"Disgaea Demon Christmas"
by Double L

Warning: The following story does contain spoilers for Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Disgaea 2.


T’was the night before the Demon Christmas, and the demons of Laharl’s castle were preparing for the big day.

“Come on, come on! I want to get lots of presents from Sinister Claus this year!” cried the bratty child-like Overlord known as Laharl. He was the leader of his entire realm and took great pleasure in bossing all around his subjects.

“Geesh, prince, you still believe in Sinister Claus?” asked Etna, a red-haired and scantily clad demoness who served as Laharl’s vassal.

Laharl then said, “Of course! And I’ve been extra naughty this year so I’m in good with Sinister Claus!”

Etna rolled her red eyes as she sighed, “Whatever,” She then whistled, before a bunch of blue penguins with bat wings appeared. “I better see a buffet table set for the sweet feast! It’s a Demon Christmas tradition I enjoy!”

One of the penguins gulped and shouted, “Of course, Master Etna…you can count on us, dood!”

It was then the blonde fallen angel Flonne, and Etna’s Demon Lord-in-training, Hanako, both appeared. Flonne wore a white outfit with an orange bow and had bat-like wings on her back, while Hanako was a orange-red haired little girl with bat-like wings.

“Are they here yet?! Are they here yet?!” shouted an excited Hanako.

“Sinister Claus and his griffons don’t come until tonight! Etna, tell your servant to calm down!!!” demanded Laharl.

Hanako then replied, “I’m talking about Adell, Rozy, and Tardo!”

“Uh…who?” went Laharl, confused.

Flonne then answered, “I believe she’s speaking of her brothers and the Overlord of Veldime, Master Laharl,” Laharl still blinked, before Flonne smiled, “You know…that blonde girl that went freaky and beat you up…the red-headed guy that kicked both our butts once his level reached ours…and the little cow boy,”

“WHAT?!!! Etna, why are they coming?!!!” shouted an angry Laharl.

“Rozalin, I’m not sure if I’m right for this holiday,”

Sure enough, four figures came into the hallway: one was a young and quite muscular red-headed man, the second a buxom blonde in a black dress, the third a young boy with horns like a cow and a shirt with a pattern likewise, and the fourth a white floating frog.

“Adell! Rozy!” smiled Hanako, running to the red-headed man, who was her older brother.

“Good to see you again, Hanako,” smiled Adell, hugging his little sister in his strong arms.

“We would visit more often, but Princess is often busy with her duties as Veldime’s new Overlord,” said Taro, holding Rozalin’s hand. He was her most dutiful servant of all.

The floating frog, known as Tink, then commented under his breath, “Not to mention zee princess rather delikes zat brat, Laharl,”

Flonne smiled, “Hey Mr. Tink! Why are you still a frog? Weren’t you to get yourself changed back to your regular form?”

Tink then changed into a red color and went, “Zat dirty Fubuki! He promised to change moi back into zee the true form of Tink! I was to become once again as honest as an angel and handzome as zee Devil! Instead, he makes like zee ninja he is and disappears!!!”

“Oh, that’s a shame…” went Flonne.

“But alas…zere are things zis body can still do, oh hoh, hoh…” went Tink, lecherously grinning at Flonne.

Rozalin then shouted, “DRAK TINK MAHAD!!!” causing Tink to change back into his white color.

“Eh? Vat just happened?” asked a confused Tink.

“OK!!! I can get why the floating appetizer, the blonde bimbo, and the little cow complex are here: they’re all demons! But why him?!!!” shouted Laharl, pointing to Adell. “You’re a human!”

Adell then responded, holding up his hand, “Actually…I am a demon too,”

“LIAR!!! According to the synopsis of Disgaea 2 in this video game magazine, you were the only human not changed into a demon by that curse!” shouted Laharl, holding up a magazine.

“Uh, yeah…because I was never demon to begin with. The game never stated it directly, but anyone can tell I’m a real demon,” said Adell, “I’m not proud of it, but it’s me,” With that, he moved back the red hair on the sides of his head to reveal a pair of pointy ears.

“Oh…well, anyway, I’ll only let you stay here because I want to see your face when you see how many presents Sinister Claus gives me and how little he gives a goody-two shoes like you!” laughed Laharl, “HA! HA! HA!”

“Sinister Claus? Don’t you mean Santa Claus? And how does being naughty…?” began a confused Adell.

Rozalin then answered, “Adell, a Demon Christmas is much different from the human ones you experience. We do exchange gifts and such, but we celebrate by how great and dark demons we’ve been all year,”

“Sinister Claus gives mean, naughty demons tons of presents and good, worthless demons soap,” said Hanako, “He’s the demon counterpart for the human Santa Claus,”

Adell blinked, “Oh…that makes sense…I guess,”

“Ugh…I’m surrounded by children…Sinister Claus is just a story, right Flonne, right Princess?” asked Etna.

“Certainly,” said Rozalin.

“Yeah…I think,” said Flonne.

“He’s real, damn it!” shouted Laharl, throwing a tantrum. “And he really makes demons who don’t believe in him suffer!”

“Well, since he doesn’t exist, I’ll take my chances,” laughed Etna, before she looked to where the Prinnies were working. “I BETTER SEE THAT TABLE FULL OF CANDIES AND OTHER SWEETS OR I’LL BE SERVING MY FAMOUS STUFFED PRINNY SURPRISE!!!”

“Famous Prinny Surprise?” asked Adell.

“Yeah, it’s Roast Prinny Stuffed with More Prinnies,” said Hanako with a smirk.
“I can’t take anymore of this, dood!!!” shouted a Prinny, as he set the table.

“Master Etna treats us worst and worst each year, dood!” shouted another Prinny.

“She never even bothers giving us gifts! She says we’re not evil enough!” shouted a third Prinny.

A fourth Prinny then added, “And she’s training that Hanako brat, dood. Pretty soon, we’ll have two Etnas torturing us!”

“Unless we show them who’s the real boss, dood,” said a fifth Prinny, pulling out a bottle. It was marked, “Demoness Bulk Up XXXXXXXXL,” The Prinny smirked the best his beak would allow, as he said, “This will show them, dood,”

“I get it! We spice the candies with this, Master Etna and that brat Hanako eat them…then BOOM!!!” shouted a sixth Prinny.

“But wait, what if the prince or that big strong guy eat them? Aren’t they both able to rip apart a planet with their bare hands?” asked a seventh Prinny, before they all got nervous.

“Don’t worry, doods! I saw that oversight! It only bulks up women; it just makes the food terrible to men,” said the fifth Prinny, pouring the contents of the bottle all over the candies.

“I’m telling you four, Sinister Claus punishes those who don’t believe in him,” said Laharl, as the group of demons, demonesses, and one Fallen Angel walk to a buffet table of various sweets.

“All those…I think I’ll pass…” said Adell, being a health nut. He sat down and just watched the others, while pondering on Demon Christmas.

“More for us!” grinned Etna, grabbing a handful of sweet buns and gulping them down.

“Mmm! Cookies shaped like torture implements! How thoughtful!” smiled Flonne, eating some super-sweet sugar cookies.

Taro was about to take a cup of bloodberry gelatin, while Hanako pushed him out of the way.

“Hey! I wanted that!” whined Taro.

“Oh be quiet, Tardo! You want to fight about it?” grinned Hanako.

“No…” went Taro, knowing his sister would play too dirty.

“Alright then!” smiled Hanako, taking a scoop of gelatin and eating.

“Hey! I want some! Give me!” shouted Laharl, trying to fight his way through the table. He grabbed a cookie and bit it, before going, “YECK!!! What the hell did the Prinnies put in this?!!! Broccoli?!!!”

“Tastes alright to me, Prince!” grinned Etna, her cheeks full of food.

“Eh?” went Rozalin, eyes widening.

“No way!” went Adell.

“I never thought it was possible…” blinked Flonne, confused.

“What the hell are you idiots talking about?” asked Etna, before she realized her chest had been feeling really heavy. She looked down and was shocked to see she couldn’t see her feet past the now large breasts from her chest! “It’s…it’s…THE BEST DEMON CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!”

“Oh boy…” went Adell, covering his eyes. “I am pure! I am pure! I may be a demon, but I’m pure!”

“Hell would freeze over first before Etna actually looked sexy!!!” shouted Laharl, pointing.

“What was that, prince…?” growled Etna.

Flonne then rubbed at her rear, saying, “Hey…my butt’s feeling pretty weird…” Suddenly, she then noticed her butt was grown quite big and wide. “Hey, when I did get this, Master Laharl?”

“AUGHH!!!” went Laharl, “What have you been eating?!!! It’s going straight to your ass, Flonne!!!”

Rozalin then felt some pain in her belly, and said, “I think I ate too much…”

“Hey Princess, did you and Adell..actually do it?” asked Taro, looking at Rozalin’s belly. This comment made Adell fall over, face completely red.

Rozalin blushed red, as she asked, “Taro! Why are you asking something like that?”

“Your belly looks really big, like you may be having a baby,” answered Taro, causing everyone to look. Sure enough, Rozalin’s stomach had expanded to a massive round shape, rivaling Flonne’s expanded butt in dimensions.

“Wow…you finally got some, Princess…I wonder what the little thing will look like,” teased Etna.

“THIS ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!!” shouted Rozalin.

“Wi, zat is not zee stomach of an eJabedinant mozer,” said Tink, floating over to examine Rozalin’s belly. “It’s just fat!”


“BUT I WAS ONLY TELLING ZE TRUTH!!!” went Tink, flying out the window from the punch he got from Rozalin.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Adell, before Hanako groaned and whined.

“I don’t feel so well, Adell…” said Hanako, before to everyone’s eyes, she began growing fat and got fatter every second! Hanako’s once tiny little body became a large round mass of flab with a new pair of developed breasts on her chest. Her butt grew and grew until it surpassed Flonne’s newly expanded rear in width and size. Hanako’s belly grew gigantic and soon passed her knees, while her face developed a second chin and big puffy cheeks.

“What happened?!!!” went Hanako, “I look like a blimp!!!”
The Prinnies were watching from a secret spot, while chuckling.

“What did happen, dood?” asked one of the Prinnies.

“I guess since that brat was the smallest, the formula worked on her the fastest,” said another.

“Sssh…you want Master Etna to hear us?” whispered a third Prinny.
“Hey…now I’m feeling weird…” said Flonne, before her stomach suddenly grew and tore open her dress. Her chest expanded in size greatly, making Laharl nervous as he covered his nose. Flonne grew rounder and fatter until she was even larger than Hanako, developing mostly in the butt area, giving her a pear shape.

“It must have been the sweets!” shouted Rozalin, before her already large stomach continued to grow, accompanied by her chest and butt. Her dress tightened and tore slightly, causing Adell to hide his face, to try and keep his “purity,” Rozalin inflated like a balloon, air replaced by fat, until she was even bigger than Flonne. Due to the focus on her belly, Rozalin was a great apple shape.

“NO! NO! NO! I finally was free of all those flat-chest cracks! I don’t want to go to the fat joke region!!!” pleaded Etna, as she grew the largest of all four. Her already giant chest now was growing larger and larger, resting upon her ever expanding belly. Etna Unlike the other girls, she was growing all over, getting big and fat everywhere. Etna expanded and fattened until she was a giant blob of a demoness.

Once the girls had finally stopped fattening up, Laharl only had one big smirk on his face, as he said, “HA! Told you Sinister Claus punishes those who don’t believe in him!”

“But I believed in him…” whimpered Hanako.

“Those stupid Prinnies…they think I would be dumb enough not to realize who spiked the sweets when they were the ones WHO MADE THEM?!!!” thought Etna with a growl.

Master Etna really looks ticked off, dood…” gulped a Prinny.

“We really screwed ourselves now…” said another.

At that moment, Tink had finally climbed back up to the window of the castle after having been punched out by Rozalin. He looked to see the four giant fat demon girls and he immediately turned red, his frog tongue waving wildly.

“Oh zank you, Sinister Claus! You made Tink very happy zis year!” grinned Tink.