost…"

"Ruh…Raggy…" shivered Scooby, getting next to Shaggy.

"Uh…Scoob…why do I only have a reflection here?" gulped Shaggy, getting nervous. "Heh, heh, heh…like this isn't a mirror, is it?"


"And so…I have only one thing to say in this situation…" said Shaggy, "Like…ZOOOOOOOOOOINNNNKKKSSSSS!!!"

"RARRRRRRRRRRR!!! I'll gobble you like marshmallows!" roared the blobby ghost of Miss Dandy, as she smashed through the doorway, her enormity making it wider. She floated after the two cowards, chasing them down the pageant hall. Shaggy and Scooby soon saw one door and jumped through it, slamming it shut. "Open this…door!!!" roared Dandy, as she pulled on the knob, before it did open.

Shaggy and Scooby jumped out, now dressed with fake mustaches and fancy white outfits like one would find on the workers of an exclusive spa.

Shaggy grinned, "Like welcome to Ze Great Dane…ze most excluzive spa in zee world…" He and Scooby grabbed Dandy's hands, and pulled her inside, squishing her enormous body through the door. "Zo excluzive….you are ze only member!"

"Huh?" blinked Dandy confused, as Shaggy and Scooby put her onto her big belly upon a table.

"Reah! Row rerax…" grinned Scooby.

"Monsieur Dane is a mazter of relaxation!" explained Shaggy, as he and Scooby put hot rocks on her back, making Dandy sigh in relaxation. "Zee hot rocks will relax you…"

"Reah! Rand rigger ris retter!" shouted Scooby, taking a gigantic hot rock and throwing it onto Dandy's back, pinning her to the table.

"Now let's us give ze beautiful big blubberzy banshee a nice facial," said Shaggy, rubbing a facial mask onto Dandy's fat face, while Scooby wrapped a towel around her head. "And to zop it off…" he continued, before putting two cucumber slices over Dandy's eyes. "Cucumbar slizes!"

"Ahhhhhhhh…." sighed Dandy in relaxation.

"Now Monsieur Dane and I must prepare your mud bath…and considering your bulk, it will take zome time. You just relax here…while we help ourselves to zhese remaining cucumbars!" grinned Shaggy, as he and Scooby took the baskets of cucumbers, throwing them into their mouths one by one, as they dashed off.

"Sooooo….nice…" sighed Dandy, as the huge horrible haunt laid there, relaxing. It took her a few minutes to realize something important. "Wait a second…GRAHHHHHHHHH!!!"

The gluttonous ghost wiggled and shook herself violently as she went to shake the giant heated rock Scooby had put on her to sandwich her to the table. Eventually, she got it off and flew out the room, but there was no sight of the vegan teen or his faithfully to be always hungry dog.

Outside, Scooby and Shaggy peeked their heads out of the trash cans they had ducked into.

"Phew…like that colossal creep is gone…" said Shaggy, before hearing some weird noises. He and Scooby turned their heads to see a blonde man digging through a third trash can.

The man turned his head and said, "Hey! Find your own dirt!"

"Like you can have it. These cans have more than just dirt in them," said Shaggy, getting out.

"Reah…reeeeruckk…." commented Scooby, as he jumped out.

"I'm Lars Loudmouth, and I'm the best at exposing things for what they are," said the man. "I'm finding proof of this porker pageant being sick and wrong,"

"Huh? If plus-sized women want to feel good about themselves, like why do you care, man?" blinked Shaggy.

"Because if I hate it, it's definitely wrong!!!" shouted Lars, before a muscular hand lifted him by the shirt collar.

"You again!!!" shouted a large muscular man with a beard on his chin, wearing a black shirt and jeans. "Didn't Miss Stitchly tell you to stop bothering everyone?!!!"

"You can't silence me, you bouncer!" shouted Lars.

"Like anyone would listen. But I'll be a sport…maybe we can talk over kickball," said the bouncer with a grin.

"Like you don't have a ball, man," said Shaggy.

"Don't need one. He's going to be it," said the bouncer, before he turned Lars in one direction and kicked him hard, sending him flying into the distance.

"I'LL BE BACK!!!!" shouted Lars, flying, landing in a passing garbage truck. "Ouch…"

"I don't doubt that," sighed the bouncer.

Shaggy blinked, "Who are you and like aren't you scared of the ghost?"

"I'm Ben Bouncer and I got a duty to Miss Stitchly. Keeping this pageant hall safe from ridicule and anything else that would bring Miss Stitchy and the girls to harm," said the bouncer, before seeing something. "Hey! I thought I'd told you to stop taking pictures! You can't use this for your paranormal website or whatever nonsense you're doing!" yelled Ben, chasing after a shutterbug.

Shaggy put a hand to his peach-fuzz chin, "Hey Scoob…don't you think those two were suspicious? They didn't show until the ghost disappeared, plus they don't seem scared of her,"


"Come on, we better find the gang. If not for that, then maybe we can find a sandwich shop," said Shaggy, before he and Scooby ran off, following the Great Dane's nose.

Fred, Daphne, and Velma were looking around the Dandy mansion for clues.

"Doesn't look like anyone has lived here for years," said Fred, noting all the dust.

"Huh, this must be Delilah Dandy…before she became the ghost," said Daphne, holding a picture of a beautiful slender blonde woman in a dress, wearing a tiara and a sash.

Velma was holding her laptop, doing some additional research.

"I've been looking into the contestants' backgrounds," said Velma, "After all, we can't rule out the possibility of someone wanting to get rid of the competition,"

"What'd you find, Velma?" asked Fred, looking through a shelf of books.

"Well, Susie Rollyton has been having a hard time making her name out there. Apparently Big as a Cow Carolina and Super-Sized Seaside Sarah…" began Velma.

"Try saying that three times fast," joked Fred.

"As I was saying, it appears they've been overshadowing her in the plus-sized modeling world. But if she could win a competition by the famous Miss Stitchly, she'd really make her mark," explained Velma, "As for Big as a Cow Carolina, her magazine has been asking Miss Stitchly to design for their magazine, but she's refused as she wants to remain an independent designer,"

"Maybe Carolina was sent by her company to ruin Miss Stitchly and give her no choice but to work for them," suggested Daphne.

"And Super-Sized Seaside Sarah…no jokes, Fred…" began Velma.

"Hey, I wasn't going to say anything," protested Fred.

"She's been at the top of BBW fashion world for a long time. Maybe she doesn't want to risk rookies beating her," continued Velma.

As Fred was searching, he suddenly slipped on something and fell towards Daphne.

"Fred? Are you ok?" asked Daphne, managing to catch Fred against her bulk.

"Umm…yeah…" went a nervous Fred, having felt how so soft and squishy Daphne's body had become.

Velma picked up what Fred had tripped on.

"Huh? Looks like a piece of cloth with straps…" said Velma, blinking. "Looks like its been torn,"

"Hey look at this," said Fred, now back on his feet. He was pointing to a framed map on the wall.

"Looks like an old overview of the town. Strange, it seems smaller than I thought. When we were driving, I saw a lot of buildings, a lot of them beauty places and restaurants…man, I could use something to eat now," said Daphne.

"I have a sneaking suspicion about that ghost," said Velma, "We better check with Shaggy and Scooby. Knowing their pattern, they probably ran into the ghost already,"
Later, on the way to the pageant hall…

Fred, Velma, and Daphne were in the Mystery Machine, when they happened to notice Stitchly outside a café, talking to some people.

"Miss Stitchly, are you really sure you should be continuing your contest?" asked a petite black-haired woman, holding a mike to her mouth. Behind her was a man with a camcorder, evident that these were from some news broadcast.

Stitchly sipped her tea, and answered, "Darling, girls with so much love need people like me. I was once one of those shallow designers…only making teeny tiny outfits for sticks of women…but one day, I happened to accidently walk into a plus-sized clothing store. I was appalled by the rags they were forced to wear. They had nothing to wear that looked nice. They have the right to have excellent clothing! I decided that day to only do plus-sized fashion!"

"You know, ever since that ghost has been haunting your contest, you've been getting a lot of media attention. A lot of people now know about plus-sized fashion and stuff like that," said the reporter, suspicious.

"Hmm…" went Velma, overhearing this.

"Mmmm…." smiled Daphne, stuffing her face with some BBQ chips from Shaggy's stash.

"What about you, darling?" asked Stitchly, "I've heard of you, Alicia Onsite. You haven't been getting good stories since your…heh, heh, heh…wardrobe malfunction during that live interview…"

Alicia frowned, "That wasn't my fault! I was under a lot of stress that day…and its very hard for me to diet with the lack of time,"

"I told you not to stuff yourself that day. Even girdles have their stress limits," said the cameraman, before Alicia stomped on his foot. "OWW!!!!"

"Cut that part out!" ordered Alicia, grabbing at the camcorder.

"Very interesting…" added Velma, as Fred continued driving.

"You can't suspect Miss Stitchly! Why would she sabotage her own contest?" asked Daphne.

"With the media attention she's getting, she's expressing her cause for big women to have good clothes," answered Velma.

"What about Alicia Onsite? Seems she hates doing this story," said Daphne, "Maybe she wants to make it more interesting so she can hit the big time again,"

Fred then saw a pair of familiar figures with a stack of sandwiches in each arm, walking down the street.

"There you guys are," said Fred, stopping the van, so Shaggy and Scooby could get it.  

"Wow, thanks guys!" grinned Daphne, grabbing some of the sandwiches to chow down on herself.

"Hey!" went the two in unison.

"Anyway, Velma, there's one hole with Stitchly being the ghost," said Daphne, her cheeks full of sandwiches. "I was told she was there when the ghost attacked,"

"Well, there was this suspicious bouncer," said Shaggy, "He said his name was Ben Bouncer. Said he has a duty to Miss Stitchly,"

Velma nodded, "Right. He could have been the ghost that time,"

"Hey! Where's my chips?!!! I was going to put them on my sandwiches!" shouted Shaggy, looking through his stash.

Daphne smiled, "That sounds actually good!"

"Great…we needed another bottomless stomach…" sighed Velma.

"There was also this annoying guy named Lars Loudmouth hanging around," said Shaggy, deciding to use sour cream and onion chips instead. "He really didn't like the contest,"

"Reah…rhat a rest…" nodded Scooby.

Velma typed on her laptop, "Lars…Loudmouth…" She got a response on her search engine. "Ah ha! Here we go! Lars Loudmouth apparently goes around and complains about stuff he doesn't like all the time,"

"Wow…too much free time…" said Fred, driving.

"Of course no body listens to him. In fact, he's actually been arrested several times for harassment and trespassing violations," read Velma, looking through the sites.

"You don't suppose a certain pesky loser like that wouldn't think that if something he didn't like actually was taken down that people would start listening to him?" suggested Daphne, taking some ice cream from a whole carton and eating. The gang all stood still for a second, before all laughing in unison at the idea.

"I know one thing…" said Shaggy, grabbing some peanut butter and applesauce. "These will really spice up that ice cream, Daph!"

"Thanks Shag!" shouted Daphne, as Shaggy applied the PB+A to the ice cream, followed by them and Scooby gulping down the ice cream. Fred and Velma just rolled their eyes.

"Anyway, we're on our way to our next part of the investigation," said Fred.

"Please tell me it's a taco stand that makes burritos the size of your head," said Shaggy.

"I could go for that!" smiled Daphne.

"Rine rill be the riggest!" shouted Scooby, putting his thumb-like toe in his mouth and blowing, causing his head to inflate to an enormous size.

"Nope! It's the factory where Miss Dandy disappeared," said Fred.

Shaggy sighed, "A man can dream…can he?" Scooby sighed as well, causing his head to deflate back to normal.
"Huh…the road's blocked," said Fred, seeing a road block on the way to the factory.

"Looks like we're going on foot," said Velma, as Mystery Inc. left the Mystery Machine.

They saw they were at a huge farm, making Shaggy shout, "Wow! A farm! And farms mean food!" He and Scooby dashed off, Daphne looking out.

"Let me know if you find anything!" shouted Daphne, before Shaggy and Scooby came running back.

"GANGWAY!!! THAT WHALE OF A WAITH IS AFTER US!!!" shouted Shaggy, he and Scooby ducking behind Daphne's big body.

There was a giant round shadow approaching them, but Velma just rolled her eyes.

"Guys…this is a balloon…yes, the ghost is one, but not in that context," said Velma, pointing to the shadow. It was a big red sphere with a strange machine attached. It had air tanks and several cylinders of various sizes and widths adorned all over.

"What's going on?"

A thin woman with dark auburn hair came in, dressed in blue overalls and a green shirt with rolled up sleeves, came up to the gang, a strange metal glove on her hand.

"Sorry. My friends have active imaginations. It comes from being hungry…I just recently realized what's that like," said Daphne.

The woman smiled, "Its alright. Not too many people have seen BES here,"

"BES?" blinked Fred, looking at the balloon.

"The Balloon Enrichment Sprayer. I invented it myself," said the woman, "My name is Veronica Fielder. I'm the owner of the farmlands around here,"

"Fielder Farm…well, does sound nicer than Fielder Fields," said Daphne.

Shaggy then asked, "So if this is a farm, you have to have something around…like soy eggs…soy milk…maybe some soy bacon?"

"Well, my house over there has a full pantry. You're free to help your…" began Veronica.


"And they're off! Shaggy is in the lead, but Scooby-Doo is close behind! Oh, but what's this? Daphne has waddled her way into the lead!" joked Fred, talking like a horse track announcer.

"I was studying to be an aeronautics engineer at my college, but then when my dad had gotten too sick to tend to the fields, I took over for him. I really like farming, and I can use my studies to make Yumfields great like my dad had," said Veronica.

"What do you mean?" asked Fred.

"Well, when Delilah Dandy was alive and modeling, she made Yumfields famous for her and the beauty contests we had here. After she disappeared, the beauty contests were never the same and Yumfields became to fall apart. My dad though was able to get our food out on dinner tables again and we became a hit once more," explained Veronica.

"Wow, this really is something," said Velma, impressed as she studied BES.

"Yeah. Using balloon-based flight, I save on fuel using a natural method. I even engineered that computer attached to the balloon to make it go where I want," said Veronica, pushing a button on her glove. BES forced out air in one direction, causing it to move. "I use the force of venting air to make BES move. BES is mostly just to spray my fields. And before you get worried, its not pesticides. Its actually a home-made spray I use to mist off the dirt that gathers on the crops,"

"Know anything about the ghost?" asked Fred.

Veronica frowned, "I don't know what that sumo of a specter wants with me. She's been haunting my farm. My only guess is because the factory where she disappeared is nearby. It's been closed since she showed up and scared all the workers away,"

"Scared the workers, huh…?" muttered Velma to herself.

"Hey, why is the road closed anyway?" asked Fred "Road work?"

"Uh…no. Actually, the other day, my herd of cow got out after eating some…experimental feed I was giving them…" said Veronica, "They were on that roadway for a while…they're not done cleaning up,"

"Yuck…" went Fred and Velma in unison.

Veronica's eyes then widened and she went, "Oh no! I just remembered something! I have to make sure the hay that's been fed to the sheep is the homemade kind and not my tinkered one. Otherwise, things will get even more messy," With that, Veronica ran off, BES following on computer command.

"So how are we going to get to the factory now? Wait for cleanup?" asked Velma.

"I know I don't want to clean the Mystery Machine's wheels. Come on, we'll find something," said Fred, before he and Velma went to look around for alternate transportation.

Shaggy, Scooby, and Daphne were out gorging themselves in Veronica's kitchen.

"What a better place than to eat like a pig? A place that has them! Ha, ha!" laughed Shaggy, putting a giant white tofu ham between two slices of bred. In one gulp, the voracious vegan made quick work of it.

"Reah, re, re, re!" giggled Scooby, frying some eggs, bacon, and sausage on a skillet. When they were good and cooked, he struck the pan handle and opened his mouth as they went flying in the air. He caught one each in his mouth and licked his lips with his long tongue.

"Check this out, guys!" smiled Daphne, holding an enormous bowl of salad.

"A salad?" blinked Shaggy, "What gives, Daph?  Like, you giving up being a big beauty? I mean sure, its big, but…"

"Oh no. This is a Daphne Blake original super-sizing salad," smiled Daphne, "First, I line it with essentials of a salad: lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, and all other greens that go in," She took some fruits and cut them up, saying, "Then I add some oranges, apples, mango, and some bananas," Daphne then sprinkled various things on it, "Then I add in some bacon bits, salt, pepper, and some jalapeno powder for a little kick," The fashionable and fat one then took a huge bottle of salad dressing, "Then I cover it with salad dressing like so," Daphne covered the salad like she was putting whip cream on a sundae. "Finally, I top it off with a cherry tomato…and voila…the Daphne Blake sumo salad sundae," chuckled Daphne, as she placed a cherry tomato on the top. She grabbed the bowl and dumped the contents into her maw, swallowing it all gloriously. "I call that a success,"

"Ha, ha, ha! Daph's become a girl after all our own hearts, eh, Scoob?" asked Shaggy.

"Reah! Ri rike rhis Raphne," chuckled Scooby, before they continued their food stupor. Daphne ate whatever she could get her fat hands on, sometimes combing stuff into odd, yet tasty to her, concoctions. She could feel her dress shrinking and her stomach growing with each bite. Her pink leg pantyhose were looking more and more like they were containing stacks of butter as her legs thickened. Daphne's butt blew up like a balloon, raising up her fat-rolled back. Her cheeks got plumper and she could feel her chest tightening as her breasts got larger and rounder, having less room to be in her shirt.


"Man…I am stuffed…" said Shaggy, rubbing his big stomach.

"Re roo…" said Scooby, his stomach large and stuffed as well.

"Man…I really missed out…" sighed Daphne, bloated all the way.

Shaggy sighed as well, and said, "I'm so tired…I can't move. Like nothing can make me move, man…"

"OH NO?!!!"

"Like nothing except her! ZOOOOOOOOOOINNNNNKSSSS!!!" shouted Shaggy, his hair standing up on its ends, as the three saw the ghost of Delilah Dandy floating above them, teeth gritted.

"Three stuffed turkeys…I shall enjoy snacking on you!" shouted Dandy, rubbing her fatty hands together.

"Turkeys? More like chickens!!!" shouted Shaggy, he, Daphne, and Scooby getting up and dashing outside. Their combined bloated bodies got them wedged in the doorway when they all tried to get out at the same time.

"HA! HA! HA!" laughed Dandy, as she approached.

"Ah man…we used to do stuff like this all the time…I guess we didn't take Daphne's bulk into account this time," said Shaggy.

"Sorry guys!"

"Rit rokay…" said Scooby, before seeing some milk cartons and getting an idea. He moved his tail to reach out.

"Like what you are doing, Scoob?!!! Most times are good for milk and cookies, but now!!!" asked Shaggy, getting scared as the ghost was getting closer.

"Rkim rilk…ro…" went Scooby, using his tail to hold each carton. "Row rat…ro…" he continued, taking another.

"Scooby!" shouted Daphne, trying to wiggle her hips free.

"Rah! Rull ream!" shouted Scooby, finding what he was looking for. He stretched his tail over to Daphne's mouth, carrying the carton. "Rick, Raphne, rink!!!

"Straight from the carton, man?" asked Shaggy, as Daphne gulped down the carton's contents. She drunk and drunk, feeling all the full cream flow down to her stomach.

"Hey…I feel funny…" said Daphne, after finishing the milk. Suddenly, her hips and stomach, and butt all simultaneously grew wider, causing the doorway to break open.

"Wow…I guess milk really help you grow! Heh, heh, heh!" shouted Shaggy, he, Scooby, and Daphne ran for a nearby barn.

Daphne giggled, "I just thought it was vertically and not horizontally!" The trio ran into the barn, the boys slamming the doors shut and Daphne pulling down a wooden block to keep it from opening.

"RARRRRRRRR!!!" roared Dandy, outside, pounding on the door.

"Oh man! She's coming!" shouted Shaggy, looking around. "And there's no back door! We're trapped!"

"Hmm…sheets to cover the livestock to keep them warm…" began Daphne as she looked around, "Sheep ready to be sheared…my purse with scissors, sewing needle and thread, and makeup…" Her plan came together when she saw some air tanks full of helium. "And tanks full of helium. Daphne Blake, even larger than life, can always do split-second thinking!"

"RARRRRRRRRRR!!!" roared Dandy, trying to claw open the door.

"Um, is this my color?" asked Shaggy, looking at a hand mirror, while wearing eye shadow and lipstick. He and Scooby wearing dresses made from the sheets. Their heads had tufts of wool fashioned to look like wigs, and had been colored by Daphne's makeup; Scooby's was blonde and Shaggy's red.

"Roes ris ress rake re rook rat?" asked Scooby, his eyelashes curled and powdered blush on his cheeks.

"No, but this helium will!" shouted Daphne, wearing her own handmade dress, some lipstick and other makeup, and a brunette wig. "Alright…let's go!" she shouted, after she, Shaggy, and Scooby put the hoses in their mouths and turned the dial.

"RARRRRRRRRR!!!" bellowed Dandy, finally breaking the door down. However, she did not see the three she had been chasing, but rather floating balloon-like fatty ghosts like herself.

"Hi! We're fat ghosts like you!" shouted Daphne, her voice really high from the helium.

"And fat, like, ruined our careers, man," said Shaggy, his voice heightened as well.

"Reah…ruined rit…" said Scooby, his normally deep voice really high from the gas.

Dandy blinked and went, "Oh…ok. So have you three seen a blobby girl in purple, a peach-fuzzed beatnik and a mutant Great Dane?"

"Yeah…like they went thatta way, man!" shouted Shaggy, pointing up to the top of the barn where the hay was.

"Thanks. I'm going to chew them up good…" said Dandy, flying upward to the top.

"Good luck!" smiled Daphne, as she and her friends floated out. While Dandy was tearing through the hay, thinking they were in the hay, they snuck away.

"That was close, Daph…" said Shaggy.

"Jinkies! There's three of them!!!"

The three looked to see Velma shaking with a confused Fred staring.

"Oh its ok, guys," said Shaggy, before the three of them took deep breaths and blew as hard as they could. They began to shrink as they deflated and sunk down to the ground, their large dresses coming off to reveal their clothes underneath. They continued blowing until the three of them were back to normal size (Daphne's being her blubbery bulky frame).

"Oh its you guys…I knew that," said Velma, looking annoyed. "What? I did! I'm the smart one, remember?"

"Uh…well, we need to get to that factory gang!" shouted Fred.

"How? The road is…messy…and we got some ways to walk," said Velma.

Fred looked around and saw a tractor with a hay trailer hitched to it.

"Lucky for you guys, I've been on my cousin's ranch," smiled Fred.


"Man, this tractor is wack!" shouted Fred, struggling with the tractor, as it huffed, puffed, and rattled on the ride to the factory. The rest of the gang was sitting in the hayride.

"That tractor is older than the joke about the chicken and the road…" grumbled Shaggy, smoke blowing everywhere. His voice was still high from the helium.

"Oh man, when is this helium going to…?" began Daphne, her voice returning to normal in mid sentence. "Oh? Its done! Thank goodness. I already have enough damsel in distress issues without a super-high voice,"

"Like I was sounding like a cartoon character," said Shaggy, his voice back to normal tone as well.

"Huh…you think with all the success Veronica was having, she'd be improving her farm equipment. She could even do it herself with the kind of brains she has…" said Velma, pondering.

The tractor pulled up to the factory, and collapsed, finally dying from exhaustion.

"Looks like its been overworked…" said Fred, studying the tractor.

"I don't think that tractor was meant to carry so much weight," said Velma.

"Hey! I'm not that heavy!" pouted Daphne.

Shaggy and Scooby took one look at the factory, it being empty and at night.

"Who would have thought something as wonderful as a snack factory would be so horrifically scary?!!!" shouted Shaggy, he and Scooby clutching each other. "You guys go ahead! Me and Scooby will stay here and guard the hay!" They dove into the hay like water in a pool.


"OW!!!" went Shaggy, Scooby, and a third person, emerging from the hay, rubbing their heads.

"Lars Loudmouth," frowned Velma, hands on her hip. "Have you been following us?"

"That explains the extra weight," frowned Fred.

Lars frowned, "Oh, you're blaming me instead of Tubby over there?"

"Tubby?!!!" frowned Daphne, face turning red.

Shaggy gulped, "Even if a girl likes being big…she still becomes scarier than any monster if you call her fat as an insult,"



"HIYA!!!" shouted Daphne, kicking Lars into the distance. He went flying, landing in the distance.

"Come on! Let's get in there before that pain in my big butt comes back," said Daphne, stomping in.

"Like I rather deal with the ghost instead of that headache anyway," nodded Shaggy, he and the rest of the gang following Daphne.

"Ow…" went Lars, who had landed near an ant hill. "I'm just expressing my freedom of speech! They shouldn't have the right to argue against my opinion!" frowned Lars, before he looked to the ants. "Hey, you ants! You know you can enter more two at a time, duh. Saves you some room! And why do you all have to carry stuff in your mouths? Oh, having ten times your own strength isn't impressive when you're that small!"  ranted Lars, before he smirked. "Finally, something I can insult that won't fight back!"

However, the ants all stood on each other, taking the shape of a large hand.

"…I just can't get a break, can I?" asked Lars, as the hand grabbed him and spun him toss him. He went flying into a nearby open top truck, it full of hard rubber balls like those used in kickball. "Ouch…"
"Hey, wait…isn't that…?" began Velma, spotting someone in the factory, running away.

"It's that Ben Bouncer guy," finished Shaggy, recognizing the muscular bouncer and assistant of Miss Stitchly.

"What's he doing here?" asked Daphne, chubby hands on her wide hips.

"Shaggy, you and Scooby follow him. Velma, Daphne, and I…" began Fred, before Velma took Fred's arm and dragged him off.

"Fred and I will go search for clues. Daphne, you go with Shaggy and Scooby. I had enough of Daphne's big butt on me for one day," said Velma, she and Fred going off.

"Like I feel better this way. That guy beats me and Scoob in weight easily, but you tip the scales in our favor," said Shaggy to Daphne, "And I don't mean that as a fat joke,"

The two teens and dog followed after the bouncer, who was writing something on a piece of paper.

"Come on, Ben…your plans with Miss Stitchly all depend on this…" said Ben, jotting down something. He didn't see the trio of pursuers sneaking around him. "Let's see…maybe…no…that wouldn't work…"

"I want to get a closer look…" whispered Daphne to Shaggy, before she took one step. However, she forgot about the extra inches on her right hip, causing a nearby stack of cans for filling with treats to be bumped over and fall to the ground with a loud crash.

"Huh?!!!" went Ben, looking around. He shoved his notes in his side pocket and ran off as he could. However, in his haste, Ben's paper fell out and into a nearby vat of cotton candy.

Daphne waddled over and reached in, going, "Whatever Ben was doing, I bet this note could tell us. But I can't figure it out with all this cotton candy on…"


"Rhere rou ro. He, he, heh," giggled Scooby, his tongue having licked it off the paper.

"Your drool did the trick, but it messed up the ink," said Daphne, the ink all messed and running. "All I can make out are…Stitchly…I…we…and town…"

"Like what the heck does that mean?" asked Shaggy, before flinching.

"What's wrong?" asked Daphne.

"Sorry…its just usually around this time, me and Scooby run into the monster once again," said Shaggy, Scooby nodding.

Fred and Velma were examining an office for any clues.

"This is weird. Unlike the rest of the factory, this place has been kept clean and organized. As if someone's been using it," said Fred, noticing how tidy and well-kept the office of an abandoned snack factory was.

"Hmm…?" asked Velma, picking up a scrap of paper from a shelf in a desk that she had opened. She examined it and noticed it was full of addresses and various numbers next to each. "These are local addresses…and with the numbers nearby….I wonder…" began Velma, before she looked up her laptop. "Ah-ha! I knew it! But why would…?"

"Hey, by now, we should be hearing Scooby and Shaggy screaming," said Fred, before they saw them and Daphne coming to the office. They stepped out to see what was going on.

Daphne sighed, "Sorry Fred, we lost Ben Bouncer…but he left this message,"

"Why is it all wet?" asked Velma, taking the note from Daphne.

"Well, it was covered in cotton candy and Scooby…" began Daphne.

"Never mind. I get it,"


The gang looked to see Dandy, floating above them, furious look in her eyes and teeth crunching hungrily.

"Like you're late! But we'll run from you anyway!" shouted Shaggy, before the gang all ran off in different directions.

(For authentic Scooby experience, play Duran Duran's Hungry like the Wolf now for chase theme)

Dandy looked around for the closest target and saw Shaggy and Scooby, before going for them.

Shaggy and Scooby jumped right into a nearby walk-in fridge and hid in the piles of fruit that would be used for the various snacks. After hearing nothing, they stuck their heads out to look around. To their shock, Dandy's head popped out from one of the piles as well. She smirked and came out for an attack, when the duo tossed fruit at her face until it was covered up. There was pineapples over her eyes, her mouth stuffed with cherries, lips covered with orange slices, and bananas where her eyebrows were. Scooby grinned and moved the fruits until she looked like she was smiling. Scooby and Shaggy laughed, until her fruit lips and eyebrows drooped down to look like she was furious. They screamed and ran off as she shook the fruit off and gave chase.

The two cowards ran as fast as they could and ran until she lost sight of them. Dandy looked around until she saw a vat of gelatin moving strangely. The fat ghost smirked and reached in to pull out the whole solid contents. Inside were Scooby and Shaggy, who upon realizing they were discovered, ate their way out to escape in lightning speed.

Dandy had lost the two scaredy-cats, but found Velma who had been sneaking around. She chased after her and cornered her, but Velma looked behind Dandy and smiled. Dandy blinked, as Velma pointed to the wall. The fat ghost looked to see a gigantic round shadow waving around all crazy and scary. Dandy shrieked and flew off as fast as she could, believing something bigger was after her. Velma giggled, as she looked to see Daphne had been standing in front of one of the factory lights along the metal walkway that acted as a floor. However, the two girls ran for it when they saw Dandy coming after them, having caught onto their trick.

Dandy lost them, but then she saw Fred and went after him instead. The blonde weightlifter soon was cornered and just stood his ground to defend himself.

Dandy laughed, her huge body jiggling, the idea so ridiculous to her. Too bad the laughter had made her close her eyes, or she would have seen Fred grabbing a nearby giant chocolate bar. He swung it like a baseball bat, hitting Dandy in her big stomach and sending her flying into a conveyor belt. Dazed, the fat ghost laid there, as she was moved into a wrapping machine. When she came out, she was wrapped in foil like a candy ball. Dandy shook her head back to her senses and with one mighty push, busted her way free.

Fred had evaded her, but Dandy now saw Daphne and Velma peeking out from behind a machine. When they realized she knew where they were and flying after them, they ran for it. As they ran, Velma tripped, causing her glasses to come flying off. She stumbled around on her hands and knees, unable to see her hand in front of her face without her glasses. Daphne tripped over Velma, causing her enormous self to roll like a barrel with her rather spherical proportions. She rolled towards a wall of vat, her speed enough for her to roll along the edges like a vertical skateboarder and sending her flying towards the ghost. Daphne smashed into Dandy, causing the fat ghost to go flying out the window and into the tractor outside. The tractor broke off from its trailer of hay, and rolled down the hill, taking the dazed Dandy with it.

Daphne continued rolling, Velma finding her glasses in time to see her rotund friend coming towards her. She leaped up, landing on Daphne and running to roll her like a log barrel. Fred looked from his hiding place behind a vat and stepped out in time to see Velma and Daphne, causing him to leap up as well, running on the rolling danger prone heavy gal as well.

Shaggy and Scooby, who were finished stuffing themselves with candy from their hiding spot in a cart of it, came out in time to see the ball of Blake blubber and the two rolling her along. They shrieked and ran from it, before getting caught up in it. The gang all continued in their rather wacky out of control mode of transportation, until Daphne bounced against a wall and out the window. Mystery Inc. landed right in the hay cart, causing it to roll down the hill and into town. The hay cart soon crashed into a lamppost, causing the gang to go flying through a conviently open door. Fred and Velma landed on the soft cushioned seats of a booth, while Daphne and a flattened Shaggy and Scooby landed right on the stools of a counter.

(End music)

"Ah, welcome! What can ah do for ya'all?" asked the large woman at the counter, Daphne recognizing her as Deli Dee.

"I'll have seven sandwiches with everything on them!" shouted Daphne with a smile on her fat face, her big butt taking up three stools.

Scooby and Shaggy placed their thumbs in their mouths and blew until they re-inflated to normal size.

"Like make that order by three times! And when we say everything, that includes ice cream, honey, hot sauce, and chipotle!" shouted Shaggy.

"Reah!" went Scooby, licking his lips.

"Honey, give me a 42-C!" shouted Deli Dee to a skinny little man with a chef's hat and apron.

"Coming, dear," smiled the light-voiced little man.

"My husband, Deli Dan. The best sandwich chef around and the greatest hubby a big gal could ask fer," smiled Deli Dee.

"Big girls rock my world," smiled Deli Dan, holding several stacks of sandwiches in his arms.

While Shaggy, Scooby, and Daphne gorged themselves, Velma looked out the window.

"Huh…Shelly's Shell Combs. Out of business?" asked Velma.

Deli Dee sighed, "Yeah. That ornery ghost has been scarin the living daylights out of the customers and workers of businesses here. She's reason they had to shut down Herman's Hairstyles, Betty's Boutique, Maggie's Mirrors, and even Sam and Sandra's World of Shoes,"

"It's a real bummer," said Deli Dan, nodding.

"I thought the ghost was just out to stop that BBW contest," said Fred, confused.

Velma blinked and something came to her immediately.

"Wait a second…" muttered Velma.

"Ah fear that ghost will soon be ater us, honey!" shouted Deli Dee.

"No ghost will get past me, my love," replied Deli Dan.

Velma stood up and said, "I don't think you have to worry about that. Because I just figured out this mystery!"

"That means its time to capture the ghost!" smiled Fred, already forming one of his over-the-top capture plans in his head.

Scooby and Shaggy froze and gulped, followed by Shaggy whimpering, "And that means…Scooby and I are about to be bait, huh?"

Fred then said, "Actually, this time, you two are going to help me out. Daphne and Velma are going to be the bait,"

"What?!!!" shouted Daphne and Velma.

"The ghost is clearly after the contestants who try to be in the contests. So only women will get her attention," explained Fred.

"This isn't fair," said Daphne, frowning.

"Oh like you two have to be bait this time…that's so horrible," said a sarcastic Shaggy, "I can't imagine how that…oh wait, yes I can, because Scoob and I are always the bait every other time!!!"

"Reah!" frowned Scooby.

"But…" said Daphne, before Scooby reached behind Fred and pulled out a box of Scooby-Snacks. "Make that five and you have a deal!"

"Deal," said Fred, tossing some snacks to Daphne, who gulped them down.

"Wait, I can understand how Daphne can pass as bait, but I'm way too skinny for the ghost to take me as a contestant. How are you planning on that fact, Freddie?" asked Velma, skeptic.
"…I had to ask…" sighed Velma, now wearing a rubber suit that Shaggy and Fred were inflating with an automatic air pump. She had an enlarged dress that hung on until the suit was fully inflated.  

"Scooby's old candy ball costume. Good thinking, Fred," smiled Shaggy, as Velma now looked like a fat girl, albeit more roundish and smooth.

"I feel ridiculous…" said Velma, as she awkwardly moved around.

"Come on, you look good with some size on you," said Daphne, dressed in a fancy BBW red dress.

"So how does this plan work, Fred?" asked Shaggy.

"When the ghost shows up, Daphne and Velma were run…er…well, whatever they can do now as fast as they can down here. The three of us will be waiting up in the stage rafters,"

"Like…up there?" gulped Shaggy, pointing to the rafters at a very tall height. He and Scooby shivered at the thought of being up there that high.

"Yes. Shaggy will blind the ghost with the lights and Scooby, you'll turn on that giant fan I put up there to blow her into the net I set up. I'll then push those sand bags down to pull down the other net I set up and she'll be trapped!"

"At least he's using a net and not a cement mixer or a hay baler," sighed Velma, before she and Daphne left to join the entrants who were brave enough to still try and win the contest.

"Hey, Miss Stitchly isn't around," pointed out a chubby brunette girl.

A dark-haired Indian girl on the heavy side then said, "I thought she'd be here by now,"

"Say, who are you two supposed to be?" asked a large-framed Italian woman with a dark ponytail, looking to Daphne and Velma.

"Daphne Beautiful and Bulky Blake!" smiled Daphne, thrusting out her belly, causing herself to jiggle. She nudged Velma, who looked mortified at what she was to say next.

"…And I'm the Blubbery Bookworm…" sighed Velma.

Daphne then replied, "At least have some spirit. Or we won't get out the super-sized spirit we're out to…"


Dandy showed up, the blobby ghost roaring as she flew over the large ladies. Everyone but Daphne and Velma waddled off.

"Yo! Dandy! Your makeup is running! Your hairstyle is all split-ends! And that dress is so thirty years ago!" shouted Daphne.

"Those are the best insults you could come up with?" blinked Velma, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, those really sting girls in the fashion world!" replied Daphne, before Dandy howled and flew for them.

"I take it back, Daphne! You overdid it!" shouted Velma, pretty much bouncing, as her suit had made her legs really short from most of them being inside it.

Fred saw the two coming with the ghost behind them and shouted, "Now Shaggy!"

"Right! Here comes some light!" shouted Shaggy, hitting the switch. Unfortunately, he had hit it so hard, the light spun and flashed in his eyes instead. "Ugh! I can't see!"

Shaggy stumbled around, and fell off the rafters, landing on the net, and getting all tangled up.

"Oh no!" shouted Fred, seeing Shaggy's goof-up.

"Guys! Help!" shouted Daphne, she and Velma up against a wall.

"Now I got you!" shouted Dandy, picking up Daphne and flying upward. However, she seemed to have trouble getting higher. "Ugh! Come on!!!"

"Like what's going on?" asked Shaggy, as he looked from where he was hanging.

Velma smiled, "I suspected as much. This ghost may be big, but she's not very strong,"

"One advantage of being so big," smiled Daphne, as the ghost struggled to try to hold her while flying higher.

Scooby looked around and saw a rope near him and the air pump used to inflate Velma's suit below. He nodded and jumped onto the rope, swinging.


As Scooby swung by, he grabbed the air hose in his paw. He swung into Dandy, causing her to let go of Daphne.

"Help!" shouted Daphne, falling to the ground. Though Dandy hadn't been able to lift her that high, it was still a good height. Fred grabbed a rope near him and swung like Scooby had, catching Daphne in mid-air. "Wow, Fred! I'm surprised! You can actually hold me at my weight?"

"Hey, I bench-press as much as I can, don't I?" asked Fred, before the rope snapped. "Unfortunately, I don't think the rope does…"

Fred and Daphne fell to the ground, but luckily it wasn't that far. Daphne landed first, and Fred onto her.

"Wow….this natural padding absorbed most of the impact. Good thing I had it, huh?" asked Daphne.

"You can say that again," replied Fred.

Meanwhile, Scooby still had still caught Dandy in his swing, pushing her as he swung.

"Pesky mutt!" roared Dandy, her mouth opened wide. That was what Scooby was waiting for. He shoved the air hose into her mouth, and Velma, realizing what Scooby had in mind, turned it on full blast.  

"Rye-rye!" giggled Scooby, as Dandy struggled to get the hose out while she was growing larger.

Dandy pulled the hose as hard as she could to get it out, but it was no use. She got larger and rounder with each second, her head and arms disappearing into her bulk, just as her legs had. Eventually, she grew so large, she popped like a balloon filled to over capacity.

To the gang's shock (aside from Velma), what emerged from Dandy's popping was a thin figure, wearing a dark skin tight suit and a gas mask, clinging to a familiar balloon-mounted machine.

"Hey, isn't that the BES?" asked Fred, surprised.

The gas-masked figure tried to hold onto the BES, but lost his grip and fell. Scooby ran by, holding a trash can to catch him. The man fell in, and arose, dazed.

"Ugh…" went the gasmask wearing man, his voice modified by a voice-altering device attached to his mask.

"Yes, the BES is how the ghost could fly. And the only person who could use it to such skill is its inventor!" shouted Velma, before pulling off the gas-mask to reveal who it was behind it.

"Veronica Fielder?!!!"
The police soon came and threw the cuffs on Veronica, the person who had been masquerading as the ghost of Delilah Dandy.

"Ok, this is definitely confusing…" said Shaggy, "Like why did you think it was her, Velma?"

"Yeah. She didn't have motif," said Daphne, blinking.

"Before I get into that, let me tell you the most obvious reason I suspected her. First of all, it couldn't have been any of the contestants," said Velma.

"Why do you say that?" asked Sarah, she, Susie, and Carolina among those who had come to listen to Velma's explaining the case.

"No offense, ladies, but there's no way the ghost could fly if you were the ones inside. You're all too big and heavy!" shouted Velma.

"Hey, in our jobs, that's a compliment," smiled Susie.

Velma then continued, "I eliminated Stitchy and Ben as suspects and Alicia Onsite as well when I saw the BES. I realized that's how the ghost was flying,"

Fred got the idea and continued, "Right! She used the machine on her balloon to fly around, controlled by the remote on her glove!"

"And using an inflatable suit to look like a ghost, she could not only simulate the size, but also provide a way she could control the ghost from inside!" added Daphne.

Lars Loudmouth, slightly bruised from his ordeals, then frowned, "Wait, then why wasn't I a suspect? I had motif! I hated this contest because I didn't like it!"

The gang all busted into laughter, as well as the other suspects, the cops, and even Veronica, despite being arrested.

"In all seriousness, Veronica used the legend of Delilah Dandy to scare people away. Her motif was not just to stop the contest, but any thing that would make Yumfields be known for beauty and not food," continued Velma, after everyone stopped laughing. "I figured out her motif when I found this paper full of addresses and numbers. They were stores and anything that supported the beauty industry here. Veronica was buying them out…after scaring down the purchase price as the ghost. That explains where her farm's earnings were going instead of improving her equipment,"

"…" frowned Veronica.

"The fact Veronica is continuing her father's work at making Yumfields a place known for food didn't surprise me when I noticed that no location that sold food got attacked," explained Velma.

Veronica then shouted, "That's right! I did it! My dad worked too hard to make Yumfields known for its food! Delilah Dandy changed it when she began winning a small-time beauty contest and attracting media attention. Thanks to her, when people thought of Yumfields, they thought of the contests and modeling and not the food the people work so hard to produce!"

"Wow…even Scooby and I don't take food that serious, man," said Shaggy.

"After Dandy died, my dad worked himself sick to bring back the town's reputation for food! But thanks to Stitchly, that was all about to go down the toilet. Even it was for big beautiful women, she would have made Yumfields the way it shouldn't have!" shouted Veronica.  "And I would have gotten away with it, if not for you meddling kids and that dog!"

With that, the cops took Veronica away to their cars.

"But how did you know the ghost wasn't real?" asked Alicia to Velma.

"Because even a kid could tell you that ghosts can't be there if the person they're supposed to be is still alive," smiled Velma.

"What? Delilah Dandy is still alive?!!!" shouted Alicia, eyes widening. "News scoop! Roll that camera!" she shouted to her camera man.

"Of course. But I think I'll let her explain. Go on, Deli Dee," said Velma.

"Uh…mae?" gulped Deli Dee, nervous.

Velma smiled, "Of course. Your real name is Delilah Dandy, isn't it? You have the same birthmark on your cheek,"

Deli Dee sighed and smiled, "Yeah…yer right. Ah am Delilah Dandy. After I fell into the cream, I only swallowed some of it. But it was enough to bust open mah girdle,"

"You wore a girdle too?!!!" yelled Alicia, "Wait…I mean…cut that last part out!"

"Ah was ashamed. Ah been having some dieting problems and ah couldn't bar anyone finding out. Mah family understood that and we moved out of Yumsfield fer a while. Ah got mah mind off modeling and began putting on weight without notice," explained Deli Dee.

"But I noticed," smiled Deli Dan.

"That he did. We met and fell in love and soon got married," smiled Deli Dee, kissing his little husband on the cheek. "Ah shortened mah name and had my husband's last name now and with mah additional weight, no one recognized mah,"

"My full name is Daniel Xavier Delisworth. Deli Dan for short and catchiness," added Deli Dan.

Alicia was stunned as she said, "You were my idol when I was little. But to learn you were hiding your fatness…" Instead of being angry, she sighed in relief. "You're just a normal person like me, but still beautiful. Which means…" Alicia reached into her shirt and pulled out a girdle, causing her fat belly to spill out. "That is SUCH a relief…ah…"

"And the winner of the Voluptous Vixen beauty contest…" began Miss Stitchly, as she walked to the stage. "Miss Daphne Blake!"

"I won! I won!" cheered Daphne, jumping up and down, causing the fat on her body to jiggle. She was hugged by the other contestants and was given a tiara and a sash to fit across her large frame.

"There's still one question I have though…" said Velma, she and the others watching from the side of the stage. She turned to Ben Bouncer and asked, "What were you doing in the snack factory?"

"Uh…well…" gulped Ben nervously.

"Yeah, like we found this note…" said Shaggy, showing the note.

Ben broke a cold sweat, before sighing and answering, "Ok! I admit it! I needed a quiet place to think so I could write a love letter to Miss Stitchly!"

"HUH?!!!" went Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, and Velma, eyes all widening.

"That's why I work so faithfully for her. I'm in love with her…but I could never tell her. Love is so tricky…" whimpered Ben.

"Like I did hear love was blind…" said Shaggy, looking to Stitchly with her ridiculous haircut and dress style. Scooby nodded in agreement.
"For helping me and my girls out, darlings, help yourself to this little token of my appreciation!" smiled Stitchly, showing the gang a big feast.

"Oh boy!" shouted Shaggy, dashing to dig in.

"I hope you love the outfit I made for you, Daphne darling. It was made to your specifications as you requested," said Stitchly to Daphne.

"Thanks!" smiled Daphne, as Ben handed her a dress box.

Velma sighed, "Thank goodness. Knowing Daphne, she probably got it in her old size and plans to diet herself back to fit into it,"

"Wrong!" smiled Daphne, opening the box to reveal a bright purple sleeveless outfit with a short skirt and decorative designs on it. To Velma's shock, it was several sizes too big even for Daphne.

"What the?!!! Daphne, that dress could used as a Mystery Machine cozy!" shouted Velma. "Why'd you get it that big?!!!"

"Well, I don't want to outgrow it preparing for the next contest I plan to enter," said Daphne, before jumping behind a changing screen. She leaped out, now wearing a super-sized two piece bikini that showed off her colossal curves. The top held back two larger than her head round breasts squashed into the cups. They rested on her bulging belly that could almost contain the old Daphne inside. Her bottom hugged tightly on the two blimpy buns that was her big butt. The bottom was stretched out by her huge wide hips and the ring of her whale of a waistline, as well as her thunderous thighs that were two stores of jelly squashed together. "The Miss Sumo Bikini contest!"

Fred just smiled goofy as he fainted, while Velma just rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

"Now if you excuse me, any model can tell you diets are vital to their jobs!" smiled Daphne, before she went to joining Shaggy in eating twice her weight in food.

Lars, who had evaded Ben, saw the two eating and groaned, "Oh, eating like that is sick! How can your stomachs even contain all that food? This isn't a cartoon, you…"

A large shadow floated over Lars, making him stop and turn around. He saw an enormous round figure floating above him.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! THE GHOST!!!" shouted Lars, his scream like a little girl's. He ran off, jumping into a nearby trash can and rolling away on its side inside.

Shaggy and Daphne turned their heads to look at the "ghost". It was actually BES, floating around. A familiar head stuck out from behind it, grinning.

"Re, re, re!" giggled Scooby, holding onto BES while wearing the control glove on his paw. "Rooby-rooby-roo!"