"Prisoner of Lust"
a Mario story

Helpless, that was the word that described Peach at the moment. She was once again in the clutches of the evil Koopa King Bowser. He had been a BBW lover for quite some time & he felt Peach was the woman that would make his dreams come true, so he sent in a Magikoopa to put a spell on her to increase her hunger. A Goomba then entered dragging a very big bag of goodies. Bowser then unlocked the cage. Peach realized that she was free, but she was so hungry, so she unwrapped the bundle of food & began chowing down. She ate Dim Sung, Hamburgers, ice cream, pasta, pizza, Mac & Cheese, fish sticks, french fries, & seven bowls of beef flavored ramen. After the feast, she bleached so loudly, the whole dungen shook.& her gown ripped & there she was in a very tight bra with several layers of fat on the top, a huge 79 inch belly, & thighs so big I can't put them in words. Bowser began to drool with pleasure, all his porn site fantasys had come true. It seemed to him as if an angel was sleeping on the ground instead of the princess of the mushroom kingdom. Out of gratitude for her gaining so much, he took of his spiny shell & slipped it on her so she wouldn't be too cold. He then put her in Kootie Pie's old bed room & glently shut the door.

Peach awoke the next morning with her stomach hurting, the last thing she remembered was eating all that delicious food, just thinking about it made her mouth water & her stomach growl. She followed the scent of Waffles & met Bowser for a huge breakfast. " Good Morning Princess, I hope you are in good spirits." She nodded "I am, but alass , my stomach is not, do you have any food for me?" He gave a small chuckle. " Open your eyes, Peach, It's right in front of you." The empty table was soon filled with so many tasty things, she didn't know where to begin, except with undoing the buttons on her night gown. She gobbled so many things down, that her body fat was sagging almost to the floor. Then she was done. Now at 869 pounds, Peach was more of a hulking monster than Bowser was. As Peach was mending her ripped clothes in her room, Bowser had left her a present outside, it was a two piece bathing suit. She tried it on. It was tight, but not to much to the point were it would be impossible to move in. She went to the indoor pool. It was 59 feet wide & had gold plated tiles with Goomba & Koopa Troopa designs on them. She got on the diving board, which was sagging under her massive weight, & did a canonball that was so big, water splashed all the way to the ceilling. She swan as fast as she could to Bowser in the shallow end of the pool. He cuddled her, because he loved her, she let him because, she loved him somewhat. " You look like an angel descended from heaven in that bathing suit." She put her slender , but pudgy hand to his scalely face & was about to kiss him,when she stopped. "What is it?" "I.I. want to kiss you, but I can't" She said. "Why?" "You have done so many cruel & terrible things to my kingdom, it would not be fair to the millions who suffered under your wrath, unless." " Unless what?" "Unless you are fully willing to give up your evil ways & become a peaceful dragon, instead of being cruel & corrupt like Saddam Hussain." " I will, just so I can love you." True to his word, Bowser became peaceful & gentle. He & Peach then got hitched & lived happily ever after. (Kinda seems like Beauty & the Beast, Don't cha think?)

THE END- 2/14/06 Crazed Pirate King