"Alexis Goes BIG"
a Yu-Gi-Oh G/X story
by Bellywarper

Alexis was stretched out on a blanket sun-tanning her dainty body, when Jaden walks by. "Lexy! Lookin' good!" "You too Jay Jay!" The nickname was a result of their relationship. They had been going out for 2 months now.

Later, Alexis saw a magazine on the dresser of her dorm room that had a new diet plan in it. She had always thought she had been a little on the thick side, so she opened it up. After reading through the article she decided to get started.

"Uhh Lexy? What are you doin?" Jaden asked her while she shoveled down mounds of chocolate cake. "I'm trying a new diet." She said through mouthfuls of cake. "This is great! I've never felt so free! And the thing is, I'm actually losing weight!" Alexis said proudly. Jaden looked down her body, he didn't think so. The seams on her uniform groaned. "Well, that was satisfying!" Alexis said, jumping up from the table. "See you later, sweety!"

2 weeks later:

Alexis wasn't giving up on the diet, though she now resembled a squash with marshmallows for arms and legs. "Uhh, Lexy, I don't know how to say this but, it looks like you've gained weight instead of lost it"

Jaden said timidly. "What!?! How dare you! Jay jay that is not true!"

"Sorry! Sorry! Geez!" Jayden said, retreating.

Alexis was walking around school when she heard Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley talking around the corner. "Hey did you get a load of Alexis lately! She's huge! I bet people could start renting her out for landscape!" Syrus said, laughing. "Yeah, she's got more rolls then a pastry truck!" Chumley agreed. Alexis looked at herself. Her chest was about the size of two large beach balls and her belly looked like she had swallowed a popped-up tent. She had to accept the fact that she was big now. "You know what?" Alexis said, her fat bouncing as she walked. "and I like it!" She took off her belt to much relief on her part, and bounced away

Part 2

As you already know, Alexis has become a FAWG and rejected her friends. Jayden feels crushed about it.

"Lexy, I don't care if you're fat. I still love you, I'll always love you" Jayden said as Alexis cried on his shoulder. "Thanks Jay Jay, you're the best" Alexis said through Jayden's shoulder.

After that touching experience, Alexis decided if she was going to be big, she might as well be the biggest. She ate only sweets and chocolate. After a period of 2 weeks, she was the size of an SUV with tree trunks for legs and over-inflated yoga balls for breasts.

Alexis was now getting bigger by the day, she now weighed over 300 pounds. Her duel-disk didn't fit around her sewage-pipe arms. Her new fat affected even her monsters. Cyber Tutu always appeared with a basketball belly and a bucket of chicken wings and Blade Skater was too fat to move.

The whole school started talking about the wall of blubber that was formerly known as Alexis Rhodes. Some people thought it was a new fad, and started trying to gain weight, yet no one was gaining as fast as Alexis.

Alexis was now almost elephantine in size. She couldn't fit through her door and was fed by Jayden. After keeping this up for almost 5 months, Alexis was about the size of a small island. She had her clothes made custom, they looked like oversized bed sheets. In fact, two large bears could have fit comfortably in one cup of her new bra.

All in all she was now the fattest human ever. Weighing approximately 2000 pounds. She actually was used as a second island. Jayden was overwhelmed at how fast she was expanding.

Alexis couldn't move anymore, only talk, and eat. She now had a 3-mile tube going from her mouth to the academy. Jayden knew there was know hope of her ever returning to even moderately human proportions. He dumped her and she floated away from the academy. She was now the size of Pennsylvania . And Alexis Rhodes was never seen again.