"Jenny Gets Gigantic "
a Pokemon story

Part 1

It was a quiet and peaceful day in Pallet Town, as Officer Jenny was making her afternoon rounds. She stopped for a moment and noticed the berry bush that Ash Ketchum had planted as soon as he returned from the Hoenn region. She let Growlithe out of his Poke'ball to nibble on one of the strange looking berries. He snatched one up with his mouth and began to chew, but he spit it out. Jenny wondered what could be wrong with the berries. She picked one and slowly ate it, trying to detect any sourness in the berry. It tasted heavenly to the hungry officer. "Maybe these berries were meant for humans and not for Pocket Monsters, eh, Growlithe?" He barked in agreement. Jenny put Growlithe back in his Poke'ball and sped off on her motor bike.

Soon enough Officer Jenny returned to the station famished after a hard days work. "So Jenny, anything exciting happen?" She shook her head no, "Unless you count everyone not doing anything but going about their lives without any fights, crimes or buglaries exciting, then no, Bernie." He nodded "Just got a fresh batch of doughnuts, help yourself, you look like you could use the energy." She did, she picked up a doughnut and wolfed it down. "Funny, it tastes just like that berry I had earlier." She ate another one, it tasted the same again, soon, the taste of the delicious berry overpowered Jenny's mind and she ate every single last one of those doughnuts and then fell on the floor and bleached loudly. "Jenny, you okay? I knew you were hungry, but not that hungry." She nodded, as he helped her up. "I know, I don't know what came over me, but I think it has something to do with that berry."

Jenny pulled out her Berries of Hoenn handbook and began to flip through the pages, as she did she felt her clothes get very very tight on her to the point where she could not breathe. "Must get buttons undone, before I faint." She quickly unbuttoned her buttons, as she did her belly began to sag onto her lap. Her bra snapped and her skirt ripped from the size of her chunky thighs. She felt bloated and stressed. Bernie walked back in, "Okay Jenny we got an AP,...Jenny what in the world happened to you?!!!" "I think I need to go see Nurse Joy." She got her big butt out of the tiny chair & got a robe to cover her plump body from the world.

"Hmmm, strangest thing I've ever seen." Janice Joy said as she examined Jenny's belly bulge. "How'd it happen?" Jenny explained the whole story to Janice as she took notes like a physiatrist. "Don't worry about the weight, my boyfriend loves me fat see?" Joy lifted up her skirt & reveled a huge belly (For this story read Chubby? Oh Joy! By yours truly) "Can you tell me what kind of berry it was?" She thought for a moment. "It's hard to say, I've heard of the berry in your description many times, stray Pocket Monsters usually go and eat this berry, but spit it out, I guess they don't like it, but I've never seen a human, let alone a woman, eat one before. I guess it changes around your tongue molecules to where everything tastes like the berry." "So what do I do?" Janice laughed, "Don't worry about it, gaining weight isn't the end of the world you know, just take so time off work every once in a while so you won't get stressed out and eat everything in sight. Now if you'll excuse me, I have Pocket Monsters to heal."

Part 2

Hopeless was the way Jenny felt at the moment, completely and utterly hopeless.

Jenny had just found out from Janice Joy (A character from my older story "Chubby? Oh Joy!") that her recent weight gain from a berry was incurable. "Well, what did Joy say?" Bernie asked as Jenny returned from the Poke' Center. "She says she's never seen anything like it. She says now anything I eat will taste like that berry that I ate, that means that I'll be addicted to any type of food ever made, Bernie what am I going to do?!!" Jenny said as she began to cry. "Well, you could try not eating." She growled at him. "You trying gaining 145 pounds and tell me if you can't starve yourself!" Bernie put his hand on Jenny's shoulder as she wiped her tears. "Jenny, You're taking the wrong approach to this, this could be a wonderful new opportunity for you." She looked at him in a sarcastic kind of way. "What, to see how much stuff I can eat 'til I puke?" Bernie laughed. "No, I'm talking about Lance, I know that you've had a crush on him for quite some time and I hear he's into bigger girls." Jenny's face lit up. "He. He does?" "Of course he does, have I ever lied to you?" She thought for a moment. "Okay, don't answer that."

Jenny started gaining more weight just to be with Lance eventually. One day as she was tending to the flowers outside the station, Lance walked by, but stopped as soon as he saw Jenny's big rear end. "I go & gain all this weight for him & he leaves my for a girl with a bigger ass, what a jerk." Lorelei said to herself, as she left Lance by himself with Jenny, and that's just the way Jenny wanted it. Lance kind of fumbled with his thoughts of what to say to this beautiful woman. "Umm, Hi, I'm sure you know me, I was in the neighborhood & well," Just then Jenny picked him up & squeezed him between her big breasts. "IT'S YOU, IT'S REALLY YOU, OH MY GOD!!!!"

Lance and Jenny went out for a while at various fast food places; he stuffed her full to the brim with any kind of fatty food he could find. Jenny gained 89 pounds in two weeks of them dating. She told Bernie. "I'm not sure I can handle anymore fast food Bernie, It'll be the end of me." And tt was, two months later, Jenny, a now whopping 987 pounds was just about on her deathbed. " I'm sorry, Jenny, I can't date you anymore, you got to big way to fast." She growled at him. "SO that was your plan huh? Get me fat until, until, I got too fat for you to love me anymore?" Lance tried to calm her down. "Jenny, don't make it harder than it already is." Jenny grabbed his neck. "You listen here, the next time you go out with a fat girl and do what you did to me to her, I hope she squashes your brains out!" She then flung him up against the wall, he sobbed then ran out of the room. Just then, Bernie walked in carrying a big bundle of roses. "Everything alright? I just saw Lance running down the hallway crying." He dumped me and I over reacted, can you drop the subject I'm kind of depressed right now." "I understand." "I never thought I would die like this Bernie, I really didn't, I thought I would die a happily wed 99 year great grand mother with a wonderful husband.. Who .cared .for .me." She started to cry.

Bernie left the room, just to leave her with her and her sorrow.

After a month of weight loss exercises non-stop, Jenny was back to a somewhat slender 234 pounds. She sighed heavily. "Well, I guess this means I'm a bacholorette again huh Bernie?" He shook his head no "Sorry, no more singles life for you missy." She looked at him in surprise "You engaged me to someone?" He nodded "Yup, the only person I could trust with loving you on a twenty four basis no matter what your weight." "And who is that?" There was a long silence "Me."

"I thought that since we work so good together as a team, we might work even better as husband and wife, so now I ask you." Bernie kneeled on his left leg "Officer Katherine R. Jenny, will you make me the most happiest man in the world?" She nodded "I'll do my best." They embraced & they lived happily ever after.

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